The Abau language group of Papua New Guinea has a population of about 7,270. They reside in the Sandaun province: Green River district, Sepik and Green rivers area.

The language is classified as Sepik, Abau. The ISO Code is aau. Abua is used in the family, in the village, and during cultural events. Dialects include Central Abau, Downriver Abau, Downriver border Abau, and Upriver Abau (Oriyai). Dialectal differences are such that (especially young) people from different dialects use Tok Pisin to communicate. Tok Pisin is also favored if non-Abau speakers are present. The language is sometimes called Green River.

The literacy rate in Tok Pisin is 60% (children higher, adults lower). Vernacular education is mostly effective. The Abua language is taught in primary schools. Literature, including texts, the New Testament (2006) and a grammar has been done in the language.