Adele – English


ya heating, be hot v
ya let, leave v
pluck v
yaa (help to) put down, lodge, take from fire, v
yaa surprised, wonderful adv
yaà you (pl) (future) p
yàà you (pl) (cond) p
yafɩyafɩ unhemmed edges adj
yagayaga sieve for sieving flour n
yalɩ melt (honey or oil) v
yara vomit v
yaran pour out v
yasɩ scatter, spread out v
ye come from, come out, come forth, germinate, since v
yeba be sick, fall sick, be mad v
yela stand, stop v
yela tɛ defend, stand in for pa
yema because c
yema go through, bring out v
yemyem walking like a foolish/stupid person adv
yenge frighten, tremble v
yera agree, respond to call v
yeye frustrated and finding no solution to a problem adv
let's v