Agutaynen - English


deles1npulikatMuscle cramps.2vstatUndergoer: -anTo get, develop cramps.Asing pagsinikad na dinelesan tanandia ta mo-ya.When he ran he developed severe cramps. Rubbing alcohol is put on muscles to prevent cramps. Some people believe that if you have cramps you need to hold your calf and/or rub on alcohol so the cramps don't climb up to your heart and cause you to die.ov synbeteg 1
delmanadjTotally dark, without a moon, stars, or lights.Angay pagaliga mga delman, india geldan?Why do you go around when it is totally dark, aren't you afraid?ov synarimem 1ki-lep 1
demdem11<Not Sure>1.1vtTo remember, recall; to remember a person's help or goodness by thinking of them or giving them something in appreciation.Balampa demdeman mo tang toyono ong nio.Hopefully you will remember what I asked you to get me.Indi ra dinemdem na tang lolo na ang nagpadal ong nandia, maski ge-ley lamang indi pagtorol.He did not remember his grandfather who sent him to school, he did not give him even just one little thing.1.2vtTo happen, be able to remember or recall someone or something.Nādemdemo pala, ang sabon ang ganing idolo ong nio, asi pa ong balay.Oh, I just remembered, the soap which I said I would give you is still there at the house.Pasinsia, indio ra gademdem.I'm sorry, I don't remember anymore.Gailalao tang taw ang asi, piro indi gademdemano tang aran na.I recognize that person, but I can't remember his name.Mga gademdemano asing nagke-keb ami, ba-long geldan.Whenever I happen to recall the time we capsized, I'm newly afraid.antlipat 11.3vtTo remind someone about something (literally, to cause someone to remember something).Mo-ya nagpademdema ong yen ang ekelan tang payong ang binletan ta.It's good that you reminded me to bring along the umbrella which we borrowed.Pademdeman mo kay mga ongaypa sinalok mo tang anloyo.Please try to remember where you hid my comb (lit. cause yourself to remember).antlipat 2.12vt2.1To remember, think, or worry about something; to be concerned about a person; to bring something up that happened in the past; to have feelings of guilt.India ra magdemdem tang nalbetan mo ong yen.Don't worry anymore about the money you borrowed from me (i.e. you don't have to pay it back).Indi ra demdemen ta ang tanopasia nagsoayan ita.Let's not remember anymore that time when we had a fight.deremdemen1der.nMga nakomit da tang mga kasalanan ta, anda ray deremdemen ta.If our sins have been removed, we no longer have anything to feel guilty about (lit. nothing to remember).panemdeman1der.nMalakan da ong panendeman amen tenged napaloa ra si Tatay ong ospital.Our hearts are relieved (lit. lightweight) because Father has been released from the hospital.Napoaw tang panemdeman nira para tomabang ong banoa nira.Their hearts were moved (lit. their concern woke up) in order to help their country.
demdem2nA type of sea animal with a hard outer shell. (The body is elongated like a lizard, but the head resembles a sea horse. They are caught in a sarap net in shallow water and are edible.)
demet1nhinanakitGrudge.Sigoro may demet mo ong yen, animan gasilaga pa.Maybe you have a grudge against me and that is why you are still angry.antbogno2 2.12vtGoal: -anTo hold a grudge against someone; to hang on to, or harbor bad feelings towards someone; to feel resentful or be mad at a person for something; to detest someone.Agdemetano enged tang babay ang asia, tenged agbabalitao nandia ang anday matod.I really am mad at that woman, because she's telling news about me that is not true.3vstatUndergoer: agde-tanTo feel irritated by something.Agde-tano ra ang pamasi ta ingal mga gapoyato pa.I feel irritated when hearing noise if I am still sleeping.ov syndokoterep1 1temtem 1
dendēn1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo press firmly with the fingers or palm; to put pressure on something; to knead a lump.Indi kay dēnan mo tang boko-bokō, masit.Don't press on my back, it hurts.Indi idēn mo ta osto tang lapis mga magsolata, madaling matompol.Don't put a lot of pressure on the pencil when you write, the point will quickly break off.Mga pagdogo tang igad mo, idēn mo lamang tang palad mo, sia magpoas.If your wound is bleeding, use your palm to put pressure on it and it will stop.Ang pangadlayen, yay ang mabilog-bilog ang gadenan mga may masit pario ta sit ta sian.A pangadlayen, that's a round lump which is kneaded if there is an illness such as a stomachache.2vt2.1Idiomatic expression meaning to put the blame on someone else, literally, to press on, put pressure on. (The English equivalent is "point the finger at".)Maski belag ta yo tang may talak, yo ra tang dedēn mo?Even though I'm not the one who has a sin, am I the one you are pointing the finger at?
dengan11viActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--ansabayTo go together somewhere; to do something together at the very same time.Magdengan ita ang paning ong programa malagat-lagat.Let's go together to the program later.Pagdenganan tanirang pagsinikad don ong plasa.They are all running together at the same time there in the plaza.antsabay 22advdelelenganSimultaneously; synchronized, "in sync"; together, at the same time.Delelengan ang namagalin tang mga motor.The pumpboats left together at the same time. Masinlong pa-dekan tang pamagtayaw mga delelengan. It's a beautiful sight when those dancing are synchronized.antsabay 1ov synabay1talalabid
dengan21nFamiliar spirit.Ganing tang domang mga mepet, ang taw mga pinangana may dengan na ka ono ong talon.Some old people say that when a person is born he or she also has a familiar spirit in the forest.This word is related to dengan1 meaning together, or at the same time. A familiar spirit is one which acts as a companion or a servant to a person.; This means that the familiar spirit is born at the same time as the person.2adjtegat ta denganStrong (lit. matured, tough) familiar spirit.India de-deken ta malignos mga yawa tegat tang dengan mo.You cannot be affected by evil spirits if you have a strong familiar spirit. 3adjlebed ta denganWeak (lit. not matured, unripe) familiar spirit.Ganing tang mga mepet mga lebeda ta dengan madaliang matalagbat ong paranawan mo.The old people say, if your familiar spirit is not matured, you can easily become bewitched when you go out walking.
dengegunspec. var.padengegan1ndangalThe innate dignity, honor, personhood which all people possess.Ang bitala mong asia panlangga ta dengeg. Those words of yours destroy a person's honor.Ong oring kaldaw, itaen tang tanan tang makabebereng ang dengeg tang Dios.On the last day, everyone will see the amazing honor of God.rel wdpagkataw2nkadengeganHonor.Mga brait tang ana mo, sia pagtorol ta kadengegan ong ginikanan.If your child is bright, that brings honor to his parents.Kadengegan tang nagimong Mayor tenged nagprosigir para ong ikakao-ya tang banoa.The one who became Mayor is praiseworthy because he worked hard for the good of the town.3vtActor: magpa- Goal: pa--anTo give, show honor or respect to someone; to esteem someone; to praise someone; to glorify God.Agpadengegan tang mga taw tang Obispo ang kiminbot ong pagbagat nira ta mga banda may ati-ati.The Bishop who arrived is being honored by the people by meeting him with a band and cultural dance.ov syndayaw 1galang 14adjpadengegGiving praise, honor.Ang galiagan nirang kantaen, poros mga kantang padengeg ong Dios.What they like to sing is entirely songs giving praise to God (i.e. praise songs).
denlanviActor/Undergoer: ma-To have something get caught in the throat; to choke on something.Indio ra rin nalinawa asing nadenlano tang karne.I almost couldn't breathe when I choked on the piece of meat.Nadenlano tang alibotod tang santol ang pinangano tenged mabael.I choked on seed of the santol fruit which I ate because it was large.rel wddoli 1telkaktolpot1
depdēp1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo arrest or apprehend a person; tto pursue someone; to catch a person or an animal; to catch a fish with the hands.Patigayon mo kay ang dēpen tang yan komo anday gēdo ang isibat.Please catch the fish with your hands because I have no machete to stab it with.Nandēpo ta yan ong enasan asing nanilawo.I caught some fish by hand in the tidal area when I went out looking for shells.Pamagdēp tang mga polis ong kolono ang naglayas ong prisoan.The policemen are pursuing the criminal that escaped from the prison.2vt2.1To catch someone in the act; to catch someone in their words.Kinabotana yen ang pagkalo-kalo tang mga gamito, nadepa yen.I came upon you messing with my things, I caught you in the act.3vt3.1To trick; to trap someone in their words or actions.Maning ta si tang te-ma nira para dēpdēpen nira si Jesus ong sabat na agod madimanda nira tanandia.Their question was like that in order to trap Jesus in his answer so that they could file a complaint against him.4vt4.1To understand, to get someone's meaning or the point of what they said.Ang molang asia dorog ka brait, ang maski onopay gaba-yan na gadēp nang lagi.That child is very bright, whatever he hears he gets it right away.
depa1nA unit of measure, the distance between a person's arms stretched out to the sides, about 1.5 meters; an arms-span measurement.Pirapang depa tang kaministiran mong teked tang baka mo?How many depa measures do you need for the tether for your cow?2vtUndergoer: -enTo measure something in these units.Depaen mo naning ta-bayan mga pirapang depa. Measure this clothesline with both arms stretched out to see how many depa measures it is.3vi., vtActor: -om-, magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo spread one's arms out from each side of the body; to lie prostrate on the ground with the arms stretched out, i.e."spread-eagle".Asing Mal ang Kaldaw dimimpa tang padi ong ka-ngan tang simban pagpaita bilang pagpinitinsia.On Easter the priest lay spread-eagle in the middle of the church demonstrating the sacrificial suffering [of Jesus].Pinadepa tanandia tang nanay na tenged nagkayam ong kanal.His mother made him lie spread-eagle on the ground because he played in the canal.
depdepvtUndergoer: -enTo trick someone; to trap someone in their words or actions.Dēpdēpen din tang mga Parisio si Jesus ong mga bitala na.The Pharisees tried to trap Jesus in his words.
depet1viActor: maN- Reduplication: mag--andikitFor something to have the ability to adhere to, stick to something else; for things to be stuck, pasted or glued together.Indi ra mandepet tang kolang na.This paste doesn't stick anymore.Ang alamay tang olita ay maelet ang mandepet ong kalima.The tentacles of the octopus stick firmly to one's hand.Ang pagbailian ang asi midio pagdepetan da.That couple dancing are like they are stuck together. Ang pama-deko ong mga litra, midio pamagderepet-depetan da.When I look at the letters, it's as if they are all stuck together. 2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-, papag--enTo stick something to something else; to stick, paste two things together.Sinopay nagpa-pet tang paskin ang na tarin ong kodal?Who stuck this notice here on the fence?Ong aypa pina-pet mo tang paskin?Where did you stick the notice?Ipa-peto tang papil ang masinggi ong papil ong kolit.I will paste the red paper on the white paper.Papagdepeteno tang doroa nga papelan.I'll paste the two papers together. ov synpa-petsanib2
deremdemen1der. ofdemdem1Something weighing on one's conscience; guilting feelings about something.
deremdemen2nSomething weighing on one's conscience; guilty feelings about something.Mga nakomit da tang mga kasalanan ta, anda ray deremdemen ta.If our sins have been removed, we no longer have anything to feel guilty about (lit. nothing to remember).
derepunspec. var.maderep1adj., advmaderepmasipagIndustrious; hard working; to do something frequently; to be fond of doing something.Maderep tanandia ang magobra ong palibot tang balay.He is very industrious in cleaning up around the house.Ang taw ang maderep indi le-men.A person who is hard working will not become hungry.Maderep tang soltiras na ang maglambong animan yading taralpoan na.Her teenage girls frequently change their clothes therefore she has a lot of laundry.anttamad 1tamad 2ov synpirmireges 1tenten 12vi., vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo work hard at something, to be industrious in doing something.Pagderep tanandia agod indi maletem.She is being industrious so that she will not go hungry.Agganano pang magtype tenged agderepano pa.I still enjoy typing because I'm still industrious about it. anttamad 1ov synpatikaseg
det1dēt1viActor/Undergoer: -om-, -anFor firewood to catch fire, start burning.Indi demēt tang gatong ang lebay.Firewood that is wet will not catch fire and burn. Maboay dang dētan tang langaw mga tagbaken da.It takes a long time to get firewood to start burning when it's already soaked through with rainwater.antngey-ngey 1rel wdsi-kat 12vtUndergoer: ma-To get a fire going, burning.Nadēto ra tang apoy.I've got the fire burning now.3statmadēt daFor a cooking fire to already be burned down to coals.Madēt da tang apoy, poidia rang manggiaw.The fire is already burned down to coals, you can grill on it now.4vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--anpag-apuyinTo make or light a fire, usually a cooking fire; something used to start a fire.Magparēta ra ta apoy para mapagdongkol ita ra.Light a fire so that we can cook rice.Ang bonot masinlong parētan ta apoy.Coconut husks with the coarse fibers are good for starting a fire.rel wdparēt
det2dēt1nInk in a ballpoint pen; lead of a pencil.2adjmadētSharp or dark, as of a ballpoint pen or a pencil.Madēt tang lapis, ba-long tinasaran.The pencil is sharp, it was just sharpened.ov syntalad 13viActor: -om-To write well, as of a ballpoint pen or pencil.Anda ray dēt tang bolpino, indi ra demēt. My ballpoint pen has no more ink, it won't write well anymore.anttompol 1rel wdmadet
deten1viUndergoer: -om-For something to become hard, tough, firm, as of food, glue, cement.Ipabakal mong lagi tang siakoy mo tenged malagat-lagat denten da.Sell your donuts right away because in a short while they'll become tough. Indi kang lagi tandegen mo tang bilog, indi pa de-ten tang ipoksi na.Don't touch the boat now, its epoxy isn't hard yet.Diminten da tang siminto ang nakoranan.The cement in the sack which was rained on has become hard. 2adjma-ten, ka-tenmatigasTough, as of food; firm, hard as of cement; tight, as of a cough.Ang linotok nang terang olita ka-ten a-tenan, indi doltan.The octopus viand that she cooked is really, really tough, it can't be chewed.antlemek 1ov syntegat 1
deyegvstatUndergoer: dedeyeg-deyegFor one's head to feel dizzy; to have a throbbing headache.Dedeyeg-deyeg tang kolō tenged dinagato, mababael tang langeb.My head feels dizzy because I got seasick, the waves were so big.antkalibegbegov synilo-iloteyeb 1
di1var. ofdepossessiveThis is a Spanish borrowing used in limited constructions like in the following examples.Onopa tang aggamiten ming plantsan, koring obin di korinti? What kind of iron do you use, charcoal or electric? Masinlong pa-dekan tang talsi mga yading mga bilog di layag. The view of the ocean is beautiful when there are many small outrigger boats with sails.Mga kambian tang mageyep ig dorog kapalet, mga di lata lamang tang tera tang mga taw.When the wind is from the northeast, and it's very windy, canned goods are just what people use for their viand.Ang pistang aggoyan ta Flores de Mayo agsilibraen kada bolan tang Mayo.The festival called Flowers of May is celebrated every month of May.
di2<Not Sure>
vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo lift and carry, or push a boat either up from the water onto the shore, or from the shore into the water.Dīyen ta kay tang bilog ong takat.Let's lift and carry the boat up onto the shore.ov syntogbo 1