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ta1lkrLinks adverbs or demonstrative pronouns to what precedes them.Namagdiskotiran tanira ta mo-ya ba-lo namaginigoan.They really argued before agreeing.Pagatapos ta sia minolik ami ra.After that we went home.
ta2var. oftarin2adv. locHere (close general location).Sinopay agbantayan mo ta? Who are you watching for here?
ta3advThen; well then; so,so then.Ta mandian, mamagalin ami ig indi ra magbalik.So now, we left and did not return.Ta A-oy, komosta tang biahi mo?So then Little Boy, how was your trip?ov syntay4
ta4pers. prnOur (inclusive); us (inclusive); we (inclusive).Ongaypa tang ged ta? Where's our machete?Pabayan ta lamang tanandia.Let us just ignore him.Anda ray belat ta. We have no more rice.
ta5noun phrase mkrMarks an indefinite, nontopic participant.Pinalain tanandia ta mga taw.He was spoken evilly of by people.Mamakalo ta sabon may posporo.I'll buy some soap and matches.Nakomit tanandia ta bisogo.He was able to catch some bisogo fish.
ta6gen. mkrIndicates a whole-part relationship, or a possessive relationship between two nouns, one of which is usually indefinite.Ang mga ogat ta nioy agboaten ang silig.The midribs of coconut palm leaves are made into brooms.Ong bolan ta Hunyo tang pista.The fiesta is in the month of June.rel wdtang4
ta7pers. prnI. (Used only in negated verb phrases.)Maski onopay mainabo, india enged pabayan ta. No matter what happens, I will not abandon you.rel wd-oyen 1
ta rata rávar. ofmaytara2exprtayo na; tenaLet's go!Ta ra! Pagelat da tanira ong kanto.Let's go! They are already waiting at the corner.
tabad-tabadvstatUndergoer: ag--enFor a person to eat very fast, as if they are starving.Angay mga pamangana pisanang midio agtabad-tabaden?Why is it that when you eat it seems like you are starving?
tabak1nThe very sharp fin, shaped like a two-edged spear, on the back of a stingray. (It is located at the juncture of the body and tail.)2viUndergoer: ma-To be stabbed or stuck by this fin.It is extremely painful. Some people say that if a man has been stuck by the tabak fin of a stingray, he should not sit next to a woman. If he does, the pain will increase.
tabako1ntabakoTobacco.ov synmaskadarel wdopot 1pino2 1tarabakoander.nAng tarabakoan ni Lolo boat lamang ong olit ta ayep.Grandfather's tobacco container was just made of animal skin.
tabako21adjmayabangConceited; arrogant; proud; boastful.Dorog katabako tang molang naka, naning ka lamang ta Manila ig itaben don ka lamang gistar ong agtambakan ta mga basora.That kid there is really conceited, he just went to Manila and perhaps he just lives there where garbage is heaped up (i.e. garbage dump, squatter area).antago 2apog 2.1sikat 22viActor: magpatabako, magtinibakoTo show off; to act conceited.Ang taw ang ba-long nalkat ay pagtinabako ra ang pagbitala ta Tagalog.The person who has just come home is showing off, speaking Tagalog.This word is a homonym with tabako1 meaning 'tobacco'. In addition to calling a boastful person tabako, they can also be called words associated with chewing tobacco, such as apog, 'lime'.antago 1apog 1pasikatov synambog 1
taban1vtActor: maN- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -entananTo elope; to run off with.Tanira ay nagtabanan talabi tenged ang ginikanan tang babay indi maliag ong lali.They eloped last night because the parents of the girl didn't like the boy.Sinopay nanaban ong ana mo?Who ran off with your daughter?Tabanen mo ra lamang tang nobia mo, total indi ka lamang maliag tang mga ginikanan na ong nio.Just elope with your girlfriend since her parents don't like you.
taban2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -entangayTo carry away wrongfully or forcefully; to snatch something in the mouth and carry it away.Aroy! Ang yan ang bintango tani ong palangogatan tinaban da tang kosing takaban.Oh no! The fish that I put here on the drainer was snatched away by the greedy cat.antkatang1
tabangtabáng1interjHelp!Tabang! Way gasirok tang balay amen!Help! Look our house is burning!2ntulongHelp; assistance; financial help; donation; contribution.Gaeyakong mama-dol ta tabang ong nandia.I am shy to ask help from her.3vtActor: -om-, mag-, maN-, magpa- Undergoer: -an, ma--anTo help another person with a task, or by giving financial assistance; to help, enable someone to do something; to ask for someone's help; to come to someone's aid; to take someone's side in an argument.Tabangay ka ang magekel ta nani doro kabelat.Please help me carry this, it is very heavy.Sinabangan ami nandia ang nagtakan tang karga amen.He helped us in carrying our baggage.Balampa tabangan amo tang Dios ang mangaboi ta mato-lid ong pama-dek na.Hopefully God will enable you to live righteously in his sight.Pasinsia, anda kay matabangano ong nio mandian.Forgive me, I have nothing to give you as financial help at this time.Magpatabanga ong logod mo ang manalpo.Have your sister help you do the laundry.Kada magsoayan tang maglogod, ang tambilog pirming pagpatabang ong nanay na.Every time the two siblings fight, the one is always having his mother come to his aid. Ang Dios panabang ong yaten. Mga maning don, sinopa enged tang mapangontra ong yaten?God is the one who takes our side. If it's like that, who can be against us?Asing agbogbogon tang katawa na anda enged ay nangas ang manabang ong nandia.When she was being beat up by her husband no one had the courage to come to her aid. ov syntabiang 14vtActor: Reduplication: magtalalabangan Undergoer: pl. talalabanganFor people to help each other with something; for two or more people to gang up on another person.Tinalalabangan ka tanandiang sinampaling tang mga goardia.The guards ganged up on him and slapped him (literally, they helped each other slap him).rel wdbe-ket 1boliog 1katabang2der.manigtabangder.nmasinabangen2der.npakinabang2der.adjAnda ray pakinabang ong matao, indio ra maita.My eyes have no usefulness anymore, I can no longer see.
tabangkanA type of fish with a large mouth. (They are found in the tidal area and make holes in the sand similar to crabs. They can be caught in crab traps.)
tabarongnBox fish. (These fish have a square, box-shaped body. They can be various colors but most have spots.)
tabatvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, -antabasanTo cut out a pattern to sew; to cut material, fabric.Tinabatan na ra tang lambong nongaynang damal-damal.She cut out the dress earlier this morning.manigtabatder.nsinabat2der.nAgboaten nirang trapo ong porta tang sinabat. They are making a doormat from the leftover fabric. tinabat2der.
ta-batnkutsilyoSharp kitchen knife or other kinds of sharp knives.ov synkotsilio
tabaw1<Not Sure>1.1nBroth; soup.Malasay tang tabaw tang yan ang linaga mo.The broth of the fish you boiled is lacking salt.Ang talsi midio tabaw. The sea is like soup (i.e. the sea is calm).1.2vtTo put water into rice to boil it; to make a broth out of something.Tabawan mo ra tang dongkolon.Put water into the rice that will be boiled.2vt2.1nThe fuel used in a lamp, pressure lantern, generator.2.2vtTo fill a small lamp or pressure lantern with kerosene; to fill a generator with gasoline.Labi ra, tabawan mo ra tang kingki ta gas.It's night already, fill the small lamp with kerosene.
ta-bay1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -ansampayTo hang something up on a clothesline.Ita-bay mo tang mga lambong ang lebay.Please hang up the wet clothes on the line. 2viActor/Undergoer: toma-bayanFor many clothes to be hanging in layers on a clothesline, usually waiting to be laundered.Toma-bayan tang mga lambong nirang taralpoan tenged anday gapanalpo.Their clothes to be laundered are all hanging in layers on a clothesline because there is no one to wash them.
ta-bayannClothesline.rel wdkilpit 1