Agutaynen - English


disposision2nDisposition; temperament or inclination.
distansia1ndistansya; kalayuanDistance.Alenget lamang tang distansia tang balay amen ong balay nira.Our house is just a short distance from their house.2viActor: padistansiaTo put some distance between (yourself) and something else; to keep one's distance, to move back, away from something.Padistansia atan, itaben mabo-logana ta nioy.Keep your distance, you might have a coconut fall on you.
distino1nA person's place of assignment; destination.2vtUndergoer: i-, ma-destinoTo be assigned to work somewhere.Ang ba-long maistra don madistino ong Concepcion.The new teacher will be assigned there on the island of Concepcion.3vtUndergoer: -onTo be bound for a certain place.Sinopa pa rin ay agdistinon mi tarin?Who are you bound for here?These words are said by the parents of the girl the first time the young man and his parents come to the girl's house to ask permission for the boy to marry her.
distorboEngvtActor: mag-, maN- Undergoer: ma-, -onabalahin, bulahawinTo disturb someone; to disrupt something.Pisan ang pandistorbo ta poyat tang mga kirong pamagtekeban.The dogs fighting with each other are really disturbing people's sleep.Ang klasi gadistorbo mga pamaginingal tang mga iskoila.The class is disrupted when the pupils are all making noise.ov synrawraw 1tabel-tabel
distritonpurok, distritoDistrict.
distroso1viUndergoer: ma-pinsalaFor something to become destroyed.Asing nata-liban ang bagio, yading mga balay ang nadistroso.When the recent typhoon came through, many houses were destroyed. 2vtActor: mag-, maN- Undergoer: -onTo intentionally destroy something.Ang baka te-den mo, itaben mandistroso tang iloloak nira.Tie up the cow, it might destroy their plants.ov synlangga 1manigdistrosoder.n
Disyembreprop. nDisyembreDecember.
diwal1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtTo stick out the tongue, sometimes at someone or something.Dimiwala agod telekan ta tang dilak mo mga pagrika-rika.Stick out your tongue so that we can see if your tongue has cracks.Ganing tang mga mepet, mga manlaga ita ta sikad-sikad diwalan ta para madaling koaten.The old people say, when we boil edible shells we should stick our tongues out at them so that the meat can easily be pried out.2vi., vt2.1adjTalkative person. (This is used derogatively and means gossiping.)Ang babay ang asia diwal-diwalan animan yading kasoay na.That woman is very talkative therefore she has many enemies.
doa-doaviActor: mag-alinlangan, atubiliTo feel uncertain, undecided, or unsure about doing something; to hesitate, be hesitant; to be of two minds, double-minded; vacillating.India magdoa-doa ong pagtabid mo ong yamen.Don't be hesitant about coming with us.antalanganin2disidido 1disidido 2sigoradoov synatras-abantilintonglio-lio 1rel wddoda
dobali1n., lockabilaThe other side.Nagboat si Juan ta gardin don ong dobali tang balay nira.Juan made a garden on the other side of their house.2adjtandobaliOne of a pair; one side only.Pagsit tang tandobaling talingao.My one ear hurts.3adjmagdobaliBoth; both sides.Kapilay tang magdobaling kabalaw.Both of my upper arms are tired and hurt.Ang karo langga tang magdobaling golong na.Both wheels on the cart are broken.4ndobaling kaboiAfterlife; the hereafter. (literally, life on the other side).Indi ita gatako mga onopa enged ang maranasan ta don ong dobaling kaboi. We really don't know what we will experience there in the afterlife. 5exprong dobali ta siaIn spite of; on the other hand...Matambek tang taw ang asia piro ong dobali ta sia malasiten.That person is fat but in spite of that she is sickly.
doblannLeaves of the Java plum tree which are used in place of cigarette paper for rolling cigarettes.Mamisiko rin ta doblan tenged mas masabor ang piritan tang tabako.I'll pick some leaves of the Java plum tree because they taste better for rolling tobacco.
dobli1adjDouble.Angay ang sol na ong nio dobli, ang yen belag?Why was the wage he gave to you double, but mine wasn't?2vtActor: mag- Goal: -andobleTo double up something; wear layers of clothing.Doblian mo tang lambong mo tenged malamig ong plasa.Put on two layers of clothes (lit. double up) because it is cold in the plaza.rel wde-leb
dobo-doboviActor: -om-To be at a high or rolling boil, producing steam.Magkopot ta toalia agod ang tongaw tang wing makinit ang dodobo-dobo indi magwasag, oman singoton.Cover the head with a towel so that the steam of the boiling hot water will not spread, then inhale it.
dodavtActor: mag- Goal: -andudaTo doubt something or someone; to be doubtful of a person's actions; to have no confidence in; to suspect.Pagdoda tanandia ong taw ang asi tenged ong mano nang nalipat.She suspects that person with regards to her chicken that was lost.ov synalanganin2doa-doa
do-dot11<Not Sure>1.1viFor something to be shredded to pieces, torn or frayed through use, wind, weather, etc. for example nipa palm shingles; to become worn out or worn thin as of clothes, rubber slippers, sole of shoes.Pirming agto-tokon mo tang lambong ang asia, animan nadaling nado-dot. You're always wearing that item of clothing, that is why it quickly became thin and frayed. Tenged ong bagio, ang paray amen ay nado-dot ong mageyep.Because of a typhoon, our rice was shredded to pieces by the wind.1.2statWorn out, worn thin.Do-dot da tang tsinilaso.My slippers are already worn thin. 2stat2.1vtTo wear a person out with nonstop whipping.Do-dotana yen tang palo tenged ang ari mo pinabayan mo ig nabo-log ong aldan.I'll wear you out with a whipping because you neglected your younger sibling and he fell down the stairs.
do-dot2viActor: -om-To wander around; to run around as teenagers will do; to go off heedless of time, weather.Pirmia lamang dodo-dot ong Cuyo, anda ray gaimo mong obra.You're always just wandering around the town of Cuyo, you're not doing any work.Ariapa domo-dot? Yaray kapalet.Where are you going off to? It's so very windy and rough.ov synalig 1lakwatsa 1laogtsiog-tsiog
dodoynTerm of reference or address for a little boy.anta-oynining
dogdog1viActor/Undergoer: ma-For leaves or fruit to be blown off a tree by the wind or rain; for rice stalks to be shaken by a strong wind and their grain heads stripped off.Yading nadogdog ang lomboy tenged mapalet.Many berries were blown off the Javan plum tree because it was windy.ov syndagdaglatak2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo cause fruit to fall off a tree by shaking it or by using a long pole.Agdog-dogon tang mamola tang borak tang kamias, sayang.The kids are shaking the kamias fruit off the tree, too bad.
dogo<Not Sure>11.1nBlood; blood type; blood pressure.Asing impisang nasalinan tanandia to dogo ta kriminal, nagimong tiposon da.Beginning when he received the transfused blood of a criminal, he became a bad tempered person.Onopay dogo mo?What is your blood type? Pirapa tang dogo mo?How high is your blood pressure? Naglawig tang dogo na oman naistrok, animan naparalisado.His blood pressure went up and then he had a stroke and that is why he became paralyzed.1.2viFor something to bleed; for blood to flow freely.Ang isi na ay nagdogo-dogo tenged binonlok.Her tooth bled a little because it was pulled out.1.3vtTo squeeze a cut to make it bleed; to allow, cause the blood to drain out of an animal.Padogōn mo tang igad mo para tomabid tang boling na.Cause your cut to bleed so that the dirt comes out with the blood.1.4vtTo cause blood to drip or splatter onto something that is being blessed, dedicated in the botod ceremony.Kaministiran ang padogoan tang ba-long natapos ang balay.A newly built house must have blood splattered on it.dinogoan2der.1n22.1nBlood, bloodline.Mistiso tang taw ang asi, tenged may dogo nang Kastila.That person is a mestizo because he has Spanish blood.
doindindwindiElf; invisible little people.Some people believe that these elves live in large tree trunks or around large rocks or near water. They often befriend people and help them, but can also make them crazy or sick.antimpilisov synsapat1
dokdōkvtActor: mag-, maN- Undergoer: -ondukotTo reach deep inside a pocket, container, etc. to feel or take hold of something or take it out; to take cooked rice out of a pan with hands and eat it without using a plate.India magdōk tang anen ong kaldiro tenged makinit.Don't take out the cooked rice with your hands from the pot because it is hot.Dōkon mo kay tang koartao tani ong bolsao tenged lebay tang kalimao.Reach in and get my money here in my pocket because my hands are wet.Ang doktor dinōk na tang tereno agod matelekan na ong aripa mampir tang kolo tang mola.The doctor reached into my birth canal so that he could see where the head of the baby was positioned.Indio ra pagpabakal ta irinemen tenged agdōkon ka lamang tang mga kabatan.I don't sell alcoholic drinks anymore because they are just being taken out (i.e. of the crate, without paying) by the teenagers.Ang mola pirming pandōk tang titi ni nanay na.The child is always reaching in to grab it's mother's breast.
dokor-dokorvstatUndergoer: agdodokor-dokorbukol-bukolFor something to be bunched up, lumpy, not smooth or flat, as of a bedspread, sleeping mat, linoleum.Ang amek istiraen mo ta mo-ya tenged india mapoyat ta osto mga agdodokor-dokor. Smooth out the sleeping mat well because you won't sleep well if it is bunched up. antplastada 1rel wdkāsin 1
dokotvtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo be resentful, or hold a grudge against someone; to refuse to speak to someone, i.e. not on speaking terms.Indi ita magdokot ong masig ka taw ta, asia talak.Let us not be resentful towards our fellowman, that is a sin.Maski pagbagatan ami, indi gibek-gibek, agdokotano nandia.Even when we meet she does not say a word, she is holding a grudge against me.antbogno2 1bogno2 2.1ov syndemet 1temtem 1madinokoton1der.adj