Agutaynen - English


dikandīkanvar. ofdikdikexprThe sound made by a person calling a pig.
diklarasionEng1nDeclaration, referring to notarized ownership papers for land; a bill of sale for land purchased; deed.2viActor: magpa-To file a claim for a piece of land.Sinopay nagpadiklarasion ang oman tang tanek amen?Who filed a second time for a claim to our land?
dikoatroviActor: mag-To sit in a chair with one leg over the other, forming a square shape with the raised leg.Pirmi tanandiang pagdikoatro. He is always sitting with one leg over the other. rel wdlambid
dikorasion1npalamutiDecoration.Yading dikorasion ong balay da Maria asing pagkasal ong nira.There were many decorations around Maria's house when they were married.2vtActor: mag- Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo decorate.Agdikorasionan da ka tang plasa mandian tenged alenget da tang pista.The plaza is already being decorated because the fiesta is approaching.
dila-dilandila-dilaBiscuit, cookie shaped like a tongue. (The name comes from the Tagalog word for tongue, dila. The Agutaynen word for tongue is dilak.)Nontokaw ang dila-dila kababael piro mandian kagege-ley da.In the past the dila-dila biscuits were big but now they are small.
dilak1ndilaTongue.2vtGoal: -anTo lick something with the tongue.Dilakan mo ra lamang tang sobri para mandepet ta osto.Just lick the envelope so that it will stick closed well.ov synsilakmāboat ta dilak1id.adj
dilam-dilamvtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo stick out one's tongue at someone and wiggle it.Pirming pagdilam-dilam tang molang ge-ley ong aroman nang mola.The small child is always sticking out his tongue at his companions.Dinilam-dilaman mo tanandia animan sinoaya ka nandia.You stuck out your tongue and wiggled it at him so that's why he fought with you.ov syndiwal 1
dildigviActor: -om-For a person to stagger while walking, trying to keep their balance.Ang taw ang didildig agkayawen tang mga kiro.The person who is staggering is being barked at by the dogs.ov synsaro-sod
dilem<Not Sure>11.1vtTo look, search for something; to seek something.Don tanandia ong baybay ang pagdilem ta yan.He's at the beach looking for fish (i.e. to buy).Agdilemeno tang mano amen ang nalipat tenged indi ra naolik.I'm searching for the chicken that was lost because it is not returning home anymore.pandilem1der.1n22.1vtTo long for something; to miss something; to be hungry for something (literally, to be looking for something).Indio ra ga-bo ta silik, agdilem-dilemeno ra.I'm no longer eating sea urchins, I'm longing for them now.33.1advWanting something, looking for something. (This is an idiomatic expression said sarcastically.)Pirmiang pagpakoran-koran, sigoro dilema ang magmasit.You're always causing yourself to be rained on, maybe you're looking to become ill.Onopa, dilema sigoro ta palo?Are you perhaps looking for a spanking?44.1adjA person with good character, without fault (literally, nothing bad can be found in him/her).Anday dilemen tang ogali tang taw ang asi.Nothing bad can be found in the character of that person.
dilikadisandelikadesaSense of propriety or etiquette.ov syndisintihinhinpormal 1tenten 1
dilikadondilikado; panganibDangerous; not safe; fragile; delicate.Mga mapalet dilikado ang magtay ong mga motor ang gege-ley.If it is rough weather it is dangerous to ride on a small pumpboat.Taben mapalpatan mo tang agbi-biten mo, sia paman dilikado. You might drop what you are carrying in your hand, and besides that it is fragile. ov synmarisgo
dilisndilisA type of small, long-jawed anchovy fish used to make fish paste, yaho, when soused in brine. (They can be caught in shallow water using a small round net referred to as a pana-lot.)rel wdberesgasbigbi
dilkitviActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--anFor parts of the body to rub together at a joint (armpits, thighs, neck, etc.).Pagdilkitan tang mga pakao, animan teta dorog ka-dik.My thighs rub together, that is why sometimes they really have a stinging pain.
dimandavtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-sakdalTo file a complaint against someone; to demand that a person be held responsible for something they did; to press charges against someone.Idimanda mo tanandia agod indi ra omanen na.File a complaint against him so that he won't do it again.ov synkaso2 1rel wdriklamo 1
dimatarchaicvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo backbite, talk badly of others behind their back; to slander someone.Indio maliag ang magdimat ta kaboi ta doma.I don't like to speak badly about the lives of others.Sino si agdimaten mi?Who is that [person] who you are backbiting?ov synlibaksemsem 1
dimdimvtActor: mag- Goal: -an Undergoer: pa--enTo taste or sip a small amount of a liquid; to allow someone to taste a drink.Dimdiman mo kay naning langgaw mga maka-lem da.Please taste this vinegar to see if it's sour yet.Ayaw, indi kay padimdimen mo ta irinemen si A-oy, sia taben lomboang palainem!No, please don't let Little Boy taste any liquor, he might turn out to be a drinker!rel wdsamit 1
dimonio1ndemonyoDemon; the Devil (Satan).Asing sinled tanandia ta dimonio pirming paginimod.When he was possessed by a demon he was always laughing.antdiablo2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo act like a devil; to tease or fool around with someone.Indio dimonioan mo tani, itaben napaloa pa yen.Don't fool around with me here, I still might be able to whip you.antanday sayod and ispiritodiablorel wdpanolay 1Satanas 1
din1var. ofrin1ptlsanaA particle used to show desiderative action (would like); or contrafactual action (would have; planned to; even though); or potential action (nearly; almost).Indi nagkipot tang igad, dapat din bedbeden.The wound didn't close up, it should have been sutured.Nontokaw manggaden din tanira, piro mandian pobri ra.In the past they were wealthy, but now they are poor.rel wdalos 1galiagunspec. var. ofliagge-ley 1maski
dinandander. ofdandanA braid made with three sections.
dingkalunspec. var. ofde-kal
dinogoan1nA dish made from the entrails and blood of a pig or cow and vinegar and spices. (It is served at special occasions.)
dinogoan2der. ofdogoA dish made from the entrails and internal organs and blood of a pig or cow and vinegar and spices. It is served at special occasions.