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ra1var. ofda1
ra2var.da11ptlAlready; now; about to.Asia ra tang ki-lep, sigoro dorog ka-leg tang koran.There are clouds already, maybe it will rain hard.Lampasoan ta kay tang da-tal, doro rag kaboling tenged ong koran.Let's mop the floor, it is really dirty now because of the rain.Lotok da tang yan, mamangan ita ra. The fish is already done, let's eat now. rel. 1
rabanos1nA large, elongated radish, white in color; horseradish. (These radishes are made into what Agutaynens call salad. They are sliced up and mixed with onions, salt, and vinegar. They are used in various cooked dishes such as sinigang.)
rabisEng1nRabies.rel. wrd.boang1 1.1
rabon1vtTo toss, throw out things like trash, broken items, etc.; to throw out something in disgust which is still good or useful.Indi ra maldot ang mamangan ta kamait animan rinabon na lamang.She can no longer chew corn to eat it so she just threw it out in disgust. Indi kay rabonan mi ta linget tang kanal.Please don't use the canal as a place for throwing out trash.ov. syn.banggil 1.1pelek 1.1
rabongunspec. var.marabong11.1adjDense, lush foliage; very shady.Marabong tang ayo ang pinasirongan amen.The tree we took shelter under was very shady. Karabong-rabongan da tang daon tang golay poidi rang ipabakal.The leaves of the vegetables are already lush, they can be sold now.1.2vi., vtFor a plant to produce lush, luxuriant foliage or fruit; to wait or allow a plant to produce many leaves.Mga manrabong da ngani tang kalamonggay mo olday ka ta golayeno.When your horseradish tree already has many leaves, please give some to me for a vegetable.Parabongon mo kang lagi tang daon tang kamosi ba-loa mandol.First allow the cassava leaves to grow luxuriantly before giving them to anyone.2vi., vtviFor love to grow, become greater.Monopa manrabong tang paggegma ta tatang babay ong nio mga yawa india ka paggegma ong nandia?How will a girl's love for you grow if you don't love her?3viadjExaggerated speech; flowery speech.Ang taw ang naka mga mamalita doro karabong. That person, when he talks it is very exaggerated. ov. syn.borak-borak3 1.1
rabot-rabot11.1vstatFor a woven blanket or mat to become unraveled, with threads pulling out.Ang koltono rabot-rabotan da tenged asing pagpanalpō, kinoskosano.My blanket has threads pulled out because when I washed it, I brushed it hard.ov. syn.begtat 1.11.2vstatFor a woven mat or basket to have small thread-like pieces left along the edges, i.e. not smooth.Ang inobra mong amek rabot-raboton. Your weaving of the mat has small thread-like pieces left along the edges.
radioponoEng1nRecord player; phonograph.
radyovar. ofradio
rakelvar. ofdakel
rambay-rambay1nFringe or tassles on a garment.
rambol11.1adjFor things to be all mixed up, not in order; messy; a mob, group of people.Ang mga gamit ong kosina pirming rambol, anday mātakong mangimes.The things in the kitchen are always a mess, no one knows how to put them back in place.Indi ra mata-wanan mga sinopay pamagsoayan tenged rambol. No one can tell who is actually fighting because it's a mob. ov. syn.bola-tak 1golo1 1karambola 1.1wasag 11.2viFor people to fight in a mob; to riot.Namagrambol tang mga kabatan don ong plasa talabi.The teenagers were rioting there in the plaza last night.rel. wrd.bola-tak 1wagwag1 1.2
ramegunspec. var. ofmarameg-rameg
ranas1vi., vtTo experience something.Naranasano rang magpanaw palibot ong Agutayan.I have experienced walking all around Agutaya.ov. syn.pasar1 1.1samit 2.1
ranek1vi., vtFor something to cave in, collapse; for something to be caved in by something falling on it.Indi amo mamondo ong ta-paw tang lamisan, madali rang romanek. Don't stand on top of the table, it will easily collapse. Riminanek da tang balay amen tenged gabok da tang tongkod na.Our house collapsed because the support post underneath was already rotten.Asing pagpamagio, ang balay amen narangkan tang nioy ang natomba.When there was a typhoon, our house was caved in by the coconut tree that fell on it.ov. syn.lebek2 1.12viFor food to settle in a person's stomach after eating; to allow one's food to settle, digest a bit.Mga naraneka ra, manoroa kay don ta wi.If your food has already settled, please go draw some water.Lagat-lagato ra tomakat ong koma, paraneko kang lagi.I'll go up to the farm a bit later, I'll let my food digest first.rel. wrd.tonaw 2.1
ranggoEng1nRank; position.
raot1vtTo strip bamboo of its leaves, clean and split it into narrow, smooth strips to be used for weaving.Raotan mo kang lagi tang kawayan ang boaten mong lino.First clean and split the bamboo into narrow strips that you will use for making a rice winnowing basket.rel. wrd.alot 1.1ogat1 1
rapak1nLeather sandals or flipflops made from the hide or skin of animals.Ang rapak na nagalin ong olit ta karabao.His leather sandals are made from the hide of a water buffalo.rel. wrd.bakia 1.1sapatos 1.22Homemade fins or flippers made of wood or hard plastic, used by fisherman for diving down deep.
rapa-rapa1nSole of the foot.rel. wrd.bol 1.1
ra-rat11.1viFor cloth to tear, rip; for clothing to be torn or worn out to the point of being useless, except as rags.Aroy! India kay bomarakat atan ong kodal, itaben mara-rat tang porontong mo.Oh no! Please don't straddle the fence there, your shorts might become ripped. 1.2vtTo rip something up, or rip into two or more pieces.Ra-raten ta ra lamang tang boaten tang trapo, anda kay gonsing ta.Let's just rip up what we'll make into a rag since we don't have a scissors.ov. 1.1ba-bak 1.2lasik 1.2
raros1viFor a fire to spread; for something to be burned by a fire spreading.Tāboan mi tang apoy agod indi ra romaros tani ong dobali.Throw water on the fire so that it does not spread here to the other side.Asing nagtolpok tang kamalay amen tang koma nira, rinaros asta ang koma amen.When our neighbor burned her field, our field was also burned by the spreading fire.synlalab 1.1ov. syn.dalot 1.2
rasa1nA particular ethnic race; bloodline.ov. syn.dinogoan2 2.1der. ofdogodogo 1lahi 1.1rel. wrd.dogo 1inampo 1.1irinsia 1.1lahi 1
rasionEng11.1nRations. (This usually refers to food rations donated by the government for undernourished children.)Yading rasion ang kiminabot para ong mamolang korang ta simbang.Many rations have arrived for children who are underweight.1.2vtTo give or receive donated food for children.
raskal11.1adjRambunctious, as of a small child who is always jumping around, misbehaving; disruptive.Dorog karaskal si Dodoy, pirming sinikad.Dodoy is very rambunctious, he is always running here and there.ov. syn.peleg 1.1rawraw 2.11.2vi., vtTo misbehave; to act up; to disturb someone.India magraskal ong yen tenged aggaporaeno naning gobraeno.Do not disturb me because I am hurrying to finish this thing I'm working on.ov. syn.aras-aras 1.1garo-garo 1.1rel. wrd.kambong 1.1rawraw 12adjFor work to be rushed or poorly done; a rush job.Teta ang obra mo raskal.Sometimes your work is just a rush job.ov. syn.rawraw 1.1rawraw 1.2rawraw 2.1