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ovar. ofobin
-o1sfxpers. prnsfxI; me; my.Paningo atan ong nindio malagat ang apon.I will come there to your place later this afternoon.May istoriao para ong nioI have a story for you.Nabayadano ra tang otango ong nandia.I have already been able to pay my debt to him.Inalato tang kirong asi, sigoro may mga ana na.That dog bit me (or, I was bitten by that dog), maybe it has puppies.Balampa risibieno nira ong pamilia nira.I hope they will receive me into their family.Inita mo tang anloyo? Have you seen my comb?Ang sambalilō, boat ong bori.My hat is made of woven bori leaves.rel. wrd.yen 1yen 1.1yo 1.1rel. wrd.ta7 1.1yen 1
obad1vtTo untie or unwrap something; for something to become untied.Obaden mo kay naning be-ket tang porta para mābrian.Please untie the string from the door so it can be opened.Naobad tang teked tang baboy na ong agke-kedan na.The tether of his pig became untied from the place it was attached to.ov. syn.tabed2 1.1tolbad 1.12To take clothes off; to become naked.Obaden mo ra kay tang lambong mo agod indi make-ketan ta osto.Take off your clothes so they don't get real dirty.ov. syn.lebat 1.1loat 1
obakan1nA type of medium-sized fish, white with pink stripes, small black dots near the tail, and whiskers near the mouth.rel. wrd.malaponsi 1.1
obas1nGrape. (This is spelled ubas in Tagalog and is of Spanish origin. However, the English word 'grape' seems to be better understood by Agutaynens.)
obay1vtTo walk or run, following the edge of something; to come across something while walking along; to walk around holding on to the edge of something.Kada damal-damal si Tatay pangobay tang baybay pagdilem ta ayong dagta.Every morning Father walks along the edge of the beach looking for wood that has been washed up.Ta, onopay naobayan mo?So, what did you come across? (i.e. while following the edge of the beach).Ang molang ba-long pagadal ang papanaw pangobay-obay ong bangko.A child just learning to walk holds on to the edge of benches.
obi1nA root crop similar to a yam, but having violet flesh. (This is spelled ube in Tagalog. The real Agutaynen word is bagonaw. These yams are very good to eat when boiled with coconut milk.)synbagonaw 1.1rel. wrd.agonan 1
obinvar.o1conjOr.Magbalika lamang malagat-lagat obin andamal.Just return later on today or tomorrow.Ta, tomabida ong yen obin indi?So then, will you come along with me or not?Onopay galiagan mo, kapi obin tsa?Which would you like, coffee or tea?ov. syn.osia 1.1
obispo1nA bishop.
obit-obit11.1statTo resemble another person in appearance or actions.Ang ana na magkaobit-obit ni nanay na.Her child really resembles her mother.Si Maria ay magkaobit-obit ni Ana maski ong pagparanawen.Maria resembles Ana even in how she walks.1.2statFor two people to look similar to each other.Ang magkatawa pagobit-obitan ka tang itsora nira.The married couple, their faces look similar.ov. syn.kaning-aning 1.1
obligasion1nObligation.Obligasion tang tatang ginikanan ang magpādal ong ana na.It is the obligation of a parent to educate their child.ov. syn.katengdanan 1.1
obong11.1viFor something to be heaped up in a mound or piling up to overflowing.Pisan da siang minobong ong planggana tang taralpoan mo.The clothes you have to wash have really piled up in the washbasin.1.2vtTo fill something up in a container until it is heaping.Paobongon mo mga paggantanga ta kasoy.Fill up to heaping when you measure cashews.Antkalis 1.1
obra11.1nWork; job; labor; employment.Mga ong balay mi anday obra mo, dapat ong doma india magtamad.If you don't have any work at your house, with regards to others you should not be lazy (i.e. to help them with their work).1.2vTo do work; to work on something; to repair something; to make something.Dorong pamagobra ta balay mga timpong makinit.Many people are working on houses when it's hot season.Belag ta asi tang agpaobrao ong nio, way asi.That's not what I'm having you work on, look, it's that over there.ov. syn.ayos 1boat 1ov. syn.ikakao-ya2 5.1der. ofo-yamanigobra2der.nov. syn.obribros nolobraender.n
obribros1nWorkers; day laborers.ov. syn.manigobra1 1.1manigobra2der. ofobra
obrirosder. ofobraWorkers, laborers.
obrong1vi., vtFor a bird or insect to perch on something; for a chicken to roost on something.Ang boyong-boyong minobrong ong rosas ming alenget don ong talamban.The wasp has perched on your roses there close to the window.Mga labi ang mga mano gobrong tarin ong katep tang kosina.At night the chickens roost here on top of the kitchen roof.synborong 1.1rel. wrd.borong 1.1dapo1 1togpo1 1.1paobrongan1der.n
odak1viTo lie down anywhere, usually in an unsuitable place.Ang taw ang gabaleng maski ong aripa modak da lamang tenged indi ra kaya nang molik.A person who is drunk will just lie down anywhere because he is no longer able to go home.Angay atana ra lamang minodak ong da-tal ang lebay?Why have you just laid down there on the wet floor?synibok 1.1ov. syn.lobog 1.2
odio111.1nComedian; a humorous person who enjoys teasing others or making them laugh.rel. wrd.imod 1makaimod 11.2vtTo tease others; to play jokes on others, make them laugh.Indio kay odioan mo, taning molā!Please don't play jokes on me, you child!A-ing, magalina tani, india kay magodio ong yen.Little Girl, go away, don't tease me.ov. syn.intirimis 1.2pilio 1.2
odio2unspec. var.hodio1nA bad or evil person.ov. syn.Judio 1.1Satanas 2.1
odok1nPiglet.rel. wrd.baboy 1.3barako 1belkan 1
ogak1nCrow; raven.Ang mga boto tang mano lobot ang singkeb tang mga ogak. All the baby chicks were entirely snatched up and eaten by crows.Indio pelden mo, belago ta ogak! Don't scare me, I'm not a crow!
ogali11.1n., advNatural state; ordinary way; naturally.Pagonat tang taw tang kalima na, nabalik ka kaman ong ogali. When the man stretched out his hand, it indeed returned to its natural state.Nangana tanandia ong ogali lamang, indi inopiran.She gave birth naturally, she wasn't operated on.ov. syn.natoral 1.11.2exprIf it were possible, natural to...Ogali pa lamang talsi paranawen, sigoro indio ra magsakripisyo ang magtoka ong motor.If it were possible to walk on the ocean maybe I wouldn't have to suffer in throwing up on a boat.Ogali pa lamang ang taw ang patay poiding boien, mandian ang oras ang na ay boienong lagi.If it were possible to raise the dead, right now at this very moment I would raise him immediately.ov. syn.kalidad 1.1rel. wrd.ordinario 1.12expr2.1nCharacter; conduct, habits of a person; behavior; traits.Tanandia, ang ogali na anday sayod.As for him, his character is bad.Belag ta ogali tang manango ang magigistoria ong kamalay.It's not the habit of my older sister to start conversations with the neighbor.ov. syn.kostombri 1.12.2viTo act habitually in a certain way; to display certain habits.Yawang molā, india kay magogali ta maning atan, anday sayod tang taw ang ispotan.You child, please don't act like that, a selfish person is not a nice person.3vivTo have made something one's habit or custom; to be accustomed to.Naogaliano ra ang indi pamangan kada damal-damal.I've already made it my habit not to eat in the morning.kaogalian2der.var.kinaogalian1ov. syn.toromanen1 1der. oftomantoromanen2 n
ogat111.1nMidrib of a plant.Mama-dolo rin ta ogat ta bori ang ipamaodo.I'll ask for some bori midribs for making thatched shingles.Nagaloto ta ogat ta nioy para boatenong silig.I stripped the coconut midrib to make a broom.1.2vtTo strip leaves from a midrib.Ogatan mo tang boring pinakaldaw, mamaod ita ra rin.Strip the leaves off the bori that has been dried in the sun, we will make some roofing shingles.ov. syn.alot 1.1rel. wrd.alot 1.1raot 1.1
ogat21nVein.Angay ang mga ogat ong bisit mo pisan ang pagkiritot?Why are the veins in your calf really puckered and bulging?Nagtakano ta tang sakong belat, pagsit da tang boko-bokō, sigoro nagkibit tang ogato. I carried a heavy sack of rice, my back hurts, maybe my veins have been sprained.rel. wrd.banaw 1.1lo-lot 1.1panage-tep ong kaogatanid.expr
ogat31vtTo wash dishes, vegetables, hands, or feet, etc.Ogatan mo kang lagi tang golay ba-lo geret-gereten mo.First wash the vegetables before cutting them up.rel. wrd.banaw 1lo-lot 1inogat2der.norogatander.nDoro sing orogatan, makaerep.There are so many things to wash again, it's irritating.palangogatan1der.n