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ba11.1nFlood.1.2vi., vtTo flood; for a place to become flooded.Namā talabi komo dorong koran.It flooded last night because there was a lot of rain.Binān tang balay nira, animan pamaglimat mandian.Their house was flooded, that's why they are bailing out water now.rel. wrd.bawang 1.1ilig 1
baba1vtTo carry something or someone on the back.Babaen mo naning balen ang ekelan ong bokid.Carry this basket on your back to take it to the fields.Ang mepet ang asi pagbaba tang paray ang inayeg na tenged mabelat.That old man is carrying the rice he harvested on his back because it's heavy.Asing ge-leyo pa pirmi aming pagbabān tang manango.When I was still little, my older sister and I carried each other on our backs. rel. wrd.takan 1
babakbabákunspec. var.pababak11.1viFor a person or animal to go down; to disembark from a boat; to get up, wake up and go downstairs; for a plane, bird, etc. to descend; for the price of something to fall, go down.Pababáka kay, komiten mo tang silig.Please go downstairs and get the broom.Babakén mo kay, midio may gogoy.Please go downstairs, I think someone is calling.Alas koatrō pa minabák para manoro ta wi.I got up and went down at about four o'clock to fetch water.Angay bato golpi lamang minabák tang prisio tang tambalang?Why do you suppose the price of seaweed suddenly fell? Antka-yat 1.1lawig 1padibabawtāy 1.1ov. syn.ribaha 1.1taboan 1.21.2vtTo bring, take something down from somewhere; to lower something; to lower the price of something.Ibabák mo kay tang libro atan ong kabinit.Please bring down the book from there in the cabinet.Ipababak ta ra tang bandira, apon da.Let's lower the flag, it's already late afternoon.Pinababak na tang priso tang tinda na para mabakal.He lowered the price of his goods so they would easily sell.AntpadibabawpalawiglawigAntka-biat 1.1babakánder.anAngay ga-tang ong babakán tang katri?Why is the bed placed downstairs? bb.1vtTo humble oneself (lit. to lower oneself); to humble another person, bring them low.Nagpababák tanandia tang sadili na ig nama-dol ta patawad ong kasoay na.He humbled himself and asked forgiveness from his enemy.Pababaken mo tang nem mo.Humble yourself.Ang pagpalawig tang sadili na yay ang ipababak. The one who elevates himself he's the one who will be brought low. Antambog 1palawiglawigsyndibabak 1patalobabak 1ov. syn.paebes 1palepe 1
ba-bak11.1vtTo split something apart by tearing or peeling it apart; to forcefully rip or split something apart, usually with a downward tearing action.Bina-bak na tang bori para ipakaldaw.She peeled apart the bori midribs in order to dry them.Inenged nang bina-bak tang lambong na ong sobrang kasisilagen na.She intentionally tore her clothes in her excessive anger.ov. syn.ra-rat 1.2rel. wrd.teray 11.2viFor something be badly ripped, accidentally get a large tear in it.Naba-bak tang kaliolioto asing nata-wit ong kodal.My pants were badly ripped when they got snagged on the fence.ov. 1.2lasik 1.2ra-rat 1.2
babakalan1nA type of clam, grayish-black, oblong with stripes around the shell. (They are usually found in the muddy area of a tidal flat and are edible. Also used figuratively for a woman's genitals.)rel. wrd.bagasay 1.1belek 1.1kibaw 1.1manlet2 1.1ngirit-ngirit 1.1ov. syn.alang-alang1 2.1teren 1.1
babakanbabakán1n., locAn area downstairs, underneath.Angay ga-tang ong babakan tang katri?Why is the bed placed downstairs? Antdibabaw1 1.1
babakánder. ofbabakAn area underneath, downstairs.
babalian1archarchaicviTo perform a special dance to stop the curse of a sapat spirit, done by a folk doctor called an albolario.Tanandia ay magbabalian don ong nonok agod ang sapat maglayas.He will dance at the nonok tree so that the sapat spirit will go away.
babaloan1nA type of thin, oblong fish with sharp, spiny fins which cause extreme pain. (They are grayish-black and do not have scales. They are caught in fishing nets or by hand inside the reef and are very good to eat when grilled.)rel. wrd.bolawit 1.1epeng2 1.1lomalaod 1.1
ba-bat1viTo lead the praying of the Holy Rosary at a wake.Sinopa bato tang komiten nirang mama-bat ong pangadi malagat-lagat?Who do you think they'll get to lead the Rosary at the wake later?rel. wrd.manigba-bat2 1.1manigba-bat1der.nov. syn.nobinariader. ofnobina
babay1nFemale; woman; girl.Sinopa tang babay ang asing pagtok ta kolit?Who is that woman wearing white?Antlali 1.1anang nbinabay1der.anbb.1nMistress.Ganing tanira ang katawa mo may babay na ong Manila.They say that your husband has a mistress in Manila.b.2vFor a married man to commit adultery with a woman.Namagbelagan tang magkatawa tenged ang lali pangombabay. The married couple separated because the man was committing adultery. Antmangonlali 1
babay ang karasalen1nThe bride (lit. the woman who will be married).
babayan1der. ofbabayWomen.
babayan21pl. nWomen.Doroa nga babayan tang naita tang milagro.It was two women who saw the miracle.rel. wrd.kalalian1 1.1kalalian2der. oflali
babaynen1n., adjA male with feminine characteristics and/or actions; effeminate. (The Tagalog word is bakla and is more commonly used.)Antlalakingnen 1.1tomboy2 1.1ov. syn.bakla 1.1
baboy11.1nPig.1.2viTo raise pigs for sale.Agtamadano rang magbaboy, mal da tang pambog.I'm tired of raising pigs, the food for them is so expensive.1.3nPork.rel. wrd.barako 1belkan 1odok 1
baboy-baboy1nA large cowry shell, rounded and shiny with brown or black spots. (The name comes from the the word for pig, baboy, because of its shape.)rel. wrd.sigay3 1
badbād11.1nA long, thin, red scratch on the skin.Angay dorong bād mo ong bisit mo, ariapa nagalin?Why do you have many long scratches on your calf, where did you just come from?ov. syn.karos 1.11.2viTo accidentally scratch, scrape the skin on something.Ma-dik tang emetong nabād ong bantol-bantol.My face burns that was scratched on a bantol-bantol thorn.Nabādan tanandia tenged doro kapeleg.He got scratched up because of so much jumping around.ov. syn.gasgas 1.2karos 1.1ov. syn.banggras 1.2
ba-dakba-dak1adjSpotted color with red, blacks and whites, said to be like the color of an octopus. (This term can be used about animals, a person's skin, fabric, or clothing, etc.)rel. wrd.barang 1.1
badbad1vtTo pasture an animal; to stake an animal out where it can graze, and then come back for it later.Agbadbadan tang baka kada damal-damal, ko-to may apon.The cows are pastured every morning, noon, and afternoon.ov. 1.1palpal 1.2pastor1 1.2rel. wrd.kompay2 1.1rel. wrd.manigbadbad2 1.1manigbadbad1der.nSi Jesus tang Mo-yang Manigbadbad. Jesus is the Good Shepherd.
badbadan1nThe top part of the tidal loom where the lengthwise thread is wrapped prior to beginning to weave.rel. wrd.kānay 1.2tidal 1rel. wrd.tidal 1tringka 1.1
badiang1nA type of wide leaf, used for wrapping seaweed up in.Ang latok bongoton mo ta daon ta badiang agod indi mapatay.Wrap the seaweed up in the wide leaf so it won't die.Ba-lo amekan tang katri betangan kay lagi ta daon ta badiang agod ang mangalok mga magsirong-sirong indi magagoanta tenged mātel ig indi maita.Before the sleeping mat is put on the bed, first put badiang leaves down so that the witch, when it goes under the house, will not be able to stand the itching and will not be able to see anyone.
bael11.1nSize (lit. bigness) of something.1.2adjBig; large; great; huge.Mabael ono tang balay ang ipaobra nira.They say the house they will build is big. Binteng da ta yan ang dorog kabael! Suddenly it jerked with a huge fish!Antge-ley 1rel. wrd.manawa 11.3viFor something or someone to become or grow larger; for a child to grow up.Ang abokado kadaling nambael tenged bintangan ta abono.The avocado tree grew big very quickly because fertilizer was put on it.Aroy! Nambael kaman tang sinangoni na, onopa pagosto lamang ong pamangan.Wow! Her body really has gotten big, it's because she's always eating without any discipline.Aria pa nambael? Where did you grow up? 1.4vtTo grow up with a certain habit, causing it to be ingrained in oneself.Indi dapat panontan mo tang kaliagan tang ana mo tenged sia ibael na.You should not go along with whatever your child wants because that is the habit he will grow up with.1.5vtTo enlarge something, make or cause something to become bigger; to raise a child.Pabaelen mo tang boaten mong tamping.Make the basket that you are working on big. Indi kay pabaelen mo tang bosis mo!Please don't raise (lit. make big, loud) your voice!Ang tata na yay ang nagpabael ong nandia.Her aunt is the one who raised her.ov. syn.olbo 1.1rel. wrd.mabael 1.1mambael tang kolo1id.adj
bagEngbāg11.1nTraveling bag; shoulder bag or handbag.Asing pagpaningo ong Cuyo tonay-tonay lamang tang lambongo tenged nabo-wanano tang bāgo ong baybay.When I went to Cuyo island I only had one set of clothing because I accidentally left my traveling bag behind on the beach.1.2viTo use or take along a bag.Magbāga agod may betangan mo tang mga libro mo.Use a bag so you'll have something to put your books in.
baga1nLungs (referring to the front).rel. wrd.komba 1.2