Agutaynen - English


Ca-pl. affpfxPluralizer on certain nouns, formed from the first consonant (C) of the noun plus the vowel a.Pagtoldok tanandia ong mamola kada apon.She teaches the children every afternoon.
Cambianprop. nThe name of a barangay located in the north-northeast part of a town.rel wdAbagatkambian 1
Cristo1var. ofKristo1prop. nKristoChrist. (Referring to Jesus Christ, the Son of God.)Kristiano tang goy ong mga pamagto ong ni Cristo. Christians are what those who believe in Christ are called.
CV-1v. affpfxPresent tense, actor focus.Pirming tatabid ong tatay na.He always goes along with his father.Magi ang loloak ang lolongay atan ong mga binit tang baybay.Magi is a plant that grows there at the edge of the beach.
CV-2v. affpfxPresent, instrument focus.Onopay kakatep mo ong balay?What are you using to roof your house?
-CV-1adj. affifxIntensifier for adjectives, occuring together with the prefix ka-.Kasisinlo tang lambong mo!Your dress is so very beautiful!
-CV-2n. infixifxPluralizer for nouns, occuring with the collective ka--an affix.Inalig nira tang kabobokidan. They went all around the hills.