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na1var.nani21dem. prnThis; this one (close to speaker).Na tang galiagano.This one is the one I like.
na2var. ofnarin1
na2var.narin211.1adv. locHere (close to speaker and hearer).Anda ra kay makomito na. I won't be able to catch anything more here. 1.2dem. prnThis; this one here (close to speaker and hearer).I-dol mo na ong ari mo.Give this to your younger sibling.
na31pers. prnHis; her; its (denotes possession).Nalobot da tang koarta na. His money is all gone.ov. syn.nandia 1.2
na41pers. prnHe; she; it.Ge-ley lamang tang nakomit na oman pinabakal na palá tang tanan.He only caught a few fish and then he sold them all.Teleken mo tang kambing mo! Na-led da ong solar amen ig mandian agganglaben na tang mga rosaso!Look at your goat! It has come into our yard and now it is chewing my flowers!ov. syn.nandia 1.3
na51rel. prnLinks a relative phrase to a noun; That; which; who.Ang taw na indi gatakong magpatawad, indi ka tanandia patawaden.A person who doesn't know how to forgive, neither will he be forgiven.synang3 1.1nga2 1.1
na61complComplementizer linker; that; to.Angay inaning mo na anda tarin tanandia?Why did you say that he is not here?synang4 1.1nga3 1.1
na-1nā-1pfxv. affpfxPast tense, actor focus abilitative.Ang lali indi nāsikad animan nadēp nira.The man could not run therefore they were able to catch him.
na-21pfxv. affpfxPast tense, undergoer focus abilitative.Yading nakomit nira ang pagpatondi.They were able to catch a lot of fish with hooks and lines.Nakanteng tang dinongkol.The rice accidentally burned. Nalasik tang porontong na.His shorts happened to rip.
na--an1v. affPast tense, undergoer or goal focus abilitative.Natalpoan da tang lambong mo.Your clothes have already been washed.
nabalEng1nA navy boat or ship.
nabontokan ta linawaid. oflinawaTo die (literally, for one's breath to be snapped in two).
na-daunspec. var. ofma-da
naet1nA strand of hair, thread, etc.Ig yamo, maski ngani ang mga naet tang boa mi, gata-wanan tang Dios ang pirapang tanan.And as for you, even the strands of your hair, God knows how many they all are.
nag-1pfxv. affpfxPast tense, actor focus.Nagboat tanira ta kasilias agod indi moltan.They built an outside toilet so they wouldn't be fined.
nag--an1v. affPast tense, actor focus reciprocal.Angay nagsoayan amo tang logod mo talabi?Why did you and your brother fight with each other last night?
nagig-1pfxv. affpfxPast tense, social affix.Nagigampango ra ong nandia.I've already spoken to him.
nagka-1pfxv. affpfxPast tense, actor focus.Nagkagolo tang mga taw asing pagátako nirang may sirok.The people made a commotion when they learned there was a fire.
nagoas1nCalf-length half-slip with a scalloped-lace edge.Nontokaw kadamelan ang mga mepet pamagtok ta nagoas. Long ago most of the older women wore calf-length half-slips. ov. syn.hapislip 1.1rel. wrd.hapislip 1.1kamison 1.2
Nagparti tang eyep tang mageyep.say. ofeyepThe wind changed the direction of its blowing. (Meaning, he/she changed his/her mind.)
nailonEngvar.naylon1nNylon. (The term can also refer to monofilament fishing line.)ov. syn.tamsi 1.2
nakanakā1adv. locHere; right here (close, specific location).Naka lamang ong baybay pinlek tang ayep ang patay.Just right here on the beach is where the dead animal was thrown out.rel. wrd.takarin 1.1
na-kaw daov. syn.patay 1.2
nakomitan ta linawaid. oflinawaTo collapse; to have one's breath knocked out (lit. taken away.)
na-launspec. var. ofpela