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sanActor: maN-The shoot or sucker of a banana plant.; For a banana plant to develop shoots.Mga manā ra tang ponsi mo mama-dolo rin ta tang papa.When your banana plant produces shoots I would like to ask for one.The shoots come up through the ground, around the banana plant. They can be dug up once they have roots and then replanted elsewhere.
sabanA kind of cooking banana, medium to large in size.antbalayangrel wdmondo
Sabadoprop. nSabadoSaturday.
Sabado de Gloriaprop. nEaster Saturday, literally, Glorious Saturday.After the mass on Saturday evening at 10:00 p.m. the large stature, birhin, called Dolorosa (meaning 'grief' in Spanish) is taken to the plaza. The head and face of the statue are covered with a black cloth and represent the grieving mother of Jesus. It is placed up in a bamboo scaffold, along with a young girl who sings a Spanish song. While she sings, a group of people down below dance, in order to cheer up the grieving statue. This is called panolod. The dancers' faces are covered so no one knows who they are. After a while, they take off their masks and the ceremony turns into a real dance, baili with drinking.rel wdDominggo Soalawpanolod
sabat1<Not Sure>1.1nAn answer to a question; a response.Onopay sabat na?What was his answer? 1.2vi., vtTo answer a question; to respond, reply; to answer back to an elder. (This is disrespectful to do.)Sabaten mo kay tang tete-ma na mga gatakoa.Please answer her questions if you know it.Ang mola indi dapat somabat ong mga ginikanan na.A child should not answer back to his parents.antte-ma 11.3viTo argue (literally, to answer back-and-forth).Namagsabatan tang mga taw ang gangabaleng don ong kalsada, may ge-ley namagsontokan.The drunk men were arguing there at the corner and there was almost a fist fight.antpabagbagte-ma 22vi2.1vtTo be the one to answer for something; to be responsible for something; to be liable for something.Ipalbeto ong nio tang sisingo, piro mga malipat, balāng manabat ong ni Nanay.I'll let you borrow my ring but if it gets lost, it will be up to you to answer for it to Mother.anday sarabaten2der.nAnday sarabateno ong nio.I have nothing to answer to you for.
sabawan1nA kind of jackfruit which is very juicy to eat.Ang langka mi atan sabawan obin ronton?Your jackfruit tree there, is it a sabawan or a ronton type?rel wdlangkaronton
sabawan2viUndergoer: sabawanFor something to be made into soup or broth.Ang taw and pirming panggik sabawan.say.
sabay1advsabayTogether, at the same time; simultaneously; synchronized.Ang mga soltiras pamagkanta sabay ta tayaw.The young girls are singing while simultaneously dancing.Ang mga lamlam sabay-sabay ang pamansilayog.The birds are all flying together at the same time. antdengan1 22vi., vtActor: -om- Reduplication: mag--an Goal: -anTo do something together; to do something with another person so that they will not be alone.Nagsabayan aming napanaw ong bokid nongapon.We walked together to the fields yesterday.Sabayan mo ra tanandiang mamangan tenged yo anda pay ganao.Eat together with him because as for me I don't have an appetite yet.antdengan1 1ov synaroman 1
sabit11viUndergoer: ma-For something to accidentally get caught, snagged on a nail or other pointed object.Indio naita tang lansang ong bangko, nasabit tang kaliolioto. Way lasik ta kabael!I didn't see the nail on the bench, I snagged my pants. Look, the rip is very big!ov syntalangat 1ta-wit 12vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -an kabitTo hang something up on a nail or hook; to pin something on something or someone, for example, a ribbon or an amulet on a shirt.Isabit mo kay ong lansang tang kaliolioto.Please hang up my pants on a nail.Angay indi sinabit mo tang liabi ong dibabaw tang porta, mandian lipat.Why didn't you hang the key above the door, now it's lost.Ang ba-long kinasal, agsabitan ka ta koarta mintras pamagbaili.The newlyweds have money pinned onto their clothing while they dance.Ang domang mga nanay, mahilig ang magsabit ta panagang mga gege-ley pa tang ana nira.Some mothers are fond of pinning amulets on their children when they are still small.ov synkabit 1takenrel wdbitay 1ta-dangtalangat 1
sabit2viActor: ma-To unintentionally be involved in something; to be included in the blame; to be implicated.Nasabito ong pagpanakaw ta mano don ong kamalay amen.I happened to involved in stealing a chicken there at our neighbor's place.ov syndamay2omid 1
sablaynYoung, green coconut whose meat is very thin and translucent, younger than a beteng.rel wdbeteng2 1nioy 1
sablekviActor/Undergoer: sablek, gasableksabik, gusto, naisTo want something or someone badly; to covet; desire; to be greedy, hungry for something.Sableka ta atis, lebed pa, inalap mo ra?You are really hungry for custard apples, even though they aren't ripe nevertheless you picked them?Ong nio lamang A-oy, indiong pisan gasablek.As for you Little Boy, I really don't desire you at all.ov syningganiar 1takab
sablinLong sword without a sharp blade, used by army cadets in training.ov synispada 1
saboagvtActor: magpa- Undergoer: i-, ma-sabog, kalatTo spread news or gossip; for news or gossip to spread.Sinopay nagpasaboag tang balitang asing anda kay matod.Who spread that news which is not true?Nasaboag da tang balitang asi ong bilog ang Palawan.That news has already spread all over Palawan.ov synla-ted 1wasag 1
sabodnRice seedlings.Pamagbonlok ta sabod ba-lo iloak ong loloakan.They are pulling out the rice seedlings and then they will transplant them in the irrigated field.Rice seedlings are transplanted in irrigated rice fields, whereas in upland farming rice seeds are planted in a dry field.rel wdloloakan2
sabon1nsabonSoap.rel wdbodbod 12vtActor: maN-, mag- Undergoer: -onTo wash something with soap; to soap something up.Sabonon mo kay lagi tang mga lambong ba-lo bonlawan.Wash the clothes with soap and then rinse them.Manabona kang lagi tang kolo mo ba-lo siampoan mo.First wash your head with soap before you shampoo it.Pagsabon da tanandia tang taralpoan na.She is already soaping up her laundry.
saborsabór1<Not Sure>1.1adjDelicious; good tasting; tasty; tastes good.Masabor tang panlotok na tang karning kambing.The goat meat she cooked was delicious. antmalasay1.2vtTo make something delicious, good tasting.Pasaboron mo kay tang panimpla mo tang kapi.Make your mixing of the coffee taste good. 1.3vstatTo enjoy the taste of something; to find something delicious.Ang mga taw pisan ang agpanaboran tang lotokong karning kambing.The people really enjoy the taste of my dish of goat meat.1.4adjA person or animal who loves to eat, finds everything delicious to eat.Ang baboy ang ge-ley masabor ang mamangan, sia madaling manambek.The little pig loves to eat, he will quickly get fat.2adj2.1Refreshing.Masabor ang mapoyat mga malamig-lamig.It's refreshing to sleep when it is cool.3adj3.1Words, speeches that sound nice or are flowery (lit. delicious words).Ang taw ang naka dorog kasabor tang bitala na asing pagprisintar na ong ana na agod risibien tang ginikanan tang babay.This person's words were so very flowery when he presented his son so that the girl's parents would receive him.
sabot1nbalahiboPubic hair.2vstatUndergoer: -onTo develop or have pubic hair.Sabotona ra, pagpatakana pa ong nanay mo?You're already old (lit. have pubic hair), you still want your mother to carry you? (This is an expression only, as a little child of course does not yet have pubic hair.)rel wdgirem
sada1nWindow shutter; something used as a door or shutter.antabri 1bokabo-kad 1sirado 12vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -ansaraTo close a window; to shut or cover something with a lid.Sadān mo kay tang talamban, labi ra.Please close the window, it is already night.Indi sinadān mo tang kaldiro, pinangan da tang kosi tang anen.You didn't cover the pot, the cat has eaten up the rice.antabri 1bokasirado 1rel wddapa 1
sadia1advsadyaIntentional; deliberate; on purpose.Pasinsia, belag ta sadia. Sorry, it wasn't intentional. antenged2 22vtUndergoer: -enTo do something intentionally.Tanandia ay sinadiang pinasitan.She was intentionally hurt.antenged2 1rel wdpasadia 1
sadili1nSelf; oneself.Doroag kamalaerepen, indiang pisan mawid tang sadili mo. You are so easily irritated, you really don't control yourself.2expranda ong sadili naNot in his right mind (lit. not in himself).Ang taw ang asia anda ra ong sadili na, sigi lamang tang panaw.That person is no longer in his right mind, he just keeps walking around.3adjsadili, may sadilisariliOne's own.May sadili ming tanek?Do you have your own land?4vtUndergoer: -enTo keep something for oneself; to act selfishly.Mintras pamagkayam ta basketball, ang tata ong nira agsadilien na lamang tang bola.While they were playing basketball, one of them was just keeping the ball to himself. ov synaken 1ispot 15viActor: maN-To keep to oneself; to be private; self-centered; to obtain, get one's own house, vehicle, etc.; to be self-sufficient; to live independently.Ang nem na panadili, indi pagigampang-ampang.He keeps to himself, he doesn't converse with others.Para anday mabitala ong nio dapat manadilia ta balay ang istaran mo.So that nothing can be said negatively about you, you should just get your own house to live in.ov syntaw 1
sadornPitchfork; spading fork.
sagang1<Not Sure>1.1viFor something to be blocking or obstructing something, getting in the way.Indi mata-lib tang tarayan ong karsada, may ayong mabael ang pagsagang.Vehicles can't drive down the street, there's a large fallen tree blocking the way.1.2vtTo prevent or hinder someone from going somewhere; to restrain, or block someone; to separate two people who are fighting.Ganing si Jesus, "Indi sagangen mi tang mga mamolang palenget ong yen."Jesus said, "Don't prevent the children from coming to me."Belag da lamang ta naminta ang simpan ami rang paning atan, piro sinagang ami ni Satanas.More than once we were ready to go there to you, but we were hindered by Satan.Angay indi sinagang mo tang taw ang panrotos?Why didn't you block the person chasing another?Sagangen mo kay tang pamagsontokan.Please separate those people fighting.2vt2.1adjAn item, like an amulet, which has power to ward off curses and witches.To-tokon mo tang kolintat ang nani, sia may orasion na ig sagang ong mangalok.Wear this necklace because it has prayers inside and it can ward off witches.panagang2der.n
sagasavi., vtActor/Undergoer: ma- Goal: ma--ansagasaFor a boat to run aground; for a person or animal to be run over by a vehicle.Ang motor nasagasa ong kabatoan tenged malangeb.The boat ran aground on the rocks because it was so wavy.Ang kiro nasagasan tang motorsiklo tenged lolbog ong karsada.The dog was run over by the motorcycle because he was lying on the street.ov synbahora 1kapit1 1tarak1 1
sagdavtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-To kill an animal and sprinkle its blood on something in performing certain traditional rituals; a blood sacrifice.Asing timpo tang mga Israelita, pamagsagda tanira ta mga ayep ong altar don ong Timplo nira bilang bolontad ong Dios.During the time of Israelites, they sacrificed animals on the altar there in their Temple as offerings to God.Sinopay nagsagda ong logod mong nagmasit?Who made the blood sacrifice for your sibling that was sick?Blood sacrifices are still practiced, although not as commonly as in the past. When a person is sick, an animal (chicken, goat, or pig) may be killed. The life of the animal supposedly will redeem the life of the person. When a new house is finished, two white chickens are killed and the blood is sprinkled around inside the house, as payment to the spirits who own the land the house is built on.rel wdbolontad 1botod 1igsaragda2der.n