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-nnsfxused in: hane, hano
nahmeyknflank, side of the libsHano nahmeyk hokwe yia non nak-oumThe side of body aches
nahowadjswollenHano oiow hokwe nahowMy leg is swollen
nak-V.PF.ASPpfxwith something (loading, tools, reason, special circumstance)Hakwe a mon kokwe peik non se nak-wak.I am staying in the house because I am ill.Hakwe hu yia mon nak-naws.I cook the water on the fire in something.noumwa mein non ma neyh mokwe, seme nak-ioh, hu sol non.The greens cooked with hot stones are mixed into the water with salt.nak-ecome with sometingnak-eygo with sometingnak-hiokgo upstream by canoe with loading or: go upstream by outboard motor.nak-iohmixnak-meiowork with somethingnak-waycarry with something or: buy
nakayvbe dependant, meaning could also be a continuous habitHiykwe aiai lopa, sa hiykwe hyo kamuh se-aw nakay nakay.He has no food and for that reason is completely dependent on his uncle
nakinariygive a nameHomkwe hyekwe uru iwon kwa nak-inariy kow.Call him by a new name.
nakrayhcfurayhndownstream areaHakwe hano a se nakrayh mon meio.I built my house in the downstream area.
nakrionvtry your bestHakwe hano yeyk se meio e nakrion say lokruok.I have tried my best to make my canoe, but without success.
nakrokvstandUwr semie menki mon kay-nakrok.Those people over there are standing there.
nakrokkayvalong, aroundUwr homkwe ki mon nakkrokkay.The men are standing around outside
nakruokvhold, keepIpey hokwe kam so meinowon ke nakruok naruok kow.Mother is keeping and looking after the money for uncle for the time being.
nakyasvwork, do, busy withHiykwe a se mon nakyas meio.He is busy building the house.Aiai nakyas lunay a.Make the food and cook it to eat.
nakyawvdrift, aimless floating
nakyawkvcollect, gatherHakwe yoh-ney me nakyawk say.I gathered and piled up young banana shoots.
nam2nhusk, nailai-namfish scalesu-namcoconut huskyorpow-namthumb nailnam keynremove the fish shells into the water
nam1vwarm oneselfHiykwe yia mon liwak nam ley.He went to sit and warm himself at the fire.
namoncfnareysnarompriNUMR.CLSoneakair namonone (single) betelnutyoh namomone bananaam-i namonone breadfruit seedmuli namonone lemonnaw namonone round, not a big piece of sagoNumeral counts round, relatively small items, diameter less than inches. (The size of e.g. a coconut is too large: su kamon - one coconut).
nan1nreflection, echoYeyk-nan loun menki mon.The echo of hitting the canoe is heard on the other side of the water.ey-nanshadehu-nan ey-nanbad spiritsowh-nanshadow, illustration
nan2vthink, likeHakwe hye yaprue nan.I like him very much.Hunkwe hye peie nan o.Do not help him. (or: Do not expect his help)nan-pa-nanthink over and overnanpanan merie meriebe puzzled (literally: side to side)nanpanan seyrpaseyrbe puzzled (literally: split)nan krai-aypondernan kiy-kiy-aywish, like tonan kworpakworthink too much, being bothered, worry
nanavmultiplyWayh hano hokwe kamonawaw se saro nana nana.I have multiplied my one yam many times
naneivtrick, make fun ofHakwe hne me nanei kow.I pulled your leg, tricked you.
nannancause to think,Hromkwe aiai la nannan, uwr har me.We eat and remember and share with others too.hiymesor nonkway nannanteach someone and cause him to think
nanpananvthink, pay attention to, care for
nanyawvtemporarily, short timeHakwe hno ku ke meio nanyaw ley.I will use the axe only for a short time