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laveatHakwe yoh laI eat bananasHiykwe ai lunay ahe cooks the food and eat it.hane mein lathey performed sorcery on me.
la-lavconfused, not recogniseNey prueyn hiykwe Hai Skul mon ley wak se ma male hokwe, homkwe hye lira la-la huon.When the boy came back from his stay at the High School, they did not recognise him.liwak la-lasit confused
lahahayvbe dryHano huei hokwe pau lahahayI am thirsty
lahanvselectAio hiykwe aiai yaprue me lahan kekie sowkriy.Father selects and sets apart the good foodlahan mechoose smb
lakadvit would not be goodHunkwe yaprue lanio, hne makuayk lak.Look out where you go, it would not be good if you fell.
lak-cflay-V.PF.DIRLpfxdownwards, downstreamnow me lak-owkcut the trees on the downhill side, (or: downstream)lak-meiowork downstreamslim-, lik-, upstream, vertical direction; lay-, above, horizontal direction; lak-, lam- , downstream and under, vertical and horizontal direction.
lakinvstuck?Huok-oiow hokwe sok so huei mon lakin sokway.The pig leg got stuck in the throat of the snake.
lam-V.PF.DIRLpfxdownstream, under, also for short distances in any direction.lam-owkcut trees in downhill arealim-, lik-, upstream, vertical direction; lay-, above, horizontal direction; lak-, lam- , downstream and under, vertical and horizontal direction.
lamamawHunkwe hane ai lamamaw.You ate food while neglecting me.
lamkueynvswallowSok hiykwe huok-oiow se lamkueyn liok.The snake tried unsuccessfully to swallow the pig-leg.
lamniyvthundernompow hiy lamniy kowkow yaythe thunder thundered unexpectedly
lampau2vfall outYia ke lunay ampau sow yar e.Start the fire and let it glow.
lampau1vfallNey hiykwe a ko se lampau sow.The child falls out of the house.
lampoukvflame up, reflect (especially of sudden light beams)Hyo yia kokwe hano inour sok lampouk huon.The light of the fire shone brightly towards me.
lamprorvhit with smth. and break openHye makwey sok lampror kawk.Hit him over the head.
lampru2vbreak through, sunriseey hiy lampru iethe sun rises, becomes visible
lampru3vget_up (as a group)Kiap hiykwe hyo ok me lohruw-a lowpway ko meyki mon hokwe, uwrsa homkwe kiy-ampru nok, hmo a arian mon ley ney ney.After the officer in charge had finished his speech all the people got up and went back to their houses.
lampru1vmiscarriageSa prueyn hokwe ney lampru.The woman had a miscarriage
lanntree (sp), used to make canoesHakwe yeyk lan se meio.I make a canoe out of the 'lan' tree.
landorcfkandorvcut in halves, something that is long and positioned horizontally.Hakwe nowho se landor, seik non.I cut the upstanding stick with a knife.
lanekeynfall heavily in waterNow aiopey hay sehe po lanekeynThat big had splashed down into the river.Hakwe sawk sehe hu makiynuw-anekeyn.Then I fell into the water. (by external reasons)
laniovwalkNey aiopey hay so, liy lanio ley.It is not a big child, he is not able to walk.Owah me lanio inon say.Carry (walking) all the sago palm stems.lanio hriykow hriykowwalk aroundlanio merie meriewalk from side to sidelanio sasa-asowalk zigzagginglanio waw-wawwalk in circles
lankrevgives bitter taste (also: lankriy)Sol sankaw mokwe hano woki hokwe lankre.This much salt is too bitter for my mouth.
lanokvsteerNyo sohokwe yeyk kamon se lanok anok ha.The lad steers the canoe.
lanonvput into groupsHiykwe am-i me kekie anon anon.He put the bread fruit seeds in groupsme anonspeak and set apart