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pa11.1ptlYet; still; additionally; what's more; moreover.Indi pa gatapos tang obra nira.Their work is not yet finished.Tarin pa tanandia, indi pa magalin.He is still here, he hasn't left yet. Masabor tang pamangan don. Barato pa. The food there is delicious. What's more, it's cheap.Ig tata pa, anday magpelek ta linget ong baybay.And one thing more, no one should throw trash out on the beach.Aroy, kabael da ka rin tang yan, napalpat pa! Oh, that fish was so big and moreover it got away!rel. wrd.da1ra2da1 1.11.2ptlMoreover; besides; since, especially since.Pandaman mo tang plantsan, may mola pa man ang ge-ley.Be careful with the iron, especially since there's a small child around here.rel. wrd.man1 1rel. wrd.man1 1paman 1.1ra2 1.1
pa-11pfxv. affpfxCausative affix.Patabidan amo yen mga matapos tang obra mi.I will let you come along if you finish your work.May ipaitao ong nio.I have something to show you (lit. cause you to see). Magpaorip tanira tang katep nira ba-lo tagkokoran.They will have their roof repaired before rainy season.Ayra bato tang agpapamakaleno ta bolong, indi ra nabalik?Where is that person I sent to buy medicine, hasn't he returned yet?Nalobot tang koarta na ong pagpaboat na tang balay nira.His money was all used up in having their house built.
pa-21pfxdirection affpfxTo, towards; go, go to.Maliwag ang magbisiklita mga ang dalan patakat. It's difficult to peddle a bicycle if the road goes uphill. Tanoapa pamuerto? When are you going to Puerto [Princesa City]?
pababakunspec. var. ofbabak
pabagbag1viTo keep silent while being questioned; to lower oneself, not answer back or retaliate.Mo-ya ra lamang napabagbag da ka tang sabat, may ge-ley nagsontokan da rin.It was good that he didn't answer back or they would have gotten into a fist fight.Ang ari na inding pisan pabagbag ong manang na.Her younger sister doesn't at all keep silent to her older sister (i.e. she always has an answer).Antbatok 1.3sabat 1rel. wrd.pababakbabakpaebes 1palepe 1
pabakal1vtTo sell something.Pinabakal amen da tang baboy amen tenged kaministiran amen ta koarta.We've already sold our pig because we needed money.Antbakal 1ov. syn.baligia 1.1tinda 1.1ov. syn.patoli 1.1toli 1.1rel. wrd.bakal 1prisio 1.2
pabalabagunspec. var. ofbalabag
pabalonid. ofbalonReferring to something other than food to be taken home.
pabanglo1der. ofbangloPerfume.
pabanglo21Fragrance; perfume.vtTo put something on as perfume.Onopa tang pinabanglo mo? Parti ka tang ongaw na.What did you put on as perfume? Its smell is really different.
pabasi-basiov. syn.langgit 2.1
pa-bat111.1nYield from a rice field; the amount of rice harvested, usually measured in cavans. (See kaban.)Masinlo tang pa-bat amen mandian.Our yield from the rice harvest is good this year.1.2vtThe rice harvested, measured in cavans; the yield from an amount sown.Pirapay napa-bat mi ong koma mi?How much (i.e. how many cavans) were you able to harvest from your rice fields?Kininit asing pagborak tang mga paray, animan korang tang napa-bat amen.The weather became very hot when the rice was forming the grain heads, therefore the amount we were able to harvest was lacking.Ang tinogda amen tang gantang, piro napa-batan amen ta tolong pasong.What we sowed was one gantang measure of rice seed, but what we harvested from that was three cavans (kaban).
pa-bat2der. oftebat1Yield from a rice harvest, usually measured in cavans. (See kaban.)
pabatang1vtTo set out a fishing net with an anchor in deep water. (The net is left there overnight and then the fisherman returns to it the next day to check for a catch of fish.)Ang panting pinabatango talabi ay tinarak ta pambot.The fishing net I set out last night was run over by a pumpboat.ov. syn.aria 1.1ta-tak1 1.1palagpabatangder.nBelag ta palagpabatang mga malangeb, malasik ka lamang tang panti.When the sea is rough, it's not the time for setting out fishing nets as they might become ripped.
pabaya11.1vtTo neglect something, to not be dutiful in watching something or someone; to ignore a person or a situation; to allow, let someone to have their way.Ang bebe-lad ang yan sigoro pinabayan da lamang, animan inorab ta kiro.The fish laid out to dry perhaps was neglected, that's why it was eaten by a dog.Angay agpabayan mo tang mga bisita ta? Sapeten mo ka!Why are you ignoring our visitors? Entertain them!Ho, pabayano lamang tang pamagbitala ong yen.Oh, I'll just ignore those gossiping about me.Pabayan mo lamang tanandia ang tomabid ong barkada na, total bakasion da.Just let him go along with his friends, after all it's vacation time.Antbantay1 1intindi 1sapet 1ov. syn.kosintir 1.1samang-samang 1.11.2adj., advNeglectful, irresponsible, or lazy.Pabaya tanandia ong obra na animan binitalan tang amo na.He was neglectful with his work therefore he was scolded by his boss.rel. wrd.tamad 11.3viTo be neglectful; to ignore or be unaware of the time or what is happening; to waste time, to dillydally.India magpabaya-baya, itaben maori ita ong motor.Don't dillydally, we might be late for the boat.ov. syn.linday-linday 1.11.4exprNever mind; it doesn't matter.ov. syn.kisibaya 1Antamblig 1.1andam 1.1ta-ling 1.1ov. syn.baliwala 1.2baya1 1.1rel. wrd.agoanta 1.1donong 2.1kosintir 1oko 1.1prosigir 1.1
pabelagunspec. var. ofpalbag
pabetang1nOpinion, estimation of a person or situation.Onopay pabetang mo tong yen? Ilintirimisen?What's your opinion of me? Am I just a joke?Ang pabetang tang mga taw ong nandia, tatang dayador.Peoples' opinion of him is that he's a cheater.ov. syn.isip 1.2
pabetang tavar.ipabetang ta1exprLet's suppose...; Let's imagine...; Let's say for example...Pabetang ta lamang, mga indi tanandia mandeg ong iliksion onoray obra na?Let's just suppose, if he doesn't win in the election what will his work be?Ipabetang ta, mga komoran indi ita padayon ang pabokid.For example, if it rains we won't go to the farm after all.ov. syn.alimbawa 1.1
pabilo11.1nWick of a lamp.Para-letan da tang pabilo tang kingki, māreng da.It's time to change the wick in the little lamp, it's already dim.1.2vtTo twist cloth into a wick.Pabiloan mo kay tang kingki.Please twist a cloth for a wick for the small lamp.
pabilogon1nWaxing gibbous moon. (This is almost a full moon).rel. wrd.bolan1 1
Pāboaten mo tang apen mo.1say. ofaboat1Make your monofilament line long. (Meaning, be patient).
Pāboaten mo tang apen mo.2say. ofapenMake your monofilament fishing line long. (Meaning, be patient).
pabor11.1nFavor.1.2vtTo give, do a favor for someone.India magpabor ong taw ang tamadan.Don't do a favor for a person who is lazy.ov. syn.pangaraba 1.1tabang 1palaborander.nA person who is easily done favors for.Belag ta palaboran tang taw ang ispotan.A person who is stingy is not one who is easily done favors for.