Agutaynen - English


dayaw1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enpurihinTo praise or think highly of a person; to praise or glorify God.Ang taw ang asia agdayawen ta mga taw tenged mo-yang ogali na.That person is praised by people because he has a good character.Angay dinayaw mo tang ana mo ang masinlo tang project na oman belag ta tanandia tang nagboat?Why did you praise your child saying that his project was nice when he was not the one who made it?Kaministiran pirming dayawen ta tang Dios.We need to glorify God always.2adjdalayawenPraiseworthy, as of actions, people, or God.Ang tanan ang kao-yan pagaling ong kaliwagan ig dalayawen ang Dios!All goodness comes from the high and praiseworthy God!ov syngalang 1padengeganunspec. var. ofdengeg
daydayvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -ensibakinTo chop up firewood, etc. into smaller pieces, usually with an axe.Mandaydaya kay ta langaw mo-ya makinit pa.Chop up the firewood while it is still sunny.daraydayender.nparandaydayander.n
dayo1ndayoPeople who are living at a place but not from there, or are not permanent residents.2viActor: mag- To go and stay in a place temporarily for a purpose, usually to trade or to fish.Magdayo tanira don ong Linabog para don magbila tenged don may manigbakal.They will go stay there around Linabog for the purpose of fishing because there are buyers there.rel wddayoanistranghiro
dayoannStranger; an immigrant or foreigner; person originally from another place.May dayoan ang napaning ong logar amen. Indi gata-wanan na tang dalan.A stranger came to our place. He didn't know the road.ov synistranghirorel wddayo 1
dayon1<Not Sure>1.1exprThe greeting that is called out in response to someone announcing themselves at the gate of a house, meaning, Come in!; Just let yourself in!Padayon amo!Come in! 1.2vi., vtTo come in, enter a house; to stay overnight somewhere.Poidi ami kang madayon? May we please come in?Ta, ong ariapa nagdayon don ong Cuyo?Well, where did you stay overnight there on Cuyo?Kada balay ang agdayonan ta bolto linibot amen da.Every house where a religious image was staying the night, we went around to it.2vi., vt2.1advTo proceed to do something.Animan dayon ami rang name-pet ta kamait.So we proceeded to cut the corn.2.2vtTo continue on one's way; to continue, proceed to do something.Tapos, nagdayon ami ang namasiar ong pantalan.Then, we continued on strolling down to the pier.Nagpadayon ang nagbitala tanandia ong nira piro poros palimbawa.He proceeded o speak to them but entirely in parables.Mandian idayon ta tang natetenged ong pagbarayaden ta bois.Now let's continue on regarding paying taxes.Ipadayon ta ra tang aggobraen tang gardin.Let's continue working on the garden that we are making.2.3viFor an action to proceed to happen, usually as the consequence of some other event.Paning ami rin ong Cuyo piro indi ami madayon mandian.We were planning go to Cuyo island but we weren't able to proceed today.Indi nadayon tang kasal ni Maria tenged ang nobio na napikot ong domang babay.Maria's wedding didn't proceed to happen because her boyfriend was trapped into marrying another girl.Ang balay ipatongkod ta kay tenged goririg da, itaben madayonan ang tomomba.Let's please have the house braced with posts because it is already tilting and it might proceed to fall over.
debdebndibdibThe chest of a person or an animal.
de-dek11adjtaimtim, taus-pusoWholeheartedly; fervently; unreservedly; sincere, sincerely.Ang pagsirbio ong Dios de-dek ong popotokono. My service to God is wholeheartedly. Midio belag ta de-dek ong nem nira tang pagtabang nira.It seems as if their help is not sincere.ov synbogos 1matod 12viActor: -om-For something to touch one's heart, have an effect on their emotions.Maski mapongaw tang balita na ong nandia, indi deme-dek ong popotokon na.Even though her news to him was sad, it did not touch his heart.ov syntandeg 1
de-dek2vstatUndergoer: -enTo be affected by a curse.Kaministiran manginema ta sinamak agod mga pintasana, india de-deken. You need to drink the special sinamak oil so that if you are cursed you will not be strongly affected by a curse. ov syntalab 1rel wdsompa2 1
de-dek3viUndergoer: -en Goal: ma--antagosFor a liquid to thoroughly soak something, or for cold air to penetrate something; for something to absorb water; for something to give off the strong smell of something which it has absorbed.Nade-dekan tang lambongo ta dogo.My clothes were thoroughly soaked by menstrual blood.Ang taralpoan indi madaling de-deken ta wi.The clothes to be washed don't quickly absorb the water.Mga madamel tang kolton, india de-deken ta lamig.If your blanket is thick, you won't be penetrated by the cold.Doro kade-dek tang ongaw tang belat ang nalbay ta gas.The smell of the rice which had kerosene spilled on it is very strong. rel wdbasi3 1septemtem 1
de-det1vi., vtActor: -om- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -ento press up against another person's back or side in a crowded place; to squeeze one's way through a crowd.Dine-deto nandia animan nagsit tang kabalao.He pressed up against me and that is why my arm was hurt.Dimine-deto lamang ong kayadian ta taw para lamang maitao ong agpaloa.I just squeezed through the crowd of people so I could see the show.2vActor: pl. mamagdere-detanFor people to be crowded, squeezed together elbow to elbow.Asing nagbiahi ami, dorong pasahiro animan pamagdere-detan ami ra ong motor.When we traveled, there were so many passengers that we were all squeezed together elbow to elbow.ov synge-get 1siek 1
deg1dēg1<Not Sure>1.1viTo win a game, contest, election; to be ahead, to be winning.Nandēg tanandia tenged nagdaya.He won because he cheated.Ninopang gropo tang pandēg ong baskitbol?Whose group is ahead in the basketball game?Nagpatay si Mayor ta baka asing pagpandēg na ong iliksion.The Mayor butchered a cow after winning in the election.Ang kalainan ya ray ang pandēg mandian tarin ong kalibotan.Evil is what is winning nowadays here on the earth.1.2statWon.Dēg da!They won! antpirdi 11.3nVictory.1.4nThe advantage, lead that one has in an election or contest.Mabael tang pandēg na ong Manila, piro ong mga probinsia, midio pirdi.His lead in Manila is great, but out in the provinces it seems he's lost.1.5viTo happen to win a prize or money.Nādeg tanandia ta mabael ong bolang.He won a lot [of money] in the cockfight.1.6nThe amount of money won; the prize won.Pirapa tang dēg mo ong sogal?How much did you win gambling?1.7vtTo defeat someone; to be defeated; to be better than another person at something; to be able to outdo a person in something.Dinēg ami ong betengan ta tali.We were defeated in the game of tug of war.Anda ray demēg pa ong nio ong katako.No one is better than you in intelligence.Mga ong kointan ta koarta, dēgeno tanandia.With regards to calculating money, I can outdo him.2vt2.1vstatTo be defeated, overcome by sleep, shyness, etc.Agdēgena tang poyat mo, animan india ra mabangon?Are you being defeated by your sleepiness, and that's why you can't get up?2.2viTo allow oneself to be defeated by someone or something.Indi amo padēg ong bisio mi.Don't allow yourselves to be defeated by your vices.agdegen ta inali2id.exprPlanō rin ang maglotok ta soman piro golping may kiminabot ang bisitao, indio ra nadayon. Ang planō kaman agdēgen ta inali. I had planned to cook sticky rice but suddenly I had visitors who arrived so I wasn't able to proceed. My plan indeed was thwarted.
deg2dēgviActor: mā-To be strong enough to do something; to be able to lift, carry something.Mga masiadong mabelat, itaben indio mādēg. If it is very heavy, I might not be able to carry it.ov synkaya1 1
degdegdēgdēg1vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enapiTo mistreat, treat unfairly; to take advantage of or oppress others; to persecute, treat cruelly; to take something back that was given.Yaming malised agdēgdēgen da lamang tang manggaden.We poor people are just being oppressed by the rich.Binakalano ta ba-long lambong tang ario, piro dinēgdēgo tenged korsonadao ka.I bought a new item of clothing for my younger sibling but then took it back because I really liked it too.antkamped 2lābi 2tepedte-tep2adjmadēgdēgTo be unfair.Madēgdēg ong mga logod na tenged indi partian na tang toroblian nirang tanek.He is unfair with his siblings because he won't share their inherited land.ov synagrabiado 1akig 1bigbiglipi-lipi 1maltrato
degmekvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-To push down on someone's head, usually a child's, so that they will sit or fall down or go underwater.Indi kay idegmek mo tang mola, itaben malmet.Don't push down on the child's head, he might drown.
degte1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo forced someone to go somewhere; to drive, push an animal to go forward.Pakilagano rin tang baboyo, kaso lamang anday magdegte ang paning don.I would like to have my female pig mated but the problem is there is no one to drive it there.Dinegteo nirang paning ong bailian.I was forced by them to go to the dance.2vt2.1viFor someone to be "led" to go somewhere, i.e. to go somewhere not knowing what the situation is there.Animan palá midio agdedegteo ang paning tarin. Na palá pagmasita?So it's like I am being led to come here. Are you sick?
de-kalunspec. var.dingkal1nA flickering light or ember seen at night on the road, in a coconut grove, etc.Onopa bato si, angay may de-kal ong talsi?What do you think that is, why is there a light flickering out on the ocean?Talabi asing pagolik amen ang nagpolaw may inita amen ang de-kal don ong kanioyan.Last night when we came home from the wake, we saw a flickering ember near the coconut grove.It's said to be the soul of a dead person which is burning in hell.2viActor: magdingkalFor the soul or ghost of a dead person to flicker in the dark.Ang taw ang mapinagtalaken mga mapatay pagdingkal ono ong tanek.A person who is a sinner when he dies, it's said that his soul flickers on the earth.rel wdsantirmo
dekal<Not Sure>11.1viFor a light to light up, come on; to give off light, such as a lamp or the moon; to flicker.Pondi ra sigoro tang bombilia tang layt, animan indi ra dengkal. The bulb in the flashlight has perhaps burned out and that's why it won't come a person's eyes to get big and seem to flicker in anger.
de-kal ta mata<Not Sure>
dekem1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo chew up, crunch on something that is hard, especially uncooked rice, corn, or candy.Si Maria maski ba-long natapos ang namangan, pagdekem si ta belat.Even if Maria has just finished eating, she chews uncooked rice.Magdekema ta belat tapos ibanios mo kay ong siano ang pagsit.Chew up some rice then rub it on my stomach which is hurting.2vt2.1To chew someone up. (This is an idiomatic expression, said when angry at someone.)Dekemena yen?Will I chew you up?
deldēl1nkalyoA callus, a thickened place on the skin.2vstatUndergoer/Goal: -anFor a part of the body to develop a callus, become calloused.Asing pagpalao ang kalimao dinēlan tenged ba-lōng nabiot ta pala.When I was using the shovel my hand became calloused because it was the first time for me to hold a shovel.delan tang kinaisipanid.adjSigoro delan da tang kinaisipan na, animan indi ra maintindi.Maybe his mind is already calloused, that is why he doesn't pay attention anymore.delan tang talingaid.adjAng taw ang delan da tang talinga na maski gabasi indi komaliek.A person whose ears are already calloused even though he hears he doesn't move.
delan tang kinaisipanid. ofdelHis/her mind is calloused. (Said of a person whose mind or conscious is hardened.)
delan tang talingaid. ofdelHis/her ears are calloused. (Said of a person who refuses to listen.)
delelengan<Not Sure>
delepviActor: maN-langoyTo bathe, play, swim in the ocean, lake, or river.Mga adalem tang talsi ong Dominggo mandelep ami ong Tabilan.If the ocean is deep on Sunday we'll go swimming at Tabilan (i.e. the beach located in the small barrio of Tabilan).ov synkapaypandelepander.n