Agutaynen - English


disgrasia1ndisgrasiaAccident, usually severe.antaksidinti 22viActor/Undergoer: ma-To encounter a severe accident, such as falling from a roof, being stabbed, capsizing, or having a vehicular accident.Nadisgrasia ami rin asing napaning ami ong Linabog.We nearly had a severe accident when we went to Linabog island.antaksidinti 1kadisgrasian1der.nDanger; catastrophe; severe accident.
disidido1advdesididoCommitted, determined; decided upon a course of action.Aroy, disididoa rang mangatawa, kamola mo pa!Oh my, you are decided upon getting married even though you are still so young!antalanganin2doa-doalintongov synpogosado2vi., vtActor: magpa- Goal: -anTo decide, be committed to a course of action.Onopa, magpadisididoa pa ka enged ang paning ong Cuyo maski mapalet?Will you still be committed to go to Cuyo island even though it might be windy and rough?antalanganin2doa-doalintongov syndisision 1pogoso 1
disimolararchaicvtUndergoer: -en, ma-panggapTo cover up a smell by adding something good smelling; to hide, cover up one's true feelings.Padēgan ta ra lamang ta pabanglo para madisimolar tang kalpot tang sinangoni ta.Let's use a lot of perfume (lit. cause ourselves to be overcome with perfume) in order to cover up the bad smell of our bodies.Maski india galiliag ong nandia ang tomabid ang magbaili, disimolaren mo ra lamang agod indi ka mapaeyak.Although you don't want him to go with you to the dance, just hide your true feelings so that he won't be embarrassed.
disintaria1nDysentery.2vstatUndergoer: ag--enTo be sick with dysentery.Ang taw ang agdisintariaen, ang taki na gatagelan ta dogo obin midio plima.A person who has dysentery, their feces has blood or phlegm-like mucus mixed in with it.rel wdkorso 1
disintiEngadjDecent, decently; modestly.Asta ang mga babay, dapat maglambong tang disinti, ig belag ta malalaway.And also the women, they should dress decently, and not immodestly.antbastos 1malawayov synhinhin
disiplina1nDiscipline.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -andisiplinaTo discipline a child or oneself.Maosay tanandiang magdisiplina ong mga ana na.He knows how to discipline his children.
disipolosndisipuloDisciples, followers of a person; the original disciples of Jesus Christ.antsinagpan2 1sinagpan2 2.1ov synapostolis
disirarchaicvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo ask for permission; to first let someone know what you will do.Pagālkat na, nagdisir tanandia ong nanay na ang mangatawa ra.When he returned home, he asked permission from his mother to marry.Angay indi ra ka dinisir mo si tatay mo ang yawa magalina ra?Why didn't you first let your father know that you were leaving?ov synlisinsia 1patako
disision1npasiya; desisyonDecision.antsirto2viActor: mag-, ma-To decide; to be able to decide.Yaway bālang magdisision mga tomabida ong yamen obin indi.It is up to you to decide if you want to go with us or not.Indi tanandia madisision mga ang molang agkorson dapat ang painimen na ta wi.She is not able to decide if the child who has diarrhea should be given water to drink.Angay kaministiran mo pa ta domang taw, india madisision ong sadili mo?Why do you still need other people, aren't you able to decide for yourself?ov syndisidido 1sirto
diskansaviUndergoer: ma--anTo recover, gradually improve, as of a stomachache ceasing, a stuffed nose becoming clear, etc.Singoton tang wing makinit agod madiskansan tang orong ang ponok ta alobang asta ang plimang indi galoa.Inhale the steam of the hot water in order to gradually improve the nose that is stuffed up and the phlegm that isn't coming out.ov syno-ya 1
diskargavtActor: mag- Undergoer: -endeskargaFor a boat (i.e. the crew) to unload cargo, a load, or shipment, from a boat; the cargo that is unloaded.Indi pa gapagdiskarga tang pambot tenged pela pa.They have not been able to unload the pumpboat yet because it is still low tide.Onopay agdiskargaen tang lantsang kiminabot?What is the cargo that is being unloaded from the launch that arrived?antkarga1 2rel wdkarga1 1
diskarti1nThe ability to know how to manage a household and not waste money or things; to be in charge of a project or activity.Mga ong balay, ang babay tang gatakong magdiskarti tang pangalised nira.In a household, the woman is the one who knows how to manage their needs.Ita ra lamang tang gatakong magdiskarti tang lotokon ta para masabor.We are just the ones to know how to be in charge of what we will cook so it will taste good.ov synadministradorgataligan2der. oftaligingkargado2der. ofkargo
diskarti2vtActor: -om-, ma- Goal: -anTo approach and talk to someone, or ask for something; for a man to converse with a woman with the intention of courting her.Domiskartio rin ta tera amen don ong piskador.I'll go out to the fishermen and ask for some fish for our meal.Nalaon tanandia tenged indi madiskarti ong babay ang galiliagan na.He has become an old bachelor because he will never approach or converse with the woman he likes.Ang logodo agdiskartian tang laling asia.My sister is being courted by that man.ov synintris
diskompiararchaicadjNot trustworthy.antmapiaranmataligan2der. oftaligpiar 2
diskorsoviActor: mag-To give or deliver a speech.Kiminarong tang adi ong trono na ig nagdiskorso ong mga taw.The king sat down on his throne and delivered a speech to the people.ov synbitala 1
diskosion1ntalo, debateDiscussion; debate.Mamasia tang diskosion nira.You listen to their discussion. ov synarampangen 1der. ofampang2vi., vtActor: mag- Referent: pag--anTo debate or discuss something; exchange opinions; the topic discussed.Si Juan may si Maria pagdiskosion natetenged ong kaso nira.Juan and Maria are arguing about their case.Onopa tang pinagdiskosionan mi ong miting?What was your discussion about at the meeting?rel wdampang 1dibatidiskotir
diskostoviUndergoer: ma-To become disgusted; discouraged.Nadiskosto tang mga ginikanan na animan indi ra pinādal.His parents became disgusted therefore they are not sending him to school anymore.
diskotirvi., vtActor: mag-, magig- Reduplication: mag--an Referent: pag--anpinagtatalunanTo debate; to argue; the topic discussed or debated.Ang lamlam may ang karabaw ay nagdiskotiran, piro anday padēg ta rason.The bird and the water buffalo debated but neither lost the argument.Onopay agpagdiskotiran mi?What are you arguing about? ov syndibatirel wddiskosion 1
dismayaviUndergoer: ma-To faint; to collapse.Nadismaya tang molang nagsinikad.The child who ran collapsed. ov synlawak
dispalkovi., vtActor: ma- Undergoer: -onEmbezzle; overdraft (either intentionally or accidentally).Geldanong madispalko, indio galiag ang magtisoriro.I'm afraid of accidentally causing an overdraft, so I don't want to be treasurer.
dispidida1nFarewell party.2vi., vtActor: mag- Beneficiary: pa--andespedidaTo give someone a farewell party.Mga magalin da tang padi, padispididan ta ka tenged naboay ka tang panirbian na tarin ong yaten.When the priest leaves we will give him a farewell party because he served a long time here in our place.
dispinsandispensaA storage room or space under a house used for rice or other goods.Nowadays houses do not have these, instead people use a bodiga.rel wdbodigakamalig
dispisiararchaicvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo criticize a person.India magdispisiar ta aroman mong taw.Don't criticize your fellowman.ov synlāway 1saway2
disposision11nDecision; advice.Mga katawaeno nio, patakon ta kay lagi si Nanay mga onopay nandiang disposision. If you will [agree to] marry me, we will first let Mother know and see what her advice is.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo advise; to intervene, mediate.Ang Kapitan yay ang gatakong magdisposision ong pamagsoayan.The Barangay Captain is the one who knows how to mediate between the ones who are fighting.rel wdlaygay 1