Adele – English


sa be, stay with (present tense) v
sa wear, send, score, put in, set, carry on back/shoulders v
saanʋ sieve n
safwɩ key n
salaba good-bye ex
salaga sacrifice n
salɩ carve, sharpen a pencil v
sama summon v
sàmà go with, accompany, near, by, concerning, about, v pa
san go, walk, onwards v
sanflalaan to disregard the presence of people in disrespect adv
sangba continue to do something, still v
sankamasiree by all means/at all cause adv
sankpa before c
sankpa FINISH THE EXAMPLE before c
sara sit, stay, live v
saraa sacrifice ln
sarɩ be slippery, slip v
sasalɩ a kind of tree of which bark is used as pepper n
sayɩ be wise, grow adj v
se buy v
seba cut, chop, knock, punch v
sege snivel v
sentereen to stand upright adv
sere build/erect, start, happen, stub/pierce, to/until/till v