Adele – English


oben-yon very tall palm tree n
obilifa palm branches/fronds n
obiri death due to carelessness n
obobo a plant of which the fresh seed is used as a balloon n
oboroni white people n
obwa * tree with edible fruit similar to oranges but white from inside n
odakpo wrestling n
odente night n
odii eagle n
odikina-yon a stick to dig out the first yam, which is sharpened on one end like a hoe, and looks like a knife on the other end, which is used for cutting the yamhead away n
odogyi * catarrh n
odon mountain n
odonbi hill, small mountain n
odonko a swing game n
odonpo skunk n
odonwuro gongong beater n
odu character, nature, type n
odum tree for boards n
ofen nice smell n
ofèn side, riverbank n
ofenlɛ on the other side n
oferu-bele dry season n
ofila sun n
ofila wʋʋ gatakʋn * east n