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wagwag11viUndergoer: ma-For something to come apart, come undone; to separate; to unravel.Ang boring linikido ay nawagwag tenged indi nabe-keto.The bori strips that I rolled up came undone because I didn't tie them together.ov synwasag 12vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo intentionally mess things up.Angay winagwag mo si tang mga lambong tani ong katri?Why did you once again mess up the clothes here on the bed?rel wdbola-tak 1rambol 1wasag 1
wagwag2nA kind of rice, found on mainland Palawan and grown in irrigated rice fields.
wairEngnElectrical wire.rel wdalambri
wala1loc., adjkaliwaLeft side; left-hand side.Makiwaw mga magsolato ta wala. It's awkward when I write with my left hand. Asing linansang nira si Jesus ong kros, may doroa kang taw ang pinadengan nira ong nandia ang linansang. Ang kros tang tambilog gampir ong to ni Jesus, ig ang tata gampir ong wala When they nailed Jesus to the cross, there were two other people who they crucified together with him. The cross of one was to Jesus' right and the other one was to his left. antto1 1rel wdkaliwiti2viActor: pa-To go to the left; on the left.Ang dalan ang paning ong balay nira, ay pawala. The road going their house is on the left.
waliarchaic1nAdvice.antdahiolaygay 22vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo give advice, to advise; to "lecture" someone, often a teenager.Walian mo kay tang anao tenged doro kategat tang kolo na.Please give advice to my son because he is very hardheaded.antdahiolaygay 1to-pat1ov synampang 1bogno1
waliswālisvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -anTo hem a buttonhole so that its edges do not fray.Mapilay tang magwālis labi pa mga mataliat tang abel.It is tiring to hem buttonholes especially if the fabric is slippery.
walis tambonwalis na tamboFan-shaped broom made with soft rice straw. (These are used to sweep inside floors, primarily those made of wood, cement, or tiles, but not split-bamboo floors.)rel wdsilig 1
walo1card. numwaloEight.2ord. numyawaloEighth.3dist. numtagwawaloEight each.
walompolokcard. numEighty.
wann., vkwanA word which takes the place of any word the speaker temporarily can't think of, e.g. the what-cha-ma-call-it; what's his name; you know what I mean.Agwanen da nira tang koma nira? Agtogdan da?Are they doing what do you call it, to their fields now? Planting them?Paning ami don ong da wan, da Auntie Maria.We're going to what's her name's place, Auntie Maria's.Pamagwan tanira, pamagpanti.They are, you know, fishing.
wara1archaicviUndergoer: ma- Goal: ma--anTo run out of something that is usually always there.Nawaran aming pisan ta tera tenged may bagio.We have completely run out of viand because there's a typhoon.Indi tanira mawaran ta katombal mga pamamangan.They won't run out of green peppers whenever they eat."Yading inilawan mo?" "Indi ra ka mawara." "Did you catch a lot of fish?" "Yes, they won't run out." ov synlobot 1porawas
wara2unspec. var.panginwaravtActor: manginwara Goal: warān, panginwaranTo lie about something; to lie to someone; to deny something when questioned.Ong matod tanandia tang nanakaw, piro nanginwara tanandia tenged geldan ang mapriso.In reality he is the one who stole but he denied it because he is afraid to be imprisoned.Warān mo mga yaway komiten nirang tistigos ong kaso nira.You will lie if you will be the one they get to testify in their case.Indi panginwaran mo tang binitala mo.Don't deny what you said.Winarān ni Juan ang tanandia tang nangomit tang koarta tang monisipio.Juan denied that he was the one who took the money of the municipality.ov synbo-li 1
wardi-wardiviActor: mag-To be carefree; to hang around without any cares, any work to do.Mo-ya pa tang molang naka pirmi lamang pagwardi-wardi ong karsada andang pisan ay obra na.That child is lucky he's always just hanging out without a care on the streets, he has no work at all to do.ov synlibianorel wdalig 1tsiog-tsiog
wasag1viUndergoer: ma-kalatFor something to become all scattered or spread around.Nawasag tang mga po-pot ang sinompok komo kina-kap tang mano.The trash that was piled up became scattered all around because of the chickens scratching in it.2statwasag, wasag-wasag daFor something to come apart; for things to be scattered around.Wasag da tang silig, pirming agkayamen tang kiro.The stick broom has come all apart, the puppy is always playing with it.ov synwagwag1 13vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo intentionally scatter or spread things around; mess things up.Asing sinled tang opisina, winasag tang mga papilis.When the office was broken into, the papers were scattered all around.ov synbola-tak 1watak-watak 14viActor: mag-For people, things to spread or scatter to other places; for news to become widespread.Ang mga Filipino pamagwasag da ong bilog ang kalibotan.The Filipino people are scattered all over the world.Nagwasag da tang balita ang may masit ta baboy.The news has already become wide-spread about swine flu.ov synpalbasaboag
waswas1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo shake something out to remove dirt, bugs, etc.; to swish clothes up and down in water to remove dirt or soap.Iwaswas mo kang lagi naning kalioliot mo ba-lo tokon mo, itaben may banbanen atan.Shake out these pants of yours first before you put them on, there might be a centipede in them.Waswasan mo kay lagi tang taralpoan ba-lo sabonon mo.First please swish the clothes to be washed up and down before you soap them up.antwa-watantwa-wat2vt2.1viFor dried beans, rice, etc. to spill out of a hole in something and be scattered all over.Pandaman mo tang aggekelan mong belat ong sopot, itaben mawaswas. Be careful with the rice you are carrying in the bag, it might spill out and be scattered all over.
watak-watak1statThings dropped and scattered around.Watak-watak si tang linget!The trash is scattered all around again!2vtUndergoer: -enTo drop and scatter things around, often referring to trash or food scraps.Indi watak-wataken mo mga maga-wata tang linget.Don't drop and scatter the trash when you carry it out.Winatak-watak mo ra sia tang namek atan ong lamisan.You've dropped and scattered the bits of food all over there on the table.ov synlinget 1wasag 1
wawaviUndergoer: i-ianodFor earth to be suddenly washed away by the rain; for something to be washed away, or be swept away, by a deluge of rain.Ang lamot tang ponsi lolbawan da tenged winawa ra tang koran tang tanek.The roots of the banana plant are exposed now because the earth has been washed away by the rain.Dalien mo, agwawawa ra tang bilog!Hurry, the small outrigger is being swept away! Ang bilog don ong may boloa may ge-ley winawa talabing pagkoran ta mapoirsa.The small outrigger there by the large hole nearly was carried away last night when it rained so hard.rel wddagtaka-kab 1
wa-watvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anTo shake something out to remove dirt, bugs, etc.; to swish clothes up and down in water to rinse the soap out.Wina-wat na tang mga lambong ong karton tenged inanay da.She shook out the clothes in the box because they're already covered with termites.Wa-watan mo ta mo-ya tang mga sinalpoan, itaben mongaw ta sabon.Rinse out the washed clothes well, otherwise they might smell like soap.antwaswas 1waswas 1.1ov synbonlaw1tapok
wayinterjLook!; Oh!Way! Pa-dekan mo tang kambing pamangan tang rosas mo.Look! The goats are eating your flowers.
wayang1adjmawayangRoomy, loose-fitting clothing; wide, spacious; vast area.Ang lambong ni Maria ay mawayang tenged pagabdet.Maria's dress is very roomy because she is pregnant.Mawayang tang tanek amen ang lindoakan ta nioy.The piece of land we planted with coconut trees is wide. 2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: pa--enFor something to become wider, more spacious; to make an area wide, or clothes loose fitting.Pangwayang da tang baybay ong Abagat piro agka-kaben da tang langeb tang baybay ong Cambian.The beach is becoming wider at barangay Abagat but the beach at barangay Cambian is being eroded by the waves.Pawayangen mo tang bedbeden mong kaliolioto.Make the pants that you'll sew for me loose fitting. ov synmala-bangmarogalkawayangan2der.n
wiwi, wī1<Not Sure>1.1nWater.Mga agkorsona, manginema ta yading wi.When you have diarrhea, drink lots of water.1.2adjWatery.1.3vtTo make or cause something to be watery.Mga magdongkola indi pawiyen mo.When you boil rice don't make it watery. 1.4nThe amount of moisture in something; the wetness of something.1.5viTo fill with water, as of a hole.Pirming agwiyan tang boloat ong karsada mga timpo koran.The hole in the street always fills with water during rainy season.1.6viFor a wound to be watery; for an ear to have fluid draining out of it.Ang talingao baya pagwiwi. Oh my ear really is draining fluid.2vi2.1nA well for water; well water.Ang wi nira makasin tenged alenget ong baybay.Their well water is salty because it's close to the beach.Mandian ang timpo kambian magpāli ami ta wi ong Ilog.This season of the northeast wind we will have a well dug in Ilog.3n3.1The juice of a fruit; water of a coconut.Aroy, matorokan tang lambong mo tang wi tang kasoy, sia paman pagmantsa!Oh no, your clothes might be dripped on by the juice of the cashew fruit, that really stains!Ang wi ta nioy masinlong bolong ong taw ang pagtaki-taki.Coconut water is a good remedy for a person with diarrhea.
wilivi., vtActor/Undergoer: ma- Goal: ma--anwiliTo be absorbed in doing something; to be fascinated by or curious about something, wanting to look at it, touch or hear it; to really enjoy or appreciate something.Naorio tenged nawilio ra ong istoria na.I was late because I was so captivated by his story.Gawili tanandia ang temelek ong mga bidio.He is always absorbed in watching video movies.Gawilio ong ana mong asia tenged dorong gata-wanan nang obra.I really appreciate that child of yours because he knows how to do a lot.Ang molang ge-ley yay ang gawilian tang lola na kada damal-damal.The baby is what her grandmother is captivated by every morning.rel wdkaya2 1lingat 1tonay-tonay1
wisikvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anTo sprinkle water or another liquid on something; to accidentally be splattered, spattered by something.Agwisik-wisikan tang padi ta wing binditado tang mga bagay ang agpabinditan pario ta mga kandila.The priest sprinkles holy water on the objects which people are having him bless, like candles.Mga papanaw itang maligna tang karsada, aroy! Ang lambong ta pisan ang gawisik-wisikan ta lagnang.When we go out walking when the roads are muddy, oh my! Our clothes really get splattered with mud.rel wdla-sik 1sirabotalsik