Agutaynen - English



ganingunspec. var. ofaning1
gansiliovi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -ongansilyoTo crochet.Paggansilio ta mga kortina para ong balay.I'm crocheting curtains for the house.Ang lambong ang agtokon na ginansilio ni lola na.The blouse she is wearing was crocheted by her grandmother.
gansonGaff hook attached to a long pole used to land big fish.
gantangvar. ofganta1nA measurement of rice, equivalent to 9.5 tsopas or 2.5 kilograms.Pirapang gantang tang togda tang koma mo?How many gantang measures of seed rice did you plant in your field?2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo measure out rice by the gantang.Ang belat ang sindolo ong nio, sia indi ginantango.The rice that I gave you, I did not measure it out by the gantang.rel wdkaban1sekebgantangander.n
gantangander. ofgantangA wooden box holding one gantang, or 2.5 kilograms, used for measuring out rice in a store.
gaoyonunspec. var. ofoyon1
gapag-v. affpfxPresent tense, actor focus abilitative.Indio pa gapagdongkol. I have not been able to cook rice yet.
gapas1ngapasA small sickle, used for harvesting rice or cutting cogon grass (kirib).2vtActor: mag-, maN--an Undergoer: -en, -anTo cut, harvest with the use of a sickle; to go someplace to harvest rice when it's harvest time there.Gapasen ta ra lamang tang paray para madali itang matapos.We'll just harvest the rice with a sickle so we can quickly finish.Yading nagapasan mo?Were you able to harvest a lot?Magpagapaso ra rin tang paray amen.I'm thinking of having our rice harvested.Manggapasano rin ong San Vicente.I'm going harvest rice in [the municipality of] San Vicente.ov synayeg 1rel wdgalabgamgaman 1
gapelek-pelek ta nem1exprTo feel emotionally distant from someone (literally, emotions are being tossed out).Pisan ang gapelek-pelek tang nemo ong logodong asiang madegdeg.I feel emotionally distant from my brother who is very unfair.
gapelek-pelek ta nem2der. ofnemTo feel emotionally distant from someone (lit. emotions are being tossed out).
gapelek-pelek ta nem3id. ofpelekTo feel emotionally distant from someone (lit. emotions are being tossed out).
gapilvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal/Beneficiary: -ansaliTo include, put something in with other things; to include someone in buying something.Indi igapil mo siang abel ang maboboling ong mga limpio.Don't include the dirty clothes with the clean ones.Mga mamakala ta gas, gapilay ka ta tang botilia.When you go buy kerosene, please include one bottle for me.Mga maitao ta yan gapilana yen.If I find some fish to buy, I'll include you.ov syna-pen 1bato3
gapoyat tang mantikaid. ofpoyatLiterally, "the fat is sleeping", meaning it is solidified.
garamal1der. ofdamalEarly morning, before daybreak.
garamal2n., advmadaling arawEarly morning, before daybreak.Indi ra maboay, Simba rang Garamal. It is not long now and it will be the time of early morning church.Nagalin tanirang garamal tenged adalem tang talsi.They left before daybreak because the tide was deep.ov syntagaramalen2
garamitender. ofgamitThings, possessions, furniture, furnishings, etc.
garapon1var. ofgrapon1ngaraponGlass jar with a lid, used for storing things like salt, sugar, candy.
garboadj1luhoExtravagant, as of clothing, a house.Garbo tang balay nira don ong Cavite.Their house in Cavite is extravagant. 2magarboFor a person to be extravagant, constantly spending money on something; a spendthrift.Magarbo tang ana na ong lambong animan pirming lobot tang koarta na.Her child is extravagant with regard to clothing, that is why her money is always used up.ov syngasta
gardinvar. ofhardin1EngnhardinGarden.
garit1nbuniRingworm.Ang garit ay tatang masit na doro katel tapos mga ololon ay pambael ig pangopak-opak asta maromog tang sinangoni.Ringworm is a disease which is extremely itchy and when scratched it becomes bigger and peels until it spreads all over the body.2vstatUndergoer: -enTo have ringworm.Geldano ang tempad ong taw ang gariten, itaben matalidano.I'm afraid to sit next to a person with ringworm, I might become infected.Ginarit da baya tang kiro amen ang ge-ley.Our puppy has really become covered with ringworm.