Agutaynen - English


Doñaprop. nSpanish title for a very wealthy female landowner. (The male equivalent is Don.)Manggaden si Doña Maria piro yading kasoay na.Doña Maria is rich but she has many enemies.rel wdDon
donasionndonasyonDonation, usually of money.ov synbolontad 1
dongdōngnA large school of very small fish or shrimp which comes close to the shoreline or into the mouth of a river, usually when they are migrating or spawning.Pamagbantay tang mga taw tang dōng ang ipon mga timpong abagat.People watch for large schools of migrating shrimp during the southwest monsoon season.Yadi sing diminōng ang lambiaw don ong may pantalan.There are many small lambiaw fish which have once again entered the reef in large schools there close to the pier.The shrimp migrate from the ocean into the mouth of rivers. When a river is full of shrimp, people use a nets with small holes, or something like a dipper, to scoop the shrimp out of the water, and then put them into large tiklis baskets. The shrimp are made into shrimp paste called ipon in Agutaynen and bagoong in Tagalog.
dongkaladjmadongkalStuffed in or thrown together haphazardly, not neat or orderly, even to overflowing; taking up a lot of space.Dapat imesen mo ta osto tang mga lambong ba-lo ilogod ong bag para belag ta madongkal. You should fold the clothes neatly before putting them in the bag so that they won't be stuffed in haphazardly. rel wdbanet 1gatek
dongkokviActor: -om-For a person to sit with their head resting on their forearms and their eyes closed.Ang nars mga gapoyat dodongkok lamang ong lamisan.When the nurse sleeps she just rests her head on her forearms on the desktop.
dongkolvi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -on Beneficiary: -ansaingTo cook, boil rice.Nagdongkolo ta māga pa tenged panawo pa ong bokid ang mangayeg.I cooked rice early because I will go to the farm to harvest.Angay indi ami ka dinongkolan mo ta iramal amen?Why didn't you cook rice for us for our noon meal?dinongkol2der.nAng dinongkolo nakanteng tenged napabayano.My cooked rice is burned because I neglected it.palagdongkolan1der.n
dongtovar. ofdontovtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-To push sticks of firewood into a cooking fire to keep the fire going or to make it hotter.Idongto mo kay tang apoy, indi pa kakala-kala tang dinongkol.Please push the firewood further into the fire, the rice being cooked is not yet boiling.antagdawov synpāpoyanrel wddabdabdabok 1
donongarchaic1<Not Sure>1.1viTo like, enjoy the taste of something; for food or drink to agree with a person.Indio ra madonong ang manginem ta gin tenged kokontra ra ong yen tang irinemen.I don't enjoy drinking gin anymore because liquor disagrees with me.2vi2.1To like, appreciate, or accept someone or something (other than food); to put up with, tolerate.Neman ka tang panogangan mo, angay india madonong ong ogali na?Your mother-in-law is very kind, why don't you appreciate her character?Yawa kay gadonong ong ogali tang katawa mong kaninigbak.You tolerate the habit of your husband who is a wife-beater.
dopovar. ofdopo-doponA type of small biting insect in the ocean causing itchy skin. (They are so small, they cannot be seen.)
doro1<Not Sure>1.1adjMany; lots of something.1.2nVery many, extremely many.Kadoro-doroan tang dalit ong anen!There are so many ants in the rice!antge-ley 1antge-ley 1.32n2.1advVery; extremely.Anday okasion tenged dorog kapalet.There is no boat transportation because it is extremely windy.
doroa1card. numdalawaTwo.Namakalo ta yan, doroang kilo lamang.I bought some fish, just two kilos.Sinopa ong nindiong doroa tang aka?Which of the two of you is the oldest?2ord. numyadoaSecond.Asi ra mandian ong Manila tang anao ang yadoa. My second-born child is there now in Manila.3dist. numtagtalodoa, talolodoaTwo each.Tagtalodoa mi lamang tang bakalen ming tinapay.Just buy two pieces of bread for each of you. 4advmadoaTwo times; twice.Pagpaletem ono tanandia ta madoa ong teled ta tang dominggo.She says that she fasts twice a week (lit. two times within one week).Mga maringet madoang mandigō ong tang kaldaw.When it's hot I bathe twice a day.
doroang polokvar. ofdoroampolokcard. numTwenty.
dosnumTwo. (This is Spanish and is used primarily for money and time.)rel wddoroa 1
dosinumTwelve. (This is Spanish and is used primarily for money and time.)Natapos tang program sigoro mga alas dosi ra ong labi.The program ended maybe around twelve o'clock at night.Agutaynen uses the Spanish numbers for counting the hours one through twelve. See the entry for alas1.
dosinanumdosenaDozen. (This is Spanish.)
dotdōtviActor/Undergoer: ma-, magpa-inaantokTo fall asleep over one's work; to nod off with one's head hanging down.Gadōt da si Juan ong sobrang obra nang pamobol.Juan is falling asleep from working for so long mending the fishing net.Ganing tanira mga ang mepet pirmi rang pagpadōt-dōt, sia madali rang mapatay.They say that when an old person is always nodding off, it means he will soon die.
do-tolviActor: -om-To show up for work, a meal, or a planned activity.Pirming māga tanandiang dodo-tol ong obra na.He always shows up for work early.Pagelato ong nindio ang magobra, angay indi amo ra ka dimino-tol? I was waiting for you all to come to work, why didn't you even show up? Angay anda pay dodo-tol ong lamisan ang mamangan?Why hasn't anyone showed up yet at the table to eat?
doyan1nduyanHammock; swinging cradle for a baby. (They can be made from a basket, blanket, a net, etc.)2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo swing in a hammock; to rock a baby in a cradle.Doyanen mo ra lamang tang molang ge-ley para mapoyat ta osto.Rock the baby in the cradle so that he will sleep well.rel wdabegdayan-dayan
doydoyvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anTo reach, extend something up or out towards someone.Indi idoydoy mo ong kiro siang tinapay mo, itaben la-miten na.Don't reach your bread out to the dog, he might grab it.ov syndawat
doyongnDugong, including sea cows and manatees.
doyotdōyotviActor: -om-For a plant, bamboo or tree branches to bend down low to the ground; for a tree to lean over.Ang bayabas agdodōyot da tenged dorong borak na.The guava tree is already bending over because it has many fruit.Ang papa ta nioy ang asia dapat pepe-ten ta ra tenged dodōyot da ong balay ta.That coconut tree there, we should cut it down because it is already leaning over our house.rel wdoririg
dramEngnbarilesLarge metal or platic drum for storage.