Agutaynen - English



galing2<Not Sure>
galíng1ntalinoTalent; skill. (This is a borrowed word from Tagalog. The stress is on the second syllable.)Pagpaita ka tang galíng nang magkanta.She's demonstrating her talent in singing.ov synkaosayan 1der. ofosay1kinata-wanan2der. oftakotalinto2adjmagalíngTalented, skilled.
galo1vt1Actor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo mix, stir something such as cement.Tabangay kang maggalo tang siminto.Please help me mix the cement. (This refers to mixing the cement with sand and water, either by hand or in a small cement mixer.)2Undergoer: galo-galonTo stir something continuously so it won't ball up or burn on the bottom.Ang maja blanca galo-galon mo ta osto para indi makanteng.The cornstarch dessert, stir it continuously so that it won't burn on the bottom.ov syngoal
galo2statgalo raFor a tree or post to be hollow inside.Teta ang ayong mabael maski boi pa ong teled na galo ra. Sometimes a big tree, even though it's still alive, the inside is already hollow. rel wdgabok 1ro-rok 1
galoangvar. ofmaloang1nA large hole made by digging or erosion.Padalemen mo tang alian mong galoang tang kasilias para maboay ang gamiten.Make the large hole you are digging for your outhouse deep so it can be used for a long time.2viGoal: ma--anFor an area of ground to become eroded and full of holes due to heavy rain or the action of waves.Ang tanek ay gagaloangan mga timpo koran.The ground becomes eroded with holes during rainy season.3viActor/Undergoer: mag-For something, such as a well, to become eroded or enlarged due to heavy rain.Ang wing inalian ay naggaloang ta mabael tenged mapoirsa tang koran.The well that was dug out became enlarged due to heavy rain.ov synboloa 1gawangrel wdinalian2
galonanngalonOne-gallon container. (Nowadays this can also refer to any large plastic container.)ov synkontiner
galonggongngalonggongHard-tail mackerel. (This is a small fish, steel gray in color, without scales. They are caught by commercial fishermen on launches. On Agutaya people go out to the launches and barter fruit and other food for the fish.)rel wdmatambakasalay-salay
galopvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -onTo scoop out something with the hands.Nanggalop ami ta kamait ang tinandal amen.We scooped out with our hands the corn that we had roasted.
gamen1viUndergoer: ma-bihasaTo become accustomed to, used to someone or something.Nāgamen da tang nemo ong nindio.I'm already used to you. (lit. My thoughts/emotions are already used to you.)ov synsanay 12vtUndergoer: -enTo cause or allow someone to become accustomed to something; to be permissive.Indi gamenen mo tang molang asia tarin ong balay, itaben takawan.Don't let that child become accustomed to being here in the house, he might be a thief.Aggamenen mo ka tang molang asia animan paganad ang pagalig-alig.You have let that child get used to doing whatever, therefore he is getting in the habit of roaming around.ov syningaramrel wdanad 1
gamgaman1nSmall handheld knife or blade used for harvesting rice.2vtActor: mag-To use this knife for harvesting rice.rel wdgapas 1
gamit1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -engamitTo use something.Palbetay ka tang ged mo, gamiteno rin ang manibabaw.Please loan me your machete, I'd like to use it for cutting weeds.2nThings; possessions; tools; equipment; utensils, etc.Yading gamit amen ang nalipat asing anda ami tarin.Many of our things were lost when we were not here.ov synbagay1betang1 1garamitender.nkagamitander.
gamo1nDisturbance; trouble; dissentions; riot.Ang nagimpisa tang gamo ay ang tolong taw ang poros baleng.What started the disturbance was three people who were all drunk.ov syngolo1 12adjmagamoTo be an irritating nuisance, disturbing others; annoying.Ang kirong kakayaw magamo labi pa mga labi.The dog that barks is really annoying, especially during the night.ov synerep1 13viActor: mag-To create a disturbance.Indi amo maggamo mga don ita ra ong kombida tenged makaeyak.Don't create a disturbance there at the dinner because it would be embarrassing.ov synaboso 1golo1 1
gampirunspec. var. ofampir
gana1nganaAppetite for food, or for enjoying something.Anday gana nang mamangan tenged ba-long nago-yang nagmasit.She doesn't have an appetite for food because she has just recovered from being sick.2vstatUndergoer: -anTo enjoy an activity.Agganano pang mamedmed tenged agderepano pa.I still enjoy sewing because I'm still industrious about it.
ganansia1ntubo, kitaProfit from a business sale.antlogi 1.22vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo make or obtain a profit in a transaction or a business; to make a profit from someone.Mga sobra itang magganansia talak da ka ong Dios.If we obtain too much profit, that is a sin against God.Ginanansiano ra ka nandia ta mabael ong binakalong lambong.She really profited a large amount from me with the clothes I bought.antlogi 1ov synita2 1rel wdtobo3 1
ganengānenvstatEdible.Indi gānen tang kosibat.Black leathery sea cucumbers are not edible.
gānender. ofanenEdible (literally, something which can be eaten as food).
ga-net1nlampinCloth diapers.antlampin 22vi., vtActor: mag- Goal: pa--anTo wear diapers; to put diapers on a baby, have a child wear diapers. (This also includes putting diapers on elderly people who are incontinent.)Asing tokaw, agpaga-netan lamang tang mola, mandian Pampers da tang oso.In the past, babies wore cloth diapers, now Pampers are in style.Pampers refers to any brand of disposable diapers.antlampin 1
ganga1nA shallow metal pan made from a large tin can.These are used for roasting cashew nuts or corn over a fire, for drying rock salt, etc.
ganga2gāngastatMouth open.Gānga tang bēlek, india magte-lek, itaben mapotol tang toldok mo.The large clam's mouth is open, don't touch it, your finger might be cut off.
ganga-v. affpfxPresent tense, actor focus plural.Gangakomit ta gege-ley ang yan, ang mga beresgas.They are catching small fish, beresgas.
gangal1vtUndergoer: -enTo leave gaps at the joints of something made of wood.Indi gangalen mo tang gobraen mong kalarongan agod indi ra betangan ta ipoksi.Don't leave gaps in the bench you are making so that it won't need to be glued.2statFor the joints of something made of wood not to fit well, leaving gaps.Goyog-oyog tang bindoat nang kalarongan tenged gangal.The chair he made shakes because it has a gap at the joint (i.e. where the chair leg attaches to the seat).
ganganga<Not Sure>
ganggangnsambasambaPraying mantis insect.
ga-ngiunspec. var. ofpa-ngi