Adele – English


waà it (used with future tense) p
wàà it (used with conditional) p
waalɩ overflow, be plenty, make a ceiling v
waari a game (board with 6x2 holes) n
waasɩ to level up v
wagalawagala wide adj
wagawaga briskly adj
walama day before yesterday n
walan yesterday n
walann deep, large, empty adj
walɩ overflow, be plenty, make a ceiling v
wan spread out, be bow-legged v
wankyan scissors n
wanla split something lengthwise v
wanzam circumciser n
warama take down, go down with something Take the child down from the chair. Calm down. v
waran descend v
watata wide, vast adv
wayɩ to be tired v
we see, experience v
weli-weli well, bare adv
were expressing finished action, already adv
werè stop completely adv
werema finish v
wesi-wesi dry (grain, sand) adv