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da1var.ra11ptlAlready; now; about to.Dalien mo, magalin da tang motor.Hurry, the boat is about to leave.Pisan dang kine-ketan ta boling tang mga baso ta, indi ra makomit tang mantsa na.Our plastic glasses are already very discolored with ground-in dirt, the stains won't come out now. Lotok da tang yan, mamangan ita ra. The fish is already done, let's eat now. rel. 1.1
da1var. ofra2
da21pl. pers. mkrIndicates more than one person, sometimes translated as '(name) and company'.Napaning da Maria don ong bokid.Maria and company went to the countryside.Siminabid ong nira da Juan may si Jose.Juan and Jose went with them.
daba-daba1vi., vtFor a fire to blaze or flame up, burn very hot; to intentionally make a flame or fire larger.Aroy! Itaen amen tang apoy dadaba-daba ra ong katep, animan indi ra natabangan amen.Oh my! We saw the fire flaming up and burning already on the rooftop, therefore we were not able to help.ov. syn.diba-diba 1.1
dabdab1vtTo watch, keep an eye on food being cooked in order to make sure the fire stays constant.Dabdaban mo kay tang dinongkolo para madaling malotok.Kindly keep an eye on the rice being boiled so that it will quickly become cooked.Ang dinongkol mo nailaw si, indi si dinab-daban mo ta osto.Your cooked rice was undercooked again, once again you didn't keep the fire constant.rel. wrd.dabok 1.2dongto 1.1
dabog-dabog1vi., vtTo slam, throw things around in anger; to stomp around in anger at someone.Dadabog-dabog tanandia tenged may gasilagan na ong balay.He's slamming things around in anger because he's mad at someone in the house.Agdabog-dabogan na tang nanay na tenged indi oldan ta koarta.He's stomping around in anger at his mother because she won't give him any money.rel. wrd.lampak 1.1tandak 1.1
dabok11.1n., adjLarge or hot fire; constant or high heat.Aroy, dorog kategat tang karning aglaoyaen, nagtorip da tang dabok. Oh, the meat that was boiled is so tough, it was cooked on high heat all morning.1.2vtTo make a fire big or hot by using lots of firewood, throwing lots of brush on it.Masiadoa kang magdabok animan madaling malobot tang langaw ta.You make your cooking fire too big therefore we are going to quickly run out of firewood.Indi dabokan mo ta masiado tang tinompok ang linget, itaben masirok ita.Don't make a big fire out of the brush that's been piled up, our house might catch fire.rel. wrd.dabdab 1.1dongto 1.1
dada1archarchaicnGrandmother or great-grandmother. (This is an old term of reference.)Ang mepet ang asia ga-tang dang dadao. That old woman is my great-grandmother. ov. syn.lola 1pepey 1.1rel. wrd.papo 1
da-dat1vi., vtTo pound rice for a second time.Angay pagtamad among manlebek, para manda-dat da lamang?Why are you being lazy about pounding the rice [the first time], just so that you can do the second pounding?synlesay 1.1ov. syn.lebek1 1.1dala-datander.nTomabang amo kay tang lebek, yadi rang dala-datan. Please help with the pounding, there is still a lot of leftover unhusked rice to pound.
dagat1vstatTo have motion sickness; to become seasick.Ang taw ang belag ta sanay ang magbiahi ta lantsa obin bos ay agdagaten. A person not used to riding on a launch or a bus gets motion sickness.
dagdag1viFor an object to fall off from where it is attached; for fruit to fall off a tree; to fall out of a bag or container.Aroy! Ang rilō nadagdag, indio ra matako mga ong aypa toga nalatak.Oh dear! My watch fell off, I don't know where it fell.Mga lango ra tang mga daon ta taletay, kaldaw-kaldaw gadagdag. When the leaves of the talisay tree are dry, they are falling off daily.ov. syn.dogdog 1.1latak 1.1porak 1.1ov. 1.1
dagebdagēb11.1nThe loud pounding, thudding sound of a sound system or engine; the loud sound of thunder.Indio napoyat ong dagēb tang togtog.I wasn't able to sleep because of the loud pounding sound of the music.Nangelel tanir ong sobrang eled nira asing pagabasi nira tang dagēb tang doldol.They shook because of their great fear when they heard the loud sound of the thunder.1.2viPisan ang dadagēb tang torogtogan talabi.The sound system was really pounding last night.rel. wrd.dagem 1.2doldol1 1
dagemdāgem11.1nThe buzzing sound of an insect.Indio mapoyat ong dāgem tang namo talabi.I couldn't sleep last night because of the buzz of a mosquito.1.2viTo make a buzzing sound, as of an insect, person, electrical appliance.Dorong namong dadāgem mga labi.There are many mosquitoes buzzing at night.Ang bintilador mga mapoirsa midio dadāgem ka.When the electric fan is on high speed it's as if it is buzzing. rel. wrd.dageb 1.2doldol1 1rel. wrd.agrot 1.1geneng 1.1lago-lot 1.1
dagem-dagem1vi., vtTo make a low moaning sound like a ghost.Tanopasia agdāgem-dāgeman amen tang mamola don ong balay-balay nira ig dorong eled nira.Some time ago we were moaning like a ghost at the kids there in the their little playhouse and they were so frightened.
daget-daget1vtTo try to persuade or ask someone to do something, using a harsh, forceful tone of voice; to speak harshly.Indi daget-dageten mo tang ari mo mga manobola, sia india pareten na.Don't speak harshly to your younger sibling when you tell him to do something, if so, he won't obey you.Antalam-alam 1.1ov. syn.daragese 1.2legda1 1.1legda1 1.2
dagmitunspec. var.madagmit1advUsually; normally; frequently; often.Mga tagkokoran, madagmit ang may doldol.When it is rainy season, usually there is thunder.Kadagmitan ang gapoaw amen, māga pa ong damal-damal.Normally we wake up when it is still very early morning.Kadagmitan mga may bagio, ang mga taw ong Agutaya pagkaliwag ta belat.Usually if there is a typhoon, people on Agutaya are very hardshipped for rice.rel. wrd.malaka 1pirmi 1teta 1
dagnat1vtTo wash or clean a wound, either with soap or herbal medicine.Kaministiran pirming dagnatan mo tang igad mo agod indi komasag.You should always clean your wound so that it does not get worse.Ang daon ta bayabas tang masinlong idagnat ong igad.The leaves of the guava tree are good for cleaning wounds.
dagoldol11.1nSound of an engine.May dagoldol da ang agba-yeno, sigoro may motor ang kakabot.There's already the sound of an engine I hear, perhaps there is a motorboat arriving.1.2viFor an engine to make noise when running.rel. wrd.lago-lot 1
dagpa1viTo trip and fall; to fall forward.Nādagpa tang mola ong sobrang sinikad.The child tripped and fell from running too fast.Golping napādagpa tang taw ong sobrang kapipilayen na tang sinikad.The person suddenly let himself fall forward from his exhaustion from running.rel. wrd.tampok1 1.1toad 1
dagta1viTo be carried away, drift away with the current; to wash up on shore; to intentionally drift along with the current.I-taket ta mo-ya tang motor agod indi idagta mga temēb.Tie the boat up well so it will not drift away when it is high tide.Sigoro mga indi ami tinambat mi, idagta ami ra ong laod.Maybe if we had not been rescued by you, we would have drifted out to sea.Mga mapalet yading dadagtang mga linget ong baybay.When it's windy a lot of trash washes up on the beach.Nalanggan ami ong laod, animan pagpadagta-dagta ami ra lamang.The boat engine died on us out at sea, so then we just allowed ourselves to drift along with the current.synpa-pad 1.1rel. wrd.ka-kab 1.1wawa 1.1ayong dinagtader.nsynbatang 1batang 1.1
dagyaw11.1nVolunteer work, usually done in a group for a specific project. (This term is used most commonly about the Parents and Teachers Association and the barangays.)Nagpagoy tang Kapitan ta dagyaw ong mga mimbro tang barangay.The Captain called the barangay members together for volunteer work. 1.2vi., vtFor people volunteer to work without pay; to have another person take one's place in volunteer work.Sinopay ong nindio tang magdagyaw don ong iskoilan?Which of you will volunteer to work there at the school?Dagyawan mo kay tang logod mo mga yawa pagmasita pa.Have your sister take your place in the volunteer work if you are still sick.
dahio1archarchaicvtTo give advice, to advise; to "lecture" someone, often a teenager.Dahioan mo kay tang ana mo tenged mola pa, panigarilio ra.Please advise your child because he is still young, but smoking already.synlaygay 1.2to-pat1 1to-pat1 1.1wali 1.2ov. syn.ampang 1bogno1 1
dailan1nReason; cause of.Onopay dailan tang pinagsoayan nirang magkatawa?What was the reason the married couple were fighting?ov. syn.rason 1.1rel. wrd.gikan 1tenged1 1ov. syn.katoyoan 1.1rel. wrd.gatengedanunspec. var. oftenged1gikan 1.2kaning 1.1
daing11.1nDried fish.Makalpot da tang daing ang asi tenged korang tang kasin na.That dried fish stinks already because it didn't have enough salt put on it.Pinangan tang kosi tang agbebe-lad ang daing don ong katep.The fish laid out to dry on the roof was eaten by the cat.1.2vi., vtTo take fresh fish and dry it by splitting it apart, salting it heavily, and then laying it out in the sun to dry.Daingeno tang tanan ang nakomitong yan para may ipekelo ong anao ang pagadal ong Puerto.I'll dry all the fish I caught in order to have something to send to my child who is studying in Puerto [Princesa City].rel. wrd.pindang 1.2ov. syn.tinapa2 1.1rel. wrd.bodo 1.1
dakelvar.rakel11.1adjMany; lots of something.Dakeleng taw tang namansipaning ong kasal.Many people went to the wedding.Antge-ley 1pirapa 1ov. syn.doro 1.2yadi 1.11.2interrHow many?Onopag dakel tang nasikepan mo?How many fish were you able to trap?Monopag karakel tang taw ang napaning ong Center para magpakonsolta ong doktor?How many were the people who went to the Rural Health Center to consult the doctor?ov. syn.pirapa 1.2karakelan1der.n