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i-11pfxv. affpfxInfinitive or future tense, undergoer focus.Ibalik mo kay tang martilio, ha?Please return the hammer, okay?
i-21pfxv. affpfxInfinitive or future tense, instrument focus.Onopay ikatep mi ong balay?What will you use for roofing the house?
ibabaw1vi., vtTo weed, i.e. to cut or pull out weeds.Dorog kadasig ang manibabaw si Manang.Older Sister is very fast at weeding.ov. syn.toal-toal 1.1ov. syn.koltibit 1.1
ibabawen1nWeeds; grass.rel. wrd.balagen 1.1lagoay 1
ibakoitEng1viTo evacuate.Magibakoit ita don ong domang balay tenged itaben mamoirsa tang bagio. We will evacuate there to another house because maybe the typhoon will become stronger.Yami, nagalin ami ong Villa Sol, nabagat amen tang mga taw ang pamanikad ang pamagibakoit. As for us, we were coming from barangay Villa Sol, we met people who were running away evacuating.
ibanghilio1nThe Gospel; church reading of a Gospel portion of the Bible.
i-baw1vi., vtTo yell, shout loudly, as of a drunk person or people fighting.Aroy! Baleng si tang kamalay ta, animan pagini-baw si.Oh! Our neighbor is drunk again, that is why he is shouting loudly again.ov. syn.kaliaw 1.1ov. syn.iteg2 1.1rel. wrd.iteg2 1kaliaw 1oliaw 1.1
ibeg1viTo envy, feel envious; to be jealous, envious of one another.Gaibeg tanandia ong tangay na tenged anday ribon na.She felt envious of her friend because she did not get a ribbon.Ig indi amo ra mamagigsoay obin mamagiribegan. Don't pick fights and don't be envious of each other. syninggit 1.1irak 1.1ov. syn.kimon 1silos 1.1ov. syn.ibel 1.1rel. wrd.kimon 1korsonada 2.1malaibegen2 1.1malaibegen1der.adj
ibek-ibek1vi., vtTo speak up; to say a word, say something; to respond. (More often used with a negator.)Mibek-ibeka ka!Please say something! Ang doroang taw ang asia indi pagibek-ibekan, sigoro pagsoayan.Those two people are not saying a word to each other maybe they are fighting.Ang taw ang anday ibek-ibek na doro kapongaw ang katabiden.A person who has nothing to say is no fun to be with.Asing agte-man tanandia, indi ka gibekibek. When he was being questioned, he didn't say a word.ov. syn.bitala 1.2simek-simek 1.1
ibel1archarchaicviTo envy, to be envious.Gaibel tanandia ong logod na mga may ba-long lambong na.She is envious of her sister whenever she gets new clothes.ov. syn.ibeg 1inggit 1irak 1
ibidinsia1nEvidence; proof.ov. syn.pamatod 1
ibitar1archarchaicvtTo avoid, refrain from doing something.Ibitarano ang toma-lib don ong toga nira tenged may kasoayo don.I'll avoid passing by there in front of their place because I have an enemy there.Ibitaran mong magbitalang pirmi ta malain.Refrain from talking evilly all the time.Kada logod kaministiran ay may nandiang parti agod maibitaran tang soay.Each sibling needs to be given his share so as to be able to avoid a fight.ov. syn.pali-wan 1rel. wrd.awid 1ped 1
ibok1viTo lie down anywhere, usually in an unsuitable place.India mibok atan ong tanek, asia may palamingko.Don't lie down on the ground, there are red ants there.synodak 1.1ov. syn.lobog 1.2
ibos11.1nA snack made of steamed sticky rice and wrapped in coconut palm leaves or banana leaves.1.2vi., vtTo make this snack; to use something for making this snack.Ibosono ra lamang tang mala-ket ang tolong tsopas.I will use three small cans of sticky rice to make the steamed sticky rice snack.
ibot1nA net bag used to hold fish which have been caught.
idad11.1nAge.Pira ray idad mo mandian?How old are you now? (lit. How much is your age now?)1.2adjGrown up; mature; adult; of legal age.Onopa, ang taw ang nangomit tang kawayan mo, may idad na ra?The person who took your [piece of] bamboo, was he an adult (literally, did he have age already)?May idad mo ra, piro anday ka-lag mo.You are already grown up, but not mature.1.3adjUnderage.Antlastek 1mola 1ov. syn.maslit 1.1mepet 1ov. syn.ka-lag 1.1kaidad1der.adj
idal1vtTo complain, fuss about the amount of one's work or chores as compared to someone else's; to push off the work on to someone else.Anday sayod tang molang pagidal ong logod, dapat magobra ra lamang ang anday riklamo.A child who fusses about his chores compared to his sibling's is not nice, he should just work without complaining.syntogian 1.1maidalender.adj
idalem1n., locUnderneath (a tree, bed, etc.).Angay atana gapoyat ong idalem tang lamisan?Why are you sleeping there underneath the table?Antdibabaw1 1tapaw 1ov. syn.adalem 1.7sirong 1.1Antta-paw 1.1
idal-idal11.1nTraditional ring game played by young people at a wake after the Holy Rosary is prayed.1.2viTo play this ring game.rel. wrd.lamano 1.1
idlit1vi., vtFor any part of the genital area to be accidentally exposed when clothing is loose or hanging improperly; to do this intentionally.Mangipikipia kay ong pagkalarongon, itaben midlit tang atan ang agtatalok-talok mo.Please tuck your skirt in when you are sitting down, perhaps what you are hiding there will be exposed.
idso1adjReady-made, as of clothing.Onopa, ang lambong nang pangkasal, idso obin binedbed lamang?Her dress for the wedding, is it ready-made or was it just sewn?ov. syn.komplito 1.22vtTo be completely finished with something; to finish or complete something.Ba-lo amo magalin mga māidso amo tang tanan ang obra.You won't leave until you are completely finished with all the work.Nāidso amo ra ka tang aglotokon mi?Are you already finished with what you are cooking?Idson mo ra siang aggobraen mo, malagat labi ra.Finish what you are working on, in a while it will be night.ov. syn.impas 1.1lobot 1.3tapos1 1.2
idson1nTerm of relationship between a godchild and the children of his/her godparent.
ig1conjAnd; and then.Ang sinoyon na ay ba-long tsinilas ig doroang kilong lansang.What he ordered were new slippers and two kilos of nails.Mo-yang taw tanandia ig belag ta ispotan.He is a good person and is not selfish.Ta, pinasintaro tang beltay ig limimbogo ra.And so, I centered the oar and then I laid down.Ig belag lamang ta sia, yadi pang naboatan nang anday sasayod.And not only that, there were many other bad things that he did.ov. syn.asta1 1.1may1 1.1rel. wrd.oman 1
igad11.1nA wound, sore, or cut on the skin; an injury.1.2viTo become hurt, wounded, injured.Naigadan si Manong ong kakay na asing pandayday ta langaw.Older Brother was injured on his foot while he chopping firewood.1.3vstatFor skin to be covered with small sores.Angay ang bisit mo gigad-igadan? Why is your calf covered with small sores?rel. wrd.sit 1rel. wrd.basio 1botilia 1.1geret 1pi-pid 1.2
igbolorakder. ofborak1Time or month for bearing fruit.