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m-1pfxv. affpfxInfinitive or future tense, actor focus.Moliko ra.I'll be going home now.
ma1exprThe sound made by a person calling a cow.
ma-1mā-1pfxv. affpfxInfinitive or future tense, actor focus abilitative.Anday taw ang māita ong Dios.There's no person who can see God.
ma-21pfxv. affpfxInfinitive or future tense, undergoer focus abilitative.Tomaboan amo atan, itaben malapik tang tanga na.Get down from there, the branch might break. Balampa matoman mo tang koartang nalipat.I hope you will be able to find the money that was lost.
ma-31pfx1.1adj. affpfxAdjectival prefix. (When it attaches to roots beginning with the vowel a, the adjective is pronounced with a long a sound, as in the second example.)Masabor tang karning baka.Beef meat is delicious. Māmbeng tang baili talabi.The dance was fun last night.1.2adv. affpfxAdverbial prefix.Kalo-kalon mo ta mo-ya tang arina agod indi magbilbog.Stir the flour well so that it doesn't become lumpy.Mga maringet madoang mandigō ong tang kaldaw.When it's hot I bathe twice a day.
ma-41pfxadv. affpfxWhen.Makaboto ong balay nira, anda ra don tanandia.When I arrived at their house, he was no longer there.rel. wrd.pag-2 1paga- 1
ma--an1v. affInfinitive or future tense, undergoer or goal focus abilitative.Indi mata-wanan ta mga tanopa malkat tanandia.We will not know when he'll be coming home.India kay lomo-bo atan ong katep, malapikana. Please don't jump around there on the roof, you will fall and break something.
mabael1adjBig; large; great; huge.Antge-ley 1.1rel. wrd.bael 1rel. 1manawa 1.1
mabakalder. ofbakalSaleable, easy to sell.
mabakedunspec. var. ofbaked
mabangletunspec. var. ofbanglet
mabanglo1adjFragrant.Antmakalpot 1.1rel. wrd.banglo 1Antkalpot 1.2
mabangted1adjFor cooked rice or porridge to be hard or dry.Belag ta masabor tang linogaw mo, mabangted. Your rice porridge is not tasty, it's too dry.Indio nakarkolo, ge-ley tang natabawo, animan mabangted tang dinongkolo.I didn't estimate well, I added too little water, so my cooked rice ended up hard and dried out. Antmalogaw 1.1rel. wrd.mategat 1Antlogaw 1.1
mabelat1adjHeavy to lift, carry, or bear.rel. wrd.belat2 1Antmalakan 1.1
mabelat ong nem11exprEmotionally difficult to do something (lit. heavy on the emotions).Mabelat ong nem ang tomabido ong nio tenged teta agintirimiseno nio.It is difficult for me to go along with you because you often tease me.
mabelat ong nem2der. ofnemEmotionally difficult to do something. situation.Inayo mga onopay ma-tangan ong ori tang taw ang mapinagtalaken.I really don't know what the future situation in the end times will be for a person who is a sinner.Onora lamang bato ay mabetangan tang mga taw ong ori mga lobot da tang irilawen?What do you suppose will be the future situation of people in the end when all the fish and edible shells have been wiped out?rel. wrd.magintang 1.1pagkabetang2 1
māboat1adjLong.Ang ta-bayan nira ay māboat animan poiding ita-bay tang tanan ang sinalpoan ang mga kolton.Their clothesline is long therefore all the laundered blankets can be hung up on it.Antdipot 1.2rel. wrd.aboat1 1
māboat ta apen1id. ofapenPatient, not easily irritated (lit. having a long fishing line).
māboat ta apen21adjPatient, not easily irritated (literally, having a long monofilament fishing line).Ang taw ang māboat ta apen, gapagparoros.A person whose fishing line is long is able to be tolerant.Antdipot tang apen2 1.1ov. syn.mapinasinsiaen2der. ofpasinsiaparoros 2.1
māboat ta dilak1id. ofdilakTalkative, or backbiting, gossipy (lit. a long tongue).
māboat ta dilak21adjTalkative; backbiting; gossipy (literally, having a long tongue).ov. syn.diwal 2.1libak 1tsismis 1tsismosader. oftsismisov. syn.matongaden1 1.1
māboat ta kalima1id. ofkalimaA thief (lit. a long hand).
māboat ta kalima21adjAlways taking, stealing things (literally, his/her arm is long).ov. syn.takaw 1
māboat ta pagirisipen11adjBroadminded; open-minded (literally, his/her thinking is long).Antdipot ta pagirisipen2id. ofpagirisipen2