Agutaynen - English


dia1adjmaidiaDeceitful; tricky; crafty; devious; resourceful.Ang anao ang aka maidia tenged mama-dol ta koarta ong yen, oman asi palá sindolan da ka ni tatay na.My eldest child is resourceful because he will ask me for money, while at the same time his father has also given him some already.ov synlokomanloloko22viActor: mag-To find a way to accomplish one's purpose; to be resourceful or crafty.Maosay kang magidia tang mga takawan.Thieves are very good at finding ways (i.e. to break into houses).Gatakong magidia si Tatay. Mga anda ray tera, dayon ang laging manilaw.Father knows how to be resourceful. When there is no more food, he immediately goes out fishing.rel wdmidios
diabitisEng1nDiabetes.2vstatUndergoer: -enTo have or develop diabetes.Indi amo kay magasokar ta masiado, diabitisen amo.Don't use a lot of sugar, you'll develop diabetes.
diablonDevil; an evil person who acts like a devil.antdimonio 1dimonio 2
diario21nHard liquor; "hot" drinks.2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onuminom ng alakTo drink liquor.Pamagdiario tang mga mepet mga matapos ang magobra.Old guys drink liquor after they have finished working.Maolik ngani si Tatay, manangget pa ta tebang nirang agdiarion. When Father comes home, he will gather the coconut wine which they drink as their liquor. ov synbinotilia2der. ofbotiliairinemen2
dibabakdibábak<Not Sure>11.1adjShort in height; low to the ground.Tandandia dibabak ang taw piro maiteg.He's a short person but he's courageous.Teta maski dibabak pa tang papa ta nioy, pamorak da.Sometimes even though a coconut tree is still short, nevertheless it's already bearing fruit.Angay ang lamisan ang nang pinaboato ay masiadong kadibabak?Why is this table that I had made so very low? 1.2adjVery low.Ang iroplano pisan ang panarak-tarakan ong may mga bokid ang diribabak. The airplane flies low, right over the very low hills.antalawig 1ambog 2babakán 2.1der. ofbabaklawig 1.3dibabak ta nem1der.dibabak tang pama-dekder.1advDibabak tang pama-dek na ong yen.She looks down on me. (lit. Her way of looking at me is low.)22.1viTo humble oneself, put oneself down.Ang taw ang galiag ang mangolokolo kamininstiran magpadibabak ig magsirbi ong tanan.The person who wants to lead should humble himself and serve all.antambog 1pababakbabakpalawiglawigpatalobabakkadibabakan1der.n., adjantkalawiganmapinadibabaken ta nem1der.adjAng taw ang dibabak tang nem na, mapinasinsiaen.A person who is humble is very patient.
dibabak ta nem3der. ofnemHumble (lit. having a low inner being).
dibabak tang pama-dekder. ofdibabakTo have a low view, opinion of someone; to look down on someone.
dibabaw11n., loctaasUp above; upstairs; on top.Koma-yata kay don ong dibabaw, komiten mo kay tang toaliao.Please climb up there upstairs, please get my towel.Aroy, ang mga kambing asi ra ong dibabaw tang simban!Oh my, the goats are there up on top of the church!antadalem 7babakanidalemov synta-paw 12viActor: pa-To ascend, go up.Oman golpi lamang napadibabaw ang iroplano.Then the airplane suddenly went up. 3vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-To raise, elevate something.Ipadibabaw mo kay tang ta-bayan para indi kaboton tang mamola.Please raise the clothesline up so that the children cannot reach it.antpababakunspec. var. ofbabakov synpalawigunspec. var. oflawig
dibabaw2adjmababawShallow, as of water or a hole; low, as during low tide.Ang wing aggalian dibabaw pa, anda pay tobod nang yadi.The well that is being dug is still shallow, there's no water appearing yet.Ang talsi mandian, ang dibabaw mga labi.The sea today, the low [tide] is at night.antadalem 1rel wdpela 1
diba-dibaviActor: -om-lagablabFor a fire to blaze or flame up, burn very hot.Didiba-diba tang apoy ong langen.The fire of the cooking firebox is flaming up. ov syndaba-daba
dibatiEngndebateDebate.ov syndiskotirrel wddiskosion 1
diboEng1nDebut.2viActor: mag-For a young girl at the age of 18, or boy at the age of 21, to formally enter adulthood by putting on a big party, known as a 'debut' in English. (Only people with financial means are able to do this.)Nagsilibra tanandia tang ya-18 anios ang kapanganan na ig sia yay ang pagdibo na ig dorong pamangan ang sinimpan nira.She celebrated her 18th birthday and that is when she made her debut and they prepared a lot of food.
dibolanBall peen hammer. (This is a hammer with a rounded head, rather than a flat, divided head. That is why it is called a dibola meaning, 'with a ball'. It is used for breaking up rocks into smaller pieces, which can then be used for cement work.)
dibotovar. ofdibosionistadibotadonA devotee; a devout person.This refers to the person's habitual devout activity, often with regards to a saint.ov synmadinioson2
diga1vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo tell or confess something; to reveal a secret.Nagdiga ra tanandia ang si Juan tang nagtobol ong nandia ang manakaw don ong tsianggi.He already confessed that Juan was the one who told him to steal from the small variety store.anttogan1ov synbeg 1bonayag 1
diga2vtActor: -om- Goal: -anFor a man to speak flowery words, sweet words of love or flattery to a woman.Mintras pamagbaili tanira, ang lali didiga ong babay.While they are dancing, the man is making flowery talk to the woman.Aroy! Asta nambaelo ba-lo lamang natarak ang agdigan. Oh! Since I've been grown, just now I've experienced being spoken to with sweet words of love.ov synborak-borak3mamit
digo1viActor: maN-ligoTo bathe.Pandigo tang babay ang nangana kada yasiam ang kaldaw.A woman bathes nine days after her delivery.rel wddelep2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo bathe a child, baby, sick person, etc.Ang molang ge-ley agdigon ta pamegat mga mago-ya ong masit.A child is bathed with medicinal leaves after recovering from an illness.There are various beliefs and practices related to bathing. For example, when a woman is menstruating she does not bathe until after the last day of her period, for fear of having convulsions, kere. People who are ill also do not bath until they have recovered. A new mother bathes nine days after delivery with water containing certain types of bark and leaves, pamegat, to prevent a relapse, begat. A widow or widower, balo, bathes on the third day of the wake. A person should not bathe or wash their face or feet when they are hot or sweaty, or get near a fire after bathing. If they do, they will become ill due to mixing hot and cold, pasma. Mid-morning is the right time for bathing children. If a person gets wet in the rain they should immediately take a bath.palandigoan1der.n
dihadoadjEasily vandalized, entered.Dihado tang balay amen mga anday taw tenged anday kandado na.Our house can easily be vandalized if there are no people in it because there is no lock.