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ebal11.1viBecoming almost ripe, as of papayas, bananas, native beans.Ang ponsi nira gaebalan da ong papa na piro indi pa agpepeten nira.Their bananas are becoming almost ripe but they are not cutting them yet.1.2statNearly ripe.Ang kawmangga, mga gimpisa rang pangalawag, sia ebal da. When a mango is beginning to turn yellow, it's nearly ripe. ov. syn.erag 1.12vtTo partially cook meat or vegetables by boiling or frying; to brown meat.Ba-lo ra lotokon ta tang karni, ebal-ebalen ta kang lagi lamang.Let's not completely cook the meat, let's first just brown it.Mga magebal-ebala tang karning mano, betangan ang lagi ta langgaw, kasin may panagel.When you partially cook chicken meat, first put in vinegar, salt, and spices.
ebeb1vi., vtTo scrunch one's body over; to curl one's body up in a ball; for a chicken to sit in her nest with her wings curled over her body.Gebeb tang mola ong planggana mga agdigon.The baby scrunches its body over in the basin when it's being bathed.Gebeb da tang mano don ong poyad, sigoro mangi-yoy da.The chicken is sitting in the nest, maybe she's about to lay an egg.May dogo na ra tang ki-yoy, sigoro naebeban da ta tolong labi.The egg has blood in it, maybe it's already been sat on for three nights.rel. wrd.barikotot 1.1barikotot 1.1ilelem 1.1
ebeg11.1nA homemade, wooden spinning top with a string which is wound up and then pulled, to release the top and make it spin.1.2viTo play with a spinning top.Si Juan indi nagadal tenged pagebeg lamang.Juan didn't go to school because he is just playing with a spinning top. ov. syn.torompo 1.2
eben-eben1adjTo have an abundance of something, e.g. food at a special occasion, money from retirement, pasalubongs, offerings to a priest at mass, etc.Paning ita ong kasal, sigoro don tang maeben-eben. Let's go to the wedding, maybe there will be an abundance (of food) there.ov. syn.abonda 1.1bastanti 1
ebes1adjTo lack or have less of something than someone else; to have a lower standing or position.Ebesa ka enged ta kinata-wanan ong barkada mo.Your knowledge really is less than your friends.Ebeso ka enged ta manggad ong mga logodo, tenged indio napagadal.My wealth is really less than my siblings because I wasn't able to study.ov. syn.korang 1Antkoronado 1.12viTo lower or humble oneself; to show deference; to give way in an argument or fight.Mga indi ita matakong magpaebes ong mga logod ta, madali itang mamagsoayan.If we don't know how to give way to our siblings, we will easily fight one another.Antambog 1palawiglawigov. syn.pababakbabakpalepe 1mapinaebesen1der.adj
eeē1advYes. (The Agutaynen word is pronounced with a long vowel sound. There is no glottal between the two vowels.)Ee, tomabido ong nindio andamal.Yes, I will go along with you tomorrow.Ee kaman!Yes indeed!Antanda 1.2belag1 1indi1 1.1Antbelag2 1.1
eged1archarchaicviTo be able to do something.Si Lolo indi ra maeged ang panaw animan indi ra sapayen mi ang paning tarin.Grandfather is no longer able to walk so don't insist on him coming here.Mga mitalā, magang india ra ka maeged. When you speak, it's as if you aren't able to (i.e. little or no sound coming out).ov. syn.kaya1 1.2sarang 2.1
egem11.1adjStrong smelling, as the strong smell of beef, fish, perfume, etc.Ang yan dorog kaegem, maski sinabonano ra tang kalimao, gongaw pa ka enged.The fish really smelled strong, even though I soaped my hands, they still really smell.1.2viFor something to smell strongly, give off a strong smell.Ang lambong mo pisan ang gegem ta pabanglo.Your blouse really smells strongly of perfume.rel. wrd.ongaw 1
ekang11.1vi., vtFor something to accidentally pull out, or work itself loose and protrude from where it was placed; for a glued-in or nailed-in piece of wood to become loose or lift off; to intentionally pull something out.Minekang da tang lansang ong kodal animan nangomito ta martilio para po-pokon.The nail was protruding from the fence, so I got a hammer in order to pound it in.Ang angkla ibanet mo ta mo-ya ong kenay, itaben mekang ong sobrang kalangeb.Push the anchor down deep and hard in the sand, perhaps it might work itself loose because of the big waves.Ekangen mo kay tang lansang ong lebleb.Please pull out the nail from the wall.Maliwag ang ekangen tang bēlek mga gered ong bolog.It's difficult to pull out an oyster shell if it is wedged deep in the coral.1.2vFor two things to separate, pull apart from each other; to become unstuck.Bo-bokan mo ta wi tang kirong pamagtekeban, way indi ra magekangan. Pour water on the dogs that are fighting, look, they won't pull apart from each other.
ekel11.1nSomething that is carried, brought, or taken along.Onopay ekel mo?What are you carrying?1.2vtTo bring, carry something along with one; to take something somewhere; to transport something.Ang mga iskoila pamagekel ta mga bi-lak para ikodal ong garden nira.The pupils are bringing bamboo slats with them for making a fence for their garden.Patigayon mo kay ang e-lan tang payongo mga magbalika.Please bring my umbrella with you when you return.ov. syn.ated 1.1biag 3.1kombinsir 1.1rel. wrd.a-wat 1.1biot 1bitbit 1.1dolo-dolo 1.1intirimis 1loko 1pangolokolo2 1.2sigida 1.1solsol 1.1takan 1tokso 1tokso 1.2aggekel-ekelan2id.anPira rang bolan tang aggekel-ekelan mo?How many months along are you? (lit. How many months already is the fetus that you are carrying?)syninabdet2 1.1bb.1vtTo manage a group of people; to lead a group of people.Mga ang tatang taw indi matakong magekel tang pamilia na, monopa bato tanandia mapangolokolo ta masinlo ong tatang banoa?If a man does not know how to manage his family, how do you suppose he will be able to lead a community well?b.2exprThe way a person acts, literally, carries himself/herself in social situations.Maski mola pa, gatakong magekel tang sadili na.Even though she is still young, she knows what to do in social situations (lit. knows how to carry herself).b.3vtTo drive a boat.Ang anao, gatako rang magekel tang motor tang tatay na.My child already knows how to drive the fishing boat of his father.ov. syn.sikad 1cc.1vtTo convince, influence someone (lit. to carry along); to lead someone astray; to allow oneself to be convinced or influenced by others, or by a situation.Naekelan na tang mga logod na para bomoto ong dobaling partido.He convinced his siblings to vote for the other political party.Piro tanandia, indi nagpanonot-nonot obin nagpaekel-ekel ong kaliagan ta taw maski sinopa tanira.But as for him, he did not go along with other's opinions or let himself be influenced by other peoples' desires.ov. syn.kombinsir 1.1panonotnonotrel. wrd.loko 1pekel 1
ekeng-ekeng1viFor a baby to talk nonsensical baby talk saying ekeng-ekeng. (The adult mimics the baby while tapping on his/her upper and lower lip.)Way, gekeng-ekeng da si Dodoy!Look, Dodoy is already talking baby talk! rel. wrd.simsim 1.1
elagunspec. var.maelag11.1adjTo have spaces between something, like slats in a floor, or teeth.Maelag tang da-tal animan napo-lot tang kakayo.There are spaces between the slats of the floor, that is why my foot slipped through.ov. syn.telang 1.11.2vtTo make or leave spaces between something.Paelagen mo tang pangda-tal mo para indi mataletan ta boling.Leave spaces (between the slats) in making your bamboo floor, so that the dirt won't get stuck in the grooves.1.3adjGap, space between two teeth.Pabansilano rin tang isiong maraelag. I would like to have a bridge made for my teeth which have a space between them. Antrigpen 1.1rigpen 1.2siriniet 1.2
elam1archarchaicvi., vtTo lie, to deny something.India magelam mga yawa'y namangan tang tatalokong ponsi.Don't deny it if you are the one who ate the bananas I hid away.ov. 1.2wara2 1
elang11.1nA room divider; walls between rooms; something that's used to cover the opening to another room.Paboatano rin tang kosina amen ta elang na.I'd like to make a room divider for our kitchen.1.2adjSeparated by something.Maliwag itang mamagbagat tenged elang ita ta talsi.It's hard for us to get together because we are separated by the ocean.1.3viSomething which divides, or is used to divide an area into two parts.Kortina lamang tang pagelang ong koarto amen animan madaling ma-led tang mola.It's just a curtain that divides our room therefore the kids can easily come in.1.4vtTo divide a room by making walls with plywood, or simply using a curtain; to come between people as in separating two people in a fight.Elangen ta ta ply tang koartong na agod may koarto para ong mga babay may lali.Let's divide this room with a piece of plywood so that there's one room for the girls and one for the boys.Elangen mo kay tang pamagsontokan don ong karsada.Separate the ones hitting each other there on the street.rel. wrd.lingeb 1sagang 1pagelangan1der.nAng tēle tang tanggetan mo ay alalawid tang pagelangan na.The distance between the footholds in the tree you gather coconut wine from is far.pangelang1der.n
elas1nThe flat, edible seeds from squash, watermelon, or similar plants.rel. wrd.kalabasa 1.2
elat11.1vi., vtTo wait for someone, something; to be expecting someone's arrival.Elatay ka mga molika ra, geldano mga anday aromano.Please wait for me when you go home, I'm afraid without a companion.Pagelat tang manang mo ong nio don ong talongan tang iskoilan.Your older sister is waiting for you there in front of the school.Gelaten da tanandia mandian obin ang damal.She is expected today or tomorrow.Ang mga pamagto ong ni Cristo may aggelaten nira ang tinagana tang Dios para ong nira don ong langit.Those who believe in Christ have something they are waiting for which God has reserved for them there in heaven.rel. wrd.kabot 1.3langkag 1mantinir 1.1tinir 11.2exprWait a minute!Elat kanay! Midio gailalā yen.Wait a minute! It seems I know you.ov. syn.laom 1.2rel. wrd.langkag 1.1pakabot1unspec. var. ofkabottinir 1.2
elay11.1nA share of something; a portion of something.Sindol ka ni Jose tang elay tang panti mo?Did Jose give you a share of what he caught with your net?ov. syn.parti2 1.2tenged4 1.11.2vtTo share something with someone else; to give a share; to divide something between two or more people; to divide people into groups.Magelay ita ra tang paray ang nāyeg ta.We will share the rice that we were able to harvest.Elayan mo tang logod mo ta siang kamait.Share that corn with your brother.Oman inelay tang tatay ong nirang doroa tang mga pagkabetang na.And so the father divided his possessions between the two of them.Pageleyan ming doroa tang sindolong tera.Divide between the two of you the viand that I gave you.Panawo rin ong Villa Fria, magpaelayo rin tang pagsa amen.I will go to Villa Fria, I'll have my tenant farmer divide up our shares. Pagaramal, inelay tang hiniral ta tolong gropo tang mga sondalo na.The next morning, the general divided his soldiers into three groups.1.3viTo ask for a share of something, usually intending to pay for it.Mga may paray ming komabot, magigelayo rin.When you have rice that arrives, I'd like to ask for a share. ov. syn.parti2 1.1parti2 1.2tenga 1tingi 1.1
e-leb1vtTo double a layer of clothing; to double a payment; to stack something up, double up, in order to save space.India mage-leb tang lambong mo, dorog karinget.Don't double the layer of your clothes, it is very hot.Nage-leb da tang binayado ong PTA tenged nalipat tang risibō.I had to pay double to the Parents and Teachers Association because my receipt was lost.E-leb e-leben ta ra lamang tang mga libro tarin ong lamisan para may pagobran ta pa.Let's stack up the books here on the table so that we'll still have space to work.ov. syn.dobli 1.2sanib2 1.1
eled11.1nFear.Indi ra matako ta ibitala na tang taw ong sobrang eled na.The man didn't know what to say due to his extreme fear. 1.2viTo feel afraid; to become frightened.Geldano rang molik tenged doro kaki-lep tang karsada.I'm afraid to go home because the street is so dark.Inledan tanandia ong kanino tang ayo, kalaom na taw ang takawan.He was frightened by the shadow of the tree, he thought it was a thief.ov. syn.kabado 1ov. syn.engted 1.1kelba 1.1legda2 1.1talaw 1.2ta-lok 1.2rel. wrd.geldan 1.1makaeled2 1.1maraelden2 1.1kamakaeledder.adjMakaeled da tang balay ang asia, naboay dang indi gistaran.That house is scary, it's been a long time since it was inhabited.makaeled1der.maraelden1der.aadjbb.1vtTo scare or startle a person by spooking them, or jumping out at them; to frighten or threaten a person with words, stories, or actions.Indi pelden mi si Lola, itaben atakian ong popotokon na.Don't jump out and scare Grandma, she might have a heart attack.Pagaita amen tang baleng ang pagpaeled-eled ta ged, dayon aming laging nantalok.When we saw the drunk threatening people with a machete, we immediately hid.Mga indi agpaeled-eledeno tang mamola ang ganingo may kio, sigi lamang tang delep nira kaldaw-kaldaw.If I don't scare the kids saying that there's a shark, they will just keep on swimming every day.ov. syn.pelang 1peled1der.n
elek111.1nThe eye of a needle; a sharp object used to pierce something in order to make a small hole; small borer, auger.Magboato rin ta elek ang alambri, bedbedeno rin tang tsinilaso.I'll make a small borer out of wire, I'm going to sew up my rubber slippers.1.2vtTo make a very small hole in something by piercing it with a sharp object, like a needle.Elekan mo kay tang talingao.Please pierce my ears.ov. syn.boloat 1synboloat 1.4
elek21nNostrils; the outer opening of the ear canal.
elel1viTo tremble, shiver, or shake all over, due to being frightened or from fever and chills.Pagaita na ono tang pagdingkal, nangelel ong sobrang eled na.He said that when he saw the ghost flickering, he trembled because of his great fear.Angay bato pangelel si Tatay mga labi, bato may malaria na?Why do you suppose Father is shivering at night, do you think he has malaria?ov. syn.pangale-kegan 1.1panlotawan 1.1talep 1.1rel. wrd.kalam-kalam 1.1lo-yod 1lo-yod 1.1lo-yod 1.1
elementariaEng1nElementary school.
elen11.1viFor a person to feel full, satisfied after eating; for a person to feel full, satisfied because of being given food, snacks, alcohol by a politician or candidate.Mga golay lamang tang panganeno mga ko-to indiong pisan maelen. If I just eat vegetables at noon I really will not feel satisfied. Ganing tanandia, gaelen ono tanandia don ong taw ang asi, animan iboto na.He said he's becoming full from that person therefore he will vote for him.1.2statFull; satisfied.Indio ra, salamat, eleno ra. No, thanks, I'm already full. Antletem 1.3ov. syn.ayaw2 1.1anday kaelenander.nmakaelender.pagpaelender.adj
elet11.1adj., advTight; tightly; firm, strong; strict; stern, sternly.Be-keten mo ta maelet, itaben mapo-lot.Tie it up tightly, it might get loose.Dorog kaelet tang pagtalig na ong Dios.Her faith in God is very strong. Maelet tang toyon na ong mga ana nang indi tanira magalin ong balay.Her parting instruction to her children was strict that they should not leave the house.ov. syn.igpit 1.2mapoirsa 11.2vtTo tighten something that is tied or screwed on; close tightly.Elten mo tang dapa tang pabanglo agod indi tongaw.Tighten the lid of the perfume so it won't evaporate.1.3vtTo tighten; to make firm; to secure something.Paeleten mo kay tang pamoyot mo tang boao.Please tighten your grasp on my hair (i.e. in pulling it back to make a ponytail).Paeleten ta tang pagtalig ta ong Dios.Let's make firm (lit. tighten) our faith in God.Antlogak 1.2ov. syn.baked 1.3poirsa 1.4rel. wrd.tangkeb 1.2rel. wrd.istrikto 1.2maelet

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