Agutaynen - English


doktorvar. ofdoktoraEng1ndoktorDoctor.2viActor: magpa-To see a doctor, have oneself examined by a doctor.Paningo ong Puerto, magpadoktoro rin.I'll go to Puerto [Princesa City], and try to see a doctor. rel wdbolong 1manigbolong2
dolangvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -andagdagTo increase the amount of something; to add something more to something.Ang soildo ni Juan nadolangan da tenged naglawig da tang ranggo na.Juan's salary was increased because he was promoted in rank.Ge-ley lamang tang kinomit mo, dolangan mo!You took only a little, add more to it! antbawas 1bawas 1.1boin
doldol11<Not Sure>1.1nThunder.Mga tag-kokoran madagmit ang may doldol. If it is rainy season there is usually thunder. 1.2viTo thunder.Diminoldol talabi ang pagkoran ta ma-leg.It thundered last night when it rained heavily.2vi2.1Literally, for a person to be thundered on.Maski doldolano pa, belag baya ta yo tang nangomit tang koarta mo.Even if I am thundered on, I swear it certainly was not me who stole your money.
doldol2nA type of large tree with red blossoms.Some people believe that small, invisible people sapat, or evil spirits malignos live in these trees.rel wdbalo-balononok
doli1nbutoBone.2viActor/Undergoer: ma-To choke on a bone or have a bone stuck in one's throat.Komitan mo kang lagi ta doli na tang yan ba-lo ipapān ong mola, para indi madoli. Please first remove all the bones from the fish before feeding it to the little child, so he won't choke on a bone.3adjmadoliFish with small bones which a person can easily choke on.rel wddenlan
dolo11nabuloyFood or money donated or given to a family who has just lost their house or lost a loved one.Yading dolong belat asing kataposan.There was a large amount of donated rice at the time of the dinner after the wake.antaboloy 22vtActor: mag- Undergoer/Instrument: i-To donate, give money or food to the bereaved; to use something as a gift to the bereaved.Tomabango ra lamang ang magobra, anday madolō. I'll just help with the work since I don't have anything to give to the bereaved. antaboloy 1rel wdbolontad 1tabang 1
dolo2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-To lift something up and place it somewhere.Ang bilog ang nani idolo ta ong intablado agod imodan tang mga taw.Let's lift this outrigger boat up and put it on the stage so the people will laugh at it.Idolo mo kay naning planggana ong kolō.Please lift up this washbasin and put it on my head.ov synalsa
dolo-dolovar. ofdalo-dalovtActor: mag- Undergoer: -an To stir people up, usually with untruths; to influence negatively; to incite or provoke; to prod or "egg" someone on to do something.Pagdolo-doloa para magpasilaga lamang ong taw.You are stirring things up to cause people to become mad at each other.Dinolo-doloan mo sigoro si nanay mo, animan gasilag da ong yen.Maybe your mother was influenced negatively by you and that is why she is mad at me now.May nagdolo-dolo ong nandia, animan sinontok na tang barkada na.Someone egged him on, that's why he punched his friend.Indio dalo-daloan mo tani ta poros kabo-lian.Don't you influence me here with lies.India magdalo-dalo ong mga taw ang madaling masilag.Don't provoke people who easily get angry.ov synsolsoltobol 1rel wdekel 1
dologvi., vtActor: magig- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -onsipingTo sleep together, next to each other; for a man to sleep with a woman, meaning to have sexual relations.Ang magkatawa ay pagdologan ong katri kada labi.A married couple sleep together on the bed every night.Kada labi, agdologono tang kosi.Every night the cat sleeps with me.Osgaran tang Dios tang mga taw ang pamagigdolog ong belag ta kakatawan nira.God will judge those who sleep with those who are not their spouses.rel wda-pen 1imbeng 1mangombabaymangonlalikadologder.n
dolokvtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo clean up a field after it is been burned. (Any remaining brush which wasn't burned is now burned, the large rocks are put to the side to form the boundary of the field.)Agtālon ita ang magdolok ong koma nira ong domaton ang Sabado.We are being asked to work for them to clean up their burned field next Saturday.rel wdpaligid
dolong1nproa, harapanBow, front of a boat.antboli32viActor: mag-To be positioned on the bow of a boat.Yo'y mandolong. Yawa atan ong boli.I'll go to the bow of the boat. You stay there in the stern.antboli3
dolot1adjSharp, able to cut through things which are tough or thick.2vi., vtActor: -om- (donlot), ma- (maldot) Undergoer: -an (doltan) Instrument: i- (ildot) For a knife, machete, scissors to be strong and sharp enough to cut through things which are tough or thick; for a person or animal to be able to chew up, masticate tough food.Indi ka ildot tang ged ang na.This machete can no longer be used for cutting things (i.e. is no longer sharp).Doldot pa tang gonsing mong asia? Palbetay ka.Does that scissors of yours still cut well? Please let me borrow it.Anda ray doltan tang gonsingong na.There's nothing that my scissors can cut anymore.Indi naldot ang namangan ta kamait animan rinabon na lamang.She couldn't chew the corn when she ate it, so she just tossed it out.Ang ana mo, onopa? Galdot dang mamangan ta kindi?Your child, can she chew up candy yet when eating it?Ang karni indi pa doltan, sigoro ilaw pa.The meat can't be chewed yet, maybe it is still undercooked.rel wdmabolmatarem 1
dolsi1nCoconut candy, made by cooking young, shredded coconut meat with sugar.2viActor: mag-To make this coconut candy.ov synbokayo 1
doma1<Not Sure>1.1adjOther; another; some.Domang taw ay gasilag mga indi palbeten ta belat.Some people get angry when you don't lend them rice.2adj2.1viTo think of oneself as being different, better than others, resulting in stinginess.Ang taw ang asi, pandoma-doma tenged yading koarta na.That man thinks he is better than others because he has a lot of money.Mga mame-pet amo ra ta kamait, india ka mandoma-doma, ha?When you go to pick corn, don't you think you are different, ha? (i.e. don't hesitate to give some to us).
domaragandumalagaPullet; young hen which does not yet lay eggs.rel wdlo-lokan
Dominggoprop. nLinggoSunday.
Dominggo de Ramosprop. nPalm Sunday.On Palm Sunday, children stand up in small bamboo huts on stilts placed on the four corners of the plaza. The rest of the people have their coconut palms fronds, palaspas, blessed with holy water by the priest. Then the procession, led by the priest, circles the plaza and stops at each hut. The children throw down fresh flowers which the older people pick up in order to put in with their rice seed to ensure a good crop. Then the procession comes to the church door, which is closed. The priest and a few women go inside. The children and adults stand outside. The two groups sing back-and-forth responsively, and then the door is opened and everyone goes inside for the mass.rel wdpalaspas
Dominggo Soalawprop. nEaster Sunday; Resurrection Sunday.Very early in the morning, while it is still dark, the statue called Dolorosa, meaning 'Grieving', is taken down from her bamboo scaffold in the plaza. This statue represents the grieving mother of Jesus. It is taken around the plaza in a procession. The statue of Christ called 'Resurrection' is taken around in the opposite direction until the two statues meet. This meeting is called soalaw. The black veil is removed from the Dolorosa statue and then all the people go back to the church together and the priest says mass.rel wdpanolodSabado de Gloria
domino1nThe game of dominoes; a domino.2viActor: mag-To play the game of dominoes.Magdomino ita malagat-lagat ang labi.Let's play dominoes later tonight.
domogvtActor: Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -onmagpambunoTo wrestle with each other; to wrestle, throw, or force to the ground.Pirming pagdomogan tang kambal animan doro kaboling tang lambong nira.The twin boys are always wrestling with each other, that's why their clothes are always dirty.Ang baboy amen dinomog tang kiro mi.Our pig was wrestled to the ground by your dog.Ang kiro pagigdomog ong kosi.The dog is wrestling against the cat.ov synkolokobolobo
dondōnadv. locdoonThere (far from both speaker and hearer); over there.Napaning ami rin dōn piro anday tataw.We went there but no one was there.Gistar tanira dōn ong alawid ong bokid.They live over there far away in the hills.
Donprop. nSpanish title for a very wealthy male landowner. (The female equivalent is Doña.)Manggaden si Don Juan piro yading kasoay na.Don Juan is rich but he has many enemies.rel wdDoña