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a1unspec. var.ha2interjHaAh so...A, na sigoro tanandia tang nangomit tang koartao.Ah so, this one perhaps is the one who took my money.
a2var. ofha1tag quesUsed like a tag question at the end of a sentence, this is similar to saying 'ha?' or 'okay?' in English.India magbeg ong doma, a? Don't tell anyone else, okay?
-apers. prnsfxkaYou (singular).Tomabida ong yamen?Are you going to come with us?Yateda yen?Shall I escort you? antyawa
abainterjAbaInterjection of surprise or happiness; Oh my!; Wow!Mabalik ami don, aba! May atan ang ga-ked!When we returned there, oh my! There was something in the snare!Aba! Ang komidiang pinaloa nira ay dorog kambeng.Wow! The comedy they put on was a lot of fun.rel wdabaw
abagatn1timogSouthwest monsoon wind; south or southwest direction.Mga abagat tang mageyep mababael tang langeb mga pamagio.When the wind is from the southwest, the waves are big if there's a typhoon.This term includes south, south-southwest, and south-southeast directions. The monsoon wind brings rain and starts mid-May and continues until early October. It is normally a gentle, breezy wind unless there is a typhoon.rel wdkoliada 12abagat ang mato-lidtimogDirectly south, from the south.rel wdAbagatkambian 1
Abagatprop. nThe name of a barangay located in the south-southwest part of a town.rel wdabagat 1Cambian
abakanabakaAbaca hemp, used to weave clothing, ropes, mats, baskets, etc.In other places, abaca was used in the past to weave clothing, ropes, etc. However on Agutaya the magi plant was used since abaca does not grow on Agutaya.rel wdmagi
abang1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo intentionally block a path by getting in the way or putting up a barrier; to use something as a barricade.Inabangan ami tang mga baleng don ong may kanto.We were blocked by the drunk men there on the corner.Indi ita mata-lib ong karsada, may paggabang ang ayong mabael.We can't pass by on the street, there's a large wooden barricade there.2vt2.1To set out a fishing net as a barricade or trap for fish.Nagpābang ka rin tanira tang panti talabi, anda kang pisan ay natapol.They set out the fishing net last night, but nothing at all was trapped.3vt3.1To wait, watch for something that will come by.Magabango ra tang motor.I'll watch for the motorboat.
abanti1viActor: abantilakadTo advance, move, or walk forwards; to leave, to "take off".Ala, abanti amo ra, asia ra paman tang koran!Go on, take off, there comes the rain!antatrassolong 1.22vtUndergoer: i- Goal: -ansulongTo move a vehicle or a boat forward; to move something forward, increasing the space or distance; to move up the date of something.Yabanti mo ta ge-ley tang motor para indi mabonggo ong bato.Move the boat forward a bit so it won't hit the rocks.Abantian mo kay ta tang depa tang agboaten mong gardin agod magla-bang la-bang ka ig yading maloak.Please move forward by an arms-span the garden you are making so that it will become a bit wider and you can plant more in it.Inabanti tang mga kagawad tang pista tenged may komabot ang bisita nira.The barangay councilors moved up the date of the fiesta because they have a visitor coming.antatrassolong 1rel wdatrakaboyag 1
abawinterjNaku; HayInterjection of displeasure, unhappiness, or sadness; Oh no!; Oh my!Abaw! India kay magpeleg, mabo-loga!Oh no! Don't jump around, you'll fall!Abaw! Angay bato kaliwag da ka tang pagkabetang ta?Oh my! Why do you suppose our situation is so difficult?rel wdaba
abay1viActor: Reduplication: mag--anmagkatabiFor people to sit or walk side by side; for boats to travel side by side.Pagabayan tanira tang nobia na ang papanaw ong karsada.He and his girlfriend are walking side by side down the street.ov syntepad
abay21nabayBridesmaid.Epat tang abay nang babay, poros mamaglogod.She has four bridesmaids, all sisters.2viActor: mag-To be a bridesmaid.Dorog kasinlo tang lambong ang sinok na ang nagabay. Her dress that she wore when she was a bridesmaid was very beautiful.
abdet1viActor: mag-buntis; nagdadalang taoTo be, become pregnant.Indio mata-wanan ang pagabdet tenged matambeko.No one will know I'm pregnant because I'm so fat.Dorong kaliagong pa-dek ong Kana asing pagabdeto pa, animan ang anao kolit ang pisan.I really liked looking at the American women while I was pregnant, that's why my baby has a very light complexion.Some people believe that if a pregnant woman sees a person with a defect, her child may be born with that same defect. Others say if someone laughs at a person with a defect, when they have a child of their own, it will have that defect. Conversely, a pregnant woman may stare at a pleasing characteristic of a person so that her child will also have that characteristic.rel wdtangken 12vtActor: ma- Undergoer: -anFor a man to impregnate, get a woman pregnant; for a girl or woman to become pregnant out of wedlock.Gata-wanan mo mga sinopay nābdet ong soltiras ang asi?Do you happen to know who got that young girl pregnant? Nagsinti si Nanay asing inabdetan si Manang don ong Puerto.Mother grieved when Older Sister got pregnant by someone there in Puerto [Princesa City].inabdet1der.n
abeinterjInterjection of wonderment, nostalgia; Wow!Abe, kasinlo tang bistida mo!Wow, your dress is beautiful!ov synabaabaw
abegvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enugoyTo rock a cradle; to cause a hammock to swing back-and-forth.Abegen mo tang doyan agod mapoyat sing oman tang mola.Rock the cradle so the baby will fall asleep again.rel wddoyan 1
abelunspec. var.manabel1ntelaAny piece of cloth, used for various purposes; clothing in general; coarse cloth which is woven on a loom and used to make traditional skirts or bed covers.Damdaman mo kay tang boko-boko tang mola ta abel, dorong inang na!Please place a cloth on the baby's back, she is really perspiring!ov synbenanglambong 1tila2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enhabiTo weave thread into cloth on a loom to make traditional skirts, bed covers, etc.Bakaleno ra tang aggabelen mo mga matapos.I'll buy what you are weaving when it is finished.Indio matakong manabel, ipābelo ra lamang ong ni Lola.I don't know how to weave, I'll just have it woven by Grandmother.Abeleno rin tang benang ang naboay dang agtataloko.I'll weave into cloth the cotton thread that I've had hidden away for a long time.rel wdtidal
abetnsalabay, dikyaPoisonous and nonpoisonous jellyfish.
abivar. ofbiexprakin naAn expression meaning, Here, give it here; Hand it to me.Abi, agod italoko.Hand it to me, so I'll hide it away.ov synabir 1
abi-abinA type of edible snail, oval shaped and shiny, with brown or black stripes.
a-biatvstatUndergoer: -enFor a person to have raw, chafed skin from rubbing in an area of a joint, around the neck, or between the legs.Ang molang ge-ley agga-biaten tang likel na, animan pirming pagini-yak.The baby has chafed skin around his neck, that is why he is always crying.
abilidadEngnkakayahanAbility; skill.ov synkalidadkaosayan 1der. ofosay1
abir1<Not Sure>1.1exprA somewhat polite expression meaning, Here, give it here please; Let me see please.Abir, patelekay ka tang litrato mo.Give it here please, let me see your picture.Abir, idawat mo ngani tang ged, potolono rin naning kawayan.Here, please hand me the machete, I'll cut this bamboo.2expr2.1interjCome on! Go ahead, do it!Abir, magirita kay tenged narisibia ta primio talabi.Come on, have a blowout since you received an award last night.Abir, tomayawa kay! Ganing tanira maosaya onong tomayaw.Go ahead, dance please! They say you are good at dancing.
abiriaviActor: mag-paliaFor an engine to have engine problems.Pirming pagabiria tang makina tang motor, angay inding lagi inayos mi?The engine of the boat is always having engine problems, why didn't you fix it right away?ov synpalia
abirtostatbukasOpen.Onopa, mga labi abirto tang talamban mi?At night are your windows open? antsirado 1sirado 2ov synabri 1abirto tang balayder.exprAbirto tang balay para ong nindio.You are always welcome at our house. (lit. The house is open to you.)
abirto tang balayder. ofabirtoPolite expression meaning you are welcome at a place.