Adele – English


pa accidently doing something wrong v
paa work for pay n
paa-te hired men, people n
pala get wet, paddle v
panpaa plate, woven flat basket, a type of flat fish n
panpasan small, big flat wood n
pantanparayɩn falling upside down adv
papatala flat adv
parama smelling carcase n
parantɩ pan n
parantʋwa bottle n
pàta a shed attached to the house n
pata (T) appease v
pataku wolf n
patala-patala flat (button, beans) adj
pawere powder ln
paya avocado n
pe do well v
pempem wise-looking adj
perewu describing the act of beheading adv
peri stop or ridicule one's talk or doing sharply and unkind v
peri-peri pure, white shining adj
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