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a bladebaid 1.1vtTo sharpen cutting edges of a blade.Ipabaid mo kay tang parakol ong ni Tay Juan para manarem.Please have Uncle Juan sharpen the axe so it will be sharp.
a boatbeltay 1.2rel. wrd.beltay 1lio-lio 1.1vtTo row or paddle a boat, or raft.Nalangga tang makina tang motor animan pamagbeltay da lamang.The engine of the motorboat died so they just rowed instead.
a dialbiring 1.1vtTo turn something like a dial or knob; to wind something, such as the stem on a watch or clock.Biniring-biring tang mola tang rilo animan nalangga.The child wound and wound the [winding stem of the] watch until it broke.ov. syn.bereng2 1galing1 1.1
a drinkse-sep 1.1vtTo sip on a drink; to suck something out.Agse-sepeno tang Coke ang aggamitan tang istro.I am sipping the Coca-Cola soft drink using a straw.Masabor ang se-sepen tang bobo.It tastes good to suck the meat out of the small, cone-shaped bobo shells.ov. syn.ilep 1pi-pit 1.1
a farepasahi 1.2rel. wrd.pamasahi 1.1pasahi 1vtTo charge or pay for a fare or passage on a boat, bus, jeep, etc.; to pay someone else's fare.Yo ra lamang ay mamasahi ong nio.I'll just pay for your fare.Pasahian mo kay tang anao tenged anday koartao.Please provide the fare for my child because I have no money.ov. syn.pliti 1.2
a liquiddimdim 1.1vtTo taste or sip a small amount of a liquid; to allow someone to taste a drink.Dimdiman mo kay naning langgaw mga maka-lem da.Please taste this vinegar to see if it's sour yet.Ayaw, indi kay padimdimen mo ta irinemen si A-oy, sia taben lomboang palainem!No, please don't let Little Boy taste any liquor, he might turn out to be a drinker!rel. wrd.samit 1.1
a profitita2 1.2vtTo make or obtain a profit in a transaction or a business.Ang initan na ang nagbila ay binayad na ka lamang ong otang na ong tsianggi.The profit he made from his fishing, he just used it to pay off his debt at the small variety store.Ang gitan na ong tsianggi ay lobot ka lamang ang pepekel ong logod nang pagadal.The profit she makes in her small variety store is all used up in sending it to her sibling who is studying.Antlogi 1.2ov. syn.ganansia 1.2tobo3 1.2
a secretsikrito 1.2Antbonayag 1.1sikrito 1vtTo keep something a secret; to do something secretly or in private.India baya māsikrito tang onopay gaba-yan mo, babalita mong lagi.Really you are not able to keep secret anything you hear, you tell the news immediately.Sinikrito na lamang tang sindol nang koarta ong yen.He kept it secret about the money he gave me.Sikritōn mo kay ang te-maen tang ana mo mga matod kaman ang pagabdet.Ask your daughter privately if it's indeed true that she is pregnant.rel. wrd.talok 1.1
a situationmidios 1.1ov. syn.instrominto 2.1midios 1rel. wrd.dia 1.2midios 1nRemedy for a situation; solution; things done to solve a problem; a way, method of doing something.Ang tanan ang midios ay bindoato ra para lamang mabolong tang ana mo, kaso indi ra ka talaga mabolong.I've already done everything that could be done (lit. all remedies) to heal your child but she really cannot be healed.Anda ray midios ang maboat ta mga ang soltiros galiliag dang mangatawa.Nothing can be done (lit. no solution) if a young man really wants to get married.Boatan mo kay ta midios agod ma-led tang anao ong obra.Please make a way so that my child can get a job.ov. syn.paragosoyon2 1.1rel. wrd.dalan 1rimidio 1.1solbar 1.1
a storyistoria 1.2vi., vtTo casually talk, converse with someone; to tell, relate a story or incident.Maria, istoriay ka tenged ong napasaran mo asing nagke-keb amo.Maria, please tell the story about your experience when you capsized.Onopay aggistoriaen mi atan?What are you talking about there?ov. syn.ampang 1.1saysay 1
a while agotanopasia 1.1rel. wrd.asing tokaw 1.1tanopasia 1advPreviously; formerly; some time ago; a while ago; in the past. (This refers to the near past, not to the distant past.)Tanopasia nagke-keb ami don ong pagtetengan tang Diit may Agutaya.Some time ago we capsized there between [the islands of] Diit and Agutaya.Mandian ang istoriao ong nio, tenged ong barakoda ang nakomito rin tanopasia. Now, my story for you is about the barracuda I nearly caught some time ago. To-bod si tang bilog, sigoro naboloat si tang tinapalano tanopasia. The small outrigger is leaking again, maybe the place I patched a while ago has a hole in it again.rel. wrd.dati 1nontokaw 1.1nontokaw 1.1tokaw 1.1
a witchsigbin 1.1nThe form that a witch, mangalok, takes or changes into.Teta ono ma-kal tang sigbin tang mangalok.It's said that sometimes a snake is the form that a witch takes.Way may kosi, sia sigoro yay ang sigbin tang taw ang ganing-aningen.Look there's a cat, maybe that's the form the person who is considered to be a witch has changed into. rel. wrd.agganing-aningen 1.1bampira 1.1kanolnolan 1kirit-kirit 1.1kirit-kirit 1.1mangalok 1.1mangalok 1.1okot 1.1orab2 1sapat1 1tanggar 1.1toad 1toloy1 1
abaca hempabaka 1.1nAbaca hemp, used to weave clothing, ropes, mats, baskets, etc.rel. wrd.magi 1
abalone shellkapinan 1.1nAbalone shell; mother-of-pearl.
abandonbaya1 1.1vtTo intentionally leave, desert or abandon someone or something, such as a husband leaving his family.Binayān na tang katawa na, oman nangatawa si ta doma.He abandoned his wife, and then married another.India pa gatapos tang aggobraen mo, oman binayān mo ra.You didn't finish your work, then you just left it.ov. 1.2pabaya 1
abandon chickstalin 1.1vtFor baby chicks to be abandoned, left on their own by the mother once they are big enough.Ang mga manong narin gege-ley pa ka rin, piro sinalin da tang nanay nira, animan gangaboi ra lamang ong sadili nira.These chickens are still small, but they have already been abandoned by their mother and so now they are living on their own.
abdomensian 1.1ov. syn.dipositoan tang pamangan 1.1sian 1nStomach; abdomen.Mga pamangan ita ta kamait ang ma-ten, sia pagpasit tang sian ta.When we eat hard ears of corn, that causes our stomachs to hurt.rel. wrd.balangan 1.1po-kon 1.1po-kon 1.1torok-torokan 1.1
abdomen, lowerpo-kon 1.1nLower abdomen in the area of the bladder or groin.rel. wrd.balangan 1.1sian 1.1sian 1.1torok-torokan 1.1
abhorsilag 1.1ov. syn.kaki-lepan2 3.1ketel1 3.1silag 1silag 1silag 1tipos2 1.2rel. wrd.masisilagen1 1.1silag 1vi., vtTo be angry, mad, furious; to be upset with someone; to be annoyed by, irritated with someone; to hate, detest, or abhor something or someone.Gasilag tanandia ong yamen tenged indi ami nandol ta yan.She is angry at us because we didn't give them any fish.Gasilagan si Ana tang manong na tenged pirming pagalig.Ana's older brother is irritated with her because she is always running around.
abidetinir 1.1ov. syn.ka-yat 2.1tinir 1rel. wrd.elat 1.1kabot 1.3langkag 1mantinir 1.1tinir 1vi., vtTo stay somewhere; to remain in a particualr place or situation that a person remains in; to abide.Magtinir amo tarin ta maboay?Will you stay here long?Ang agtinirano poros kalisedan.What I continue to remain in is total poverty.rel. wrd.dayon 1istar1 1.1istar1 1.1para3 1.1tareng 1.1
abilityabilidad 1.1EngnAbility; skill.ov. syn.kalidad 1.1kaosayan 1kaosayan1 1.1kalidad 1.1nAbility; skill; actions; behavior.Indi amo ra kay magpaita tang kalidad ming anday sayod!Don't show off your bad behavior anymore!ov. syn.abilidad 1.1ogali 1kaosayan1 1.1nSkill; talent; ability.Ong nirang mamaglogod tanandia tang kaosayan ang maggitara.Among the siblings, he is the one who is a talented guitarist.ov. syn.abilidad 1.1galíng 1.1kinata-wanan2talinto 1.1kinata-wanan1 1.1nKnowledge; skill; ability.Mabael tang kinata-wanan na ong pago-ya ta makina.He has a lot of knowledge about fixing machines.ov. syn.kaosayan 1
able to dokaya1 1.1ov. syn.kaya1 1koarta 1.2nAbility, capability; financial means.Ang kayao ang takanen tang pasong ang belat.My capability to carry is one pasong (i.e. about 60 kilograms) of rice.Anday kaya amen ang magpādal ong mga ana amen.We do not have the means to send our children to college.eged 1.1viTo be able to do something.Si Lolo indi ra maeged ang panaw animan indi ra sapayen mi ang paning tarin.Grandfather is no longer able to walk so don't insist on him coming here.Mga mitalā, magang india ra ka maeged. When you speak, it's as if you aren't able to (i.e. little or no sound coming out).ov. syn.kaya1 1.2sarang 2.1ako3 1.1vtTo be able to do something; to withstand something.Indio māko ang panaw tenged mepeto ra.I am not able to walk because I am old.Ang logodo indi nāko ang paning ong kasal nira tenged palanganaen da.Her sister was not able to go to the wedding because she's about to give birth.Mākoa ka ang koma-yat ong Bogtong?Are you able to climb up Bogtong [mountain]?Indio māko tang ka-lem na.I cannot stand its sourness.ov. syn.agoanta 1.1kaya1 1.2sarang 1sarang 2.1vtTo be able to do something; to be able to endure or bear something.Indio ra māsarang tang lamig mga labi.I can no longer endure the cold at night.Indi masarangano tang kaliwagan ang maning ta na.I won't be able to endure hardship like this.ov. syn.agoanta 1.1antos 1.1eged 1.1kaya1 1.2poidi 1.1Antindi poidi 1.1poidi 1ov. syn.imo 1.4poidi 1rel. wrd.bagay3 2.1kapas 1.1poidi 1poidi 1advPossible; able to do something; can, may do something; allowable.Poidio kang mapagpabakal ong nio ta gatas para ong anao?May I please have you buy milk for my baby?Mga may bastanting kawayan, poidi itang magpa-let tang kodal.If there is extra bamboo, we will be able to replace the fence.Ang mga padi indi poiding mangatawa.Priests cannot marry.ov. syn.kaya1 1.2maimo 1.1rel. wrd.sarang 1
able to liftdeg2 1.1viTo be strong enough to do something; to be able to lift, carry something.Mga masiadong mabelat, itaben indio mādēg. If it is very heavy, I might not be able to carry it.ov. syn.kaya1 1.2
able, barelyimorat 1.2advTo have difficulty in doing something, as in seeing, walking, moving, etc. (literally, to see, walk, etc. just a little); barely able to do something.Imorat dang maita tang mata na.He has difficulty seeing (lit. his eyes only see a little).Imorat ang mamangan tang molang na, anday gana na.This child barely eats, he has no appetite.ov. syn.maliwag
abortkomit 3.1viTo miscarry; to spontaneously abort (literally, for the mother to have the fetus unintentionally removed from her).Nakomitan tanandia tenged nadagpa.She had a miscarriage because she tripped and fell.