Agutaynen - English


dinongkol1nCooked rice.Ang dinongkolo nakanteng tenged napabayano.My cooked rice burned because I neglected it.ov synanen
dinongkol2der. ofdongkolCooked rice.
dintistavar. ofdentistanDentist.
diobos1nDye for clothing, material.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo dye clothing or material.Dinioboso tang mga lambongo agod midio ba-lo sing pa-dekan.I dyed my clothes so that they would sort of look new again.
Diosprop. nDiyosGod.Dayawen tang Dios! Praise the Lord! Aroy, yawa, mga magbitalā, midio anday Dios mo!Oh my, you, when you talk, it's as if you have no God (i.e. you have no respect for God)!antAmpoan 1Gino1 1madinioson1der.adjpagkadios1der.n
dios-diosannFalse gods; idols.Ong domang mga banoa, ang mga taw pamagto ong mga dios-diosan. In other countries, people worship idols. rel wdbolto1 1ribolto
dipindiadvDepends on; "it's up to you (him/her, etc.)".Asia dipindi ong nio mga tomabida ong yen obin indi.It is up to you if you come with me or not.ov synbālasigon
dipindirvtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo defend someone; to stand by one's words, statement.Dipindiran mo tang bitala mo!Stand by your word!Dipindiray ka ong kasō.Please defend me in my case.ov syndipinsa 1
dipinsa1nDefense.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -an To defend someone in a lawsuit; to come to someone's defense.Sinopay magdipinsa ong kaso mo?Who will defend your case?Agdipinsan na tang logod na.He is defending his sister.ov syndipindirdipinsorder.n
dipinsorder. ofdipinsaDefense attorney.
dipirinsianMechanical problem; malfunction; defect; faulty.Indi mandar tang motor, sigoro may dipirinsia na.The motor will not start, maybe it has a mechanical problem.
diponta1var. ofdiponto1nTerm of reference for a deceased female, i.e. "the late___". (Diponta is the term for females. Diponto is the term for males.)Namistao ong ni Diponta Nay Maria ong Puerto, ba-lo tanandia napatay.I was able to visit Late Auntie Maria in Puerto, before she died.ov synaning2
diponto2var. ofdiponta2nTerm of reference for a deceased male, i.e. "the late___". (Diponta is the term for females. Diponto is the term for males.)Gademdemano pa tang mga makaimod ang mga istoria ni Diponto Tatang Jose.I still remember the funny stories of Late Uncle Jose.ov synaning2
diposito1<Not Sure>1.1nSomething deposited in a bank.1.2vtTo deposit money in a bank.Sigoro doro rang nadiposito mo ong bangko.Maybe you were already able to deposit a lot in the bank.2vt2.1To store something in a certain storage place or container.Indi ra idiposito ta tang paray ong tamping, aggoraben ka lamang ta ambe.Let's not store the rice in a large woven basket, it's just being eaten by rats.diripositoander.nOng aripa tang diripositoan mo tang mga irinemen mo?Where is your depository for your bottles of liquor?
dipositoan tang giknBladder (lit. depository, storage place for urine).anttaboyok
dipositoan tang pamangannStomach (lit. depository, storage place for food).antbalanganov synsian
dipotdīpot1adjmaiksiShort in length; short period of time.Dipot pa tang pantalan tarin mga ikomparar ong pantalan tang Cuyo.The wharf here in Agutaya is still short in length when compared to the wharf in Cuyo.Ong dipot ang timpo, bindoat tanandiang ingkardo ong lantsa, tenged pagmasit tang kapitan nira.For a short period of time, he was made the one in charge of the fishing boat, becasue their captain was sick.antaboat1 3māboat2vtUndergoer: pa--onTo shorten something.Padīpoton mo lamang tang agboaten mong istoria.Just shorten the story you are making.antmāboat
dipot ta pagirisipen1adjNarrow-minded (literally, his/her thinking is short).antmāboat tang pagirisipen
dipot ta pagirisipen2id. ofpagirisipen2Narrow-minded (literally, his/her thinking is short).
dipot tang apen1id. ofapenNot patient (lit. having a short fishing line).
dipot tang apen2adjNot patient (literally, having a short monofilament fishing line).antmāboat ta apen2ov synmalaerepen2
diripositoander. ofdipositoDepository; a place or container for storing something.
diritso1advderetso, tuloy-tuloy, tuwiranDirectly; straight ahead; without hesitation; speak frankly.Pa-dekan mo ta diritso tang agpanawan mo.Look straight ahead where you are walking.Angay india madiritsong mitala, geldana?Why don't you speak without hesitating, are you afraid of something?ov synlaot-laotprangko2viActor: diritso, magdiritso patuloyTo go, continue straight ahead; to go, do something directly, immediately.Oman, magalin tani ong may kodal ni Juan, sia diritsoa ra ong karsada.Then, leaving here from Juan's fence, you go straight ahead on the road.Pagataboan amen ong pambot, nagdiritso aming lagi ong ospital.After we disembarked from the boat, we went directly to the hospital.ov syndayon 1langkoy 1