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g-1pfxv. affpfxPresent tense, actor focus.Golik amo ra?Are you going home now?Binatako, gatras da tang bilog.I pulled back, the small boat started going backwards.
-g1sfxlkrsfxLinker which attaches to the intensifier doro.Dorog kapalet!It is very windy!
ga-11pfxv. affpfxPresent tense, actor focus.Indio galiliag ang tomabid ong nandia, itaben bo-wanano.I don't want to go along with her, I might be left behind.Tapos ganing tanandia, "Ekelan mi tanandia ong yen."Then he said, "Bring him to me."
ga-21pfxv. affpfxPresent tense, actor focus abilitative.Indi pa gabitala tang ana na maski doroang takon da.Her child is not able to talk yet even though he is already two years old.Gānga tanandia mga gapoyat da.His mouth is open when he is sleeping.
ga-31pfxv. affpfxPresent tense, undergoer focus abilitative.Indi pa gatapos tang balay nira, anda ray koarta nira.Their house is not finished yet, they have no more money.
ga--an1v. affPresent tense, undergoer or goal focus abilitative.Gademdemano si.I remember that.Ang galiliagan nira ay maski indi ra magadal.What they want is to no longer study.
gabistounspec. var. ofbisto
gabok11.1viFor something to wear out, become rotten.Ang katep ang paod madaling magabok ong koran may kinit.A roof made of nipa palm leaves will quickly wear out due to rain and sun.1.2statWorn out; rotten; dilapidated.Gabok da tang posti tang kodal animan siminomba ra.The fence post is rotten and so it fell over.ov. syn.lagí ra 1.2langga 1.2rel. wrd.ronot 1.2rel. wrd.galo2 1.1ronot 1ro-rok 1.2topok 1.2
ga-bonunspec. var. ofa-bon
gaem11.1nPower, authority over.1.2pl. nAll power and authority.Ang Kapitan yay ang may kagaeman ong barangay.The Barangay Captain is the one who has power and authority over the barangay.ov. syn.aotoridad 1.1podir 1.1rel. wrd.pangolokolo2 11.3vtTo rule over; to have power, authority, or control over someone.Ang taw ang asia aggaeman ono ta anday sayod ang ispirito.It is said that person is controlled by an evil spirit.ov. syn.adi 1.2rel. wrd.emem 3.1makagagaem 1.3poirsa 1.1ang Makagagaemder.nmakagagáemder.adj., npaggaraemender.nAng paggaraemen tang Dios bilang adi belag ta pario ong paggaraemen tang mga adi tarin ong kalibotan ang na.The ruling of God as a king is not the same as the ruling of kings here in this world.rel. wrd.emem 3.1
gaeyakunspec. var. ofeyak
gailala11nAcquaintance.Yading gailalao ong Cuyo tenged dōno nagadal.I have many acquaintances on Cuyo island because that is where I studied.
gailala2der. ofilalaAcquaintance.
gakgakgākgāk11.1nThe cawing sound of a crow.1.2viFor a crow to caw.Geldano tang bosis tang ogak mga gagākgāk. I'm scared of the voice of a crow when it is cawing.
gako-pan11nWest; literally, the direction or place where the sun and moon set.Madali rang komoran tenged pirmi rang pangi-lep ong gako-pan. It will soon rain because it's always clouding up in the west. Ang porta tang balay dapat indi gampir ong gako-pan. The door of a house should not face the direction the sun sets. Anttere-lan2 1.1
gako-pan2der. ofkorop1West; literally, the direction or place where the sun and moon set.
gala1nDried leaves and branches for burning in the field.Takanen ta tang gala don ong taw ang pagpaligid.Let's carry the dried leaves and branches there to the person who is burning the field.rel. wrd.dapog 1.1
ga-la, ga-lanunspec. var. ofpela
galab1vtTo cut cogon grass (kirib) with a scythe or a curved knife; to cut one's beard or hair with a scissors.Indi ami natapos ang naganloy tang kirib ang ginalab amen.We weren't able to finish cleaning the cogon grass that we cut with a scythe. Galaben mo kay tang benget mo.Please cut your beard.rel. wrd.barbas 1.2gamgaman 1.2gapas 1.2gapas 1.2git 1.1git 1.1kirib 1
gala-gak1viTo cry, scream, or laugh loudly, uncontrollably.Ang molang naka mga may pa-dolon na ong ni nanay na dayon ang laging gomala-gak. That child, when she has something to ask from her mother, she will immediately scream loudly. Pisan ang gagala-gak tang nanay tang napatay.The mother of the one who died is crying loudly and uncontrollably.ov. syn.dayag 1i-yak 1
ga-lanAnttobod 1.3
galang11.1nRespect.1.2vtTo show respect to someone or something; to respect someone; to esteem someone.Ang mamola ong Agutaya, pamagbisa mga alas sais ong labi bilang paggalang ong mamepet.Children on Agutaya ask for a blessing at six o'clock to show respect to their elders.Ang taw ang gatakong tomabang, indi maimong indi galangen ta aroman na.A person who knows how to help others, it's not possible that he will not be respected by his companions.ov. syn.dengeg 1.3ov. syn.dayaw 1.2rel. wrd.maginalangen2 1.1maginalangen1der.adj
galapong11.1nFinely ground rice. (It can be used for making bibingka cakes, or for rice porridge for small children.)1.2vtTo grind rice very finely.Langga palá tang makina tang gilingan ganing magpagalapongo rin.The rice mill's machine is broken, I would have had some rice ground finely. ov. 1.1atoli 1.2rel. wrd.linogaw2 1der. oflogaw
galiagunspec. var. ofliag
galing11vtTo peddle a bike or a treadle sewing machine; to turn a hand crank in a circular manner.Indi ra kay galingen mo ta madasig tang makina, malapik tang singgoay.Please don't peddle the sewing machine fast, the needle will break.ov. syn.biring 1.1rel. wrd.bereng2 1