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Featured Dictionary – Moore

The Mossi people of Burkina Faso call their language Moore. Over 8 million Burkinabè speak the Moore language. Check it out here.


  • Batique
  • Bronze chevalier
    Bronze chevalier
  • Languages surrounding Moore
    Languages surrounding Moore
  • Mossi compound
    Mossi compound


DLS Newsletter – April 2019

Publishing Interlinearized Texts Online

Introducing* has provided a site for publishing interlinearized texts. “Kratylos is a facility to let researchers upload lexical and corpus datasets from FieldWorks, Praat, Elan and other software, and it lets researchers browse the results.”* The researchers are happy for Webonary account holders to upload interlinearized texts to Kratylos and provide the link on their Webonary sites. You will need both a Webonary account and a Kratylos account…

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