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ya1var.yay11.1dem. prnThis; the very one. (Refers to what was just previously mentioned and emphasizes certainty or identity.)Ya ra lamang ay masayodo ong nio.This then is all I have to tell you.Ang rilong narin, yay ang agtōkono asing nagke-keb ami.This watch is the very one I was wearing when we capsized.1.2exprWhich is which?
ya21exprHere (said when handing something to someone).Ya, nani ra tang binletanong gonsing mo.Here, here are your scissors which I borrowed.
ya-1pfxord. num. prefixpfx(See the Appendices for a list of the Agutaynen cardinal, ordinal, and distributive numbers.)Ang yadoang ana nira maistra ra mandian.Their second child is a teacher now.Ya-lo rang bisis ang nagbaliko ong balay mi piro anday taw ang kinabotano.It's now the third time I've gone back to their house but I didn't encounter any people.
ya ka1exprAlso; too; similarly; likewise.Yo ya ka kaboay da tang elato ong soildo.As for me I also have waited a long time for my paycheck.ov. syn.maning ka ta si 1.1
yabeng-yabeng1viFor a part of the body to become slightly swollen, or slightly inflamed.Teta panyabeng-yabeng tang tōdo tenged ong rioma.Sometimes my knee is slightly swollen because of rheumatism.ov. syn.arok 1.1simpeng 1.1
yabo-yabo1nAn animal found in the tidal area similar to a sea cucumber. (It is green but when stepped on expresses a violet fluid. The eggs look like noodles and can be eaten raw with vinegar.)rel. wrd.balat1 1
yadi11.1adjMany; lots of something.Yading sikad-sikad ang pinisik nirang nanilaw tenged ipabakal nira.They gathered many sikad-sikad shells in tide pooling because they will sell them.Monopag kayadi tang nālap ming kasoy?How many cashews were you able to pick?Antge-ley 1.3malaka 1ov. syn.dakel 1.1doro 1.21.2n., adjLarge number of people; a large crowd.Indi magigo tang binakal ming pamangan, ang kayayadien ming asia?The food you bought won't be enough for everyone, isn't it that you are so very many there?Kayayadien tang mga taw, ang tambilog ang baka indi magigo.The people are very many, one cow won't be enough for all.Ong kayayadien ta taw ong plasa, monopa matoman mong lagi tang ana mo?In the large crowd of people in the plaza, how will you be able to immediately find your child?ov. syn.kadamelan 1karakelan2 11.3viTo become many; to increase in number; to multiplyNamakal ami ta mga manong lo-lokan para manyadi tang ki-yoy amen.We bought laying hens so our eggs will become many. Aroy, nayadian da ka tang kinomitong anen, indio ra malobot.Oh my, the rice I took has really become a lot, I won't be able to finish it all.1.4vtTo cause, allow something to increase, multiply.Payadien mo tang dongkolon mo tenged may bisitang mamangan tarin.Increase the amount of rice you will cook because there are visitors who will eat here.rel. wrd.pirapa 1.2
yaga-yaga1archarchaicadvPretending; teasing.India magini-yak, yaga-yaga ka lamang tang aka mo.Don't cry, your elder sister is just teasing. Inledan da tang mola ang apayoyoano tang palo, piro yaga-yagao ka lamang.The child I was shaking the stick at became scared, but I was just pretending.ov. syn.konoari 1.2
yaho1nFish paste which is made from anchovy fish, dilis, and large quantities of salt. (The fish is mixed with the salt and then placed in a container until it ferments. The fish paste is eaten with rice and vegetables. It is called yaho in Agutaynen and bagoong dilis in Tagalog.)synginamet 1.1rel. wrd.ipon 1.1
yamen11.1pers. prnUs (exclusive); our (exclusive).Andamal tomabid amo ong yamen. Tomorrow come along with us. 1.2nOur place, our house.Malagat ang apon paning amo ong yamen. Later this afternoon come to our house. 1.3pers. prnWe (exclusive).Agpangadi amo yamen ong tanan ang oras.We are praying for you at all times.rel. wrd.amen 1
yami1pers. prnWe (exclusive); us (exclusive).Yami tang nagpagoy ong nindio.We are the ones who had you summoned.Piro yami, indi ami nātabid tenged indi pa gatapos tang obra amen.But as for us, we weren't able to go along because our work wasn't finished.
yamo1pers. prnYou (plural).Yamo, indi amo magalin ong balay.As for you, don't you leave the house.Yamo tang aggelaten amen.You are the ones we've been waiting for.
yan11.1nFish. (See the Appendices for a list of fish native to the seas around Agutaya island.)Mga māyag tang bolan, maliwag ta yan tenged ang yan indi agpata-paw.When the moon is bright, fish are hard to come by because the fish don't go up to the surface.1.2viTo go fishing.Pamagyan tanira don ong Linabog.They're fishing there at Linabog.ov. syn.bila 1ov. syn.tapol 1.1rel. wrd.manigyan1 1.1manigyan2der.nsynmanigbila2 1manigbila2 1.1pagyayanender.nYading istoria na tenged ong pagyayanen. He has many stories about fishing.
yan ang pinalatander. ofpalatFish which has been filleted, leaving it with the head and bones intact along with a bit of flesh. (The flesh is usually used for fishing bait. The head and bones can be used in making a paksiw viand or daing, dried fish. The head is split in two and then dried, along with the skeleton and remaining bits of flesh.)
yangatan1nA type of shell like a baka-baka but without the spikes. (This is actually a young baka-baka.)rel. wrd.baka-baka 1.1
yanget-yanget1vstatTo perspire slightly; for a fever to break causing the person to perspire.Aroy, mo-ya agyanget-yangetan da ka rin tang anao ang dorong kinit na.Oh, it is good that my child who has a very high fever is now perspiring slightly.rel. wrd.inang 1.2
yapon1der. ofapon
yapon211.1nSupper; dinner.1.2vi., vtTo eat supper; something used for the viand for supper.Manapon ita ta māga tenged paning ita ong plasa ang temelek ta paloa.Let's eat supper early because we are going to the plaza to watch the program.Onopay ipanapon ta?What will we use for our supper?rel. wrd.baw2 1.2iramal 1.2mirinda 1.2
yardaEng1nYard (measurement of length equaling 36 inches or 91 centimeters).Pabakalay ka ta tolong yardang garter.May I buy three yards of elastic garter.rel. wrd.mitro 1.2pi 1.1pi 1.1polgada 1polgada 1.1polgada 1.1sintimitro 1.1sintimitro 1.1
yatat1nBreast milk.Ang babay ang ba-long napangana, dapat manginem ta pamegat para manyadi tang yatat na.A woman who has just given birth should drink boiled medicinal leaves so that her breast milk will be a lot.rel. wrd.gatas 1.2
yaten1pers. prnUs (inclusive); our (inclusive).Balampa may i-dol na ong yaten. Hopefully he has something to give us. Masine-bekanen tang yaten ang Dios.Our God is very merciful.
yawa1pers. prnYou (singular).Yawa tang pinilik nirang magimong rayna.You are the one they've chosen to be queen.Yawa si.You'll be next.syn-a 1.1
yawa-yawavar.yaway-yawa1nLarvae of mosquitoes found in water.

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