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laba111.1vi., vtFor a person or animal to fall or tumble over, forwards, or sideways from dizziness, from being off balance, or being shoved; for rice, cogon grass, banana plants, etc. to be bent over from the wind or rain.Timineyeb tang pama-dek tang mepet animan nalaba. The vision of the old person was spinning around therefore he fell over. Ba-lo lamang pagadal ang papanaw tang molang ge-ley, animan pirming galaba. The small child is just learning how to walk, that's why she is always tumbling over.Ang mga paray nangalaba ra ong sobrang koran.The rice was bent over because of all the rain.Asing namagio, nalabān tang balay nira ta papa ta nioy.When there was a typhoon, a coconut tree fell over on their house.ov. syn.tomba1 1.1rel. wrd.saro-sod 1.11.2vtTo force a person to bend or flip over.Ong kayam ang aggoyan ta 'kabingan' ang taw ang ilaba yay ang pirdi.In the game of leg wrestling, the person who is flipped over is the one who loses.ov. syn.ketang 1.1lampak 2.1
laba21vtTo hit or club a person or an animal forcefully, usually on the back or head, with a piece of wood or other object.Linabāno ta ayo tang mga kirong pagtekeban.I hit the dogs that were fighting with a piece of wood.ov. syn.lampak 1.1rel. wrd.balda 1.2lampak 1lapik 1paralisado 1pilay2 1pokod 1poro1 1.1ov. syn.bakod 1.1talbok 1.1
lababo1nKitchen sink.synpalangogatan2 1.1
labaha1nRazor blade.
laba-laba1viFor a boat or person to be pushed forcibly, smashed up against rocks, a pier, etc. by the waves.Aroy, ang bilog mo lalaba-laba ra tang langeb ong kabatoan!Oh my, your small outrigger is being smashed against the rocks by the waves!Mga mapalet ang motor indi masiadong ipāpiki ong pantalan, taben ilaba-laba ong bato.When the ocean is rough a motorboat should not be positioned very close to the wharf, it might be smashed against the rocks.rel. wrd.ampak 1.1lampak 1tapik1 1.1
laban1vtTo fight against; to compete.Asing timpo gira ang mga girilya ay namansilaban ong mga Aponis.During the war, the guerillas fought against the Japanese.Ang tanan ang mga barangay ay mamaglabanan ang magkayam mimpisa ong Hunyo 22.All of the neighborhoods will compete in playing games starting June 22.ov. syn.batok 1gira 1.2rel. wrd.soay 1rel. wrd.gira 1ingkointro 1.2kalaban2der.nov. syn.kakontra1 1.1kasoay1 1.1labanan1der.n
labanan1der. oflabanBattle; battleground.
labanan21nBattle; battleground.ov. syn.paggiran2 1.1
la-bang1adjWide.Mala-bang tang katri ang bindoat ni Jose.The bed Jose built is wide. ov. syn.mawayang 1rel. wrd.mala-bang 1.1kala-bang2der.n
lābang1nThe coarse chaff or empty husks left after milling rice grain. (It is too coarse to feed to pigs so is just thrown out.)Sigoro ang teled tang kolo mo lābang? Maybe the inside of your head is rice chaff? rel. wrd.kepa 1.3pasi 1tiki-tiki 1.1
labangan1nLarge, empty clam shell which can be used as a feeding trough for pigs.rel. wrd.belek 1pasongan 1.1
labat11adjFresh fish.Naboay da indi ita ra gasamit ta yan ang labat. It has been a long time since we've tasted fresh fish.
labat21nA type of long, yellowish-brown sea grass found in shallow water during the southwest monsoon season. (It easily tears out when it's windy and washes up on shore.)Yading dadagtang labat ong baybay.There is a lot of long brown seaweed washing up on the beach.rel. wrd.linamon 1
labat31nSudden death, i.e. for a person to die suddenly or unexpectedly.Ang taw mga napatay ang golpi lamang, sia labat ang kamatayen. When a person dies suddenly, that is known as sudden death. rel. wrd.kōlo 1.1pakamo-kamo 1.1santirmo 1si-bo si-bo 1.1
labatiba11.1nSomething used as an enema.1.2vtTo give or be given an enema.Ang babay ang paranganaen dapat magpalabatiba. A woman who is about to give birth should have someone give her an enema. rel. wrd.tebel 1.1
labaw11.1adjFor someone or something to be greater, higher, more important than everything else.Malen ta tang Dios, labaw ong tanan!Let's love God, He's higher than all!Ang katobolano labaw ong tanan, dapat ang tanan ang taw magkatinir ta kasilias nira!My orders are more important than others, all the people should have their own outhouses!ov. syn.laboay 2.1mas pa1.2vi., vtFor something to be taller, higher than something else; for a person to surpass others, or become greater or more important than others.Ang taletay ang gampir ong baybay lalabaw da ong balay.The umbrella tree by the beach is already taller than the house.Angay galiagang manlabaw ong masig ka taw mo? Anday sayod sia.Why do you want to become more important than your fellowman? That's not nice.ov. syn.doma 2.1laboay 1.1laboay 2.1lapaw 2.1rel. wrd.mas parel. wrd.laboay 1mas 1.2sinlabaw1der.n
labay-labay1vstatTo be troubled by the soul of a recently deceased relative who wants the person to also die so that they will have a companion; to be troubled by small invisible beings or spirits, resulting in becoming ill and not being able to sleep.Aglabay-labayan tanandia tang tatay nang napatay, animan indi mapoyat.He's being troubled by his father who recently died, that's why he can't sleep.Sia animan pagmasit, aglabay-labayan ta sapat.So that's why he's sick, he's being troubled by small invisible beings.rel. wrd.sapat1 1tangay 2.1
labed1viFor an extremely loud sound to seem like it is coming from all directions, nonstop.Ang togtog ong kamalay pamaglabed, anday ray pinama-yan.The music of our neighbors is coming from all directions, nothing else can be heard.Makaeled mga ang doldol may koldap pamaglabed. It's frightening when the thunder and lightning come nonstop from all directions.
labet11.1nThe right, or privilege to have a share in inheritance or land; the right to have a say in a situation or problem; the right to make something your business.Maski anday labet na ong toroblien, pama-dol ta parti na.Even though he has no right to have a share in the inheritance, he is asking for his part.Anday labet na ong problema nira tenged anday rilasion nira.He has no right to have a say in their problem because he is no relation to them.Galiago ka rin ang mano-patan ong ana mo, itaben aningeno nandia anday lalabeto. I would like to be able advise your child, but perhaps he'll tell me I have no business to do that.rel. wrd.kato-lidan1 1.1kato-lidan2der. ofto-lidmato-lid 11.2vtTo become involved in a situation or problem; to meddle or interfere in someone else's affairs; to butt into a conversation or activity.India magpalabet ong arampangen ta mga mepet.Don't interfere in the conversations of older people.Itaben indi tanandia magpalabet ong kaliwagan nira tenged pamagsoayan.Maybe she won't become involved in their hardships since they are quarreling.Indi palabetan mo tang soroayen nira tenged india gatako tang papa na may ang kapotan.Don't get involved in their fight because you don't know the beginning and the end of it.ov. syn.sambag2 1.1rel. wrd.anday labet 1.1
labí11.1nNight.1.2nLate in the evening.1.3nVery early in the morning.1.4viTo be overcome by the night; to be caught out after dark; benighted.Nalabian ami rang minolik tenged yadi pang sinelekan amen ong programa.We were overcome by the night because there were still many things we watched at the program.talabíder.n., adv
lābi11.1nFavorite child, work, or food.May lābi ong mga ana mo?Do you have a favorite among your children?ov. syn.paborito 1.11.2vtTo show preference or favoritism to someone; to prefer or favor one thing over another.Si Manong tang pinalābi ni Tatay belag ta yo.Older Brother is the one Father favored, not me.Agpalābien tang mga taga Concepcion tang magtambalang kaisa mangoma.The people of Concepcion island prefer growing seaweed over farming.Anday agpalābien. That would be fair to all (literally, there is no favoritism).Antdegdeg 1lipi-lipi 1ov. syn.palangga 1.2poya 1.2
labi palabí pavar.laypaunspec. var.lay pa1advEspecially; particularly.Maliwag ta belat labí pa mga tagkokoran.Rice is scarce, especially during rainy season.Magboat ita ta mo-ya ong tanan ang taw, labí pa enged ong mga logod ta ang pamagto ong Gino.Let us do good to all people, particularly to our brothers who believe in the Lord.
la-boanunspec. var. oflapo
laboay1vi., vtFor something to hang down and be seen; to stick up, to extend out or beyond a point; to pass in height; to be higher or taller than something else.Panlaboay da tang nagoas mo ong saya mo.Your long half-slip is hanging down below your skirt.Masinlong pa-dekan tang ibabawen, anday lalaboay, telelepeng.The grass looks beautiful, no blades are sticking up higher than the others, they are all the same height.Aglaboayana ra tang ari mo.You are already being passed up in height by your younger brother.ov. syn.labaw 1.2lapaw 2.1rel. wrd.labaw 1mas 1.22viTo be above, better than others; to be more important, greater than others.Galiag din ang manlaboay ong tanan piro indi masarang.He would like to be better than everyone else but that's not within his capability.ov. syn.labaw 1.1labaw 1.2rel. wrd.mas pa
labod1nDregs or residue in coconut wine or vinegar.ov. syn.kolameg 1.1