Agutaynen - English



garo-garoadjFor a child to be naughty, undisciplined, irritating.Ang molang asi dorog kagaro-garo, maski samblengen, inding pisan mamasi.That child is very naughty, even if you scold him, he will not listen whatsoever.ov synraskal 1rawraw 1
garo-gokviActor: -om-To churn, as of a stomach.Ang siano pirming gagaro-gok mga sobrang inemo ta wi.My stomach churns if I drink too much water.
garongntimbaBucket for drawing water from a well.Sinopay nagbo-log tang garong don ong wi?Who dropped the water bucket down in the well?aggarongonder.adjAng wi amen aggarongon lamang, anday bomba.Our well just uses a bucket, there is no pump.
garterEng1nElastic used in dressmaking.2vtGoal: -anTo put elastic into a waistband.Garterano ra lamang tang bedbedenong kaliolioto.I'll just put an elastic waistband in the pants I'm sewing.
gasnKerosene used in small lamps and Petromax pressure lanterns.antpitrolio
gasanMantle used in a pressure lantern.
gasgas1ngasgasA bad scrape, scratch or abrasion on the skin or on an object.Angay may gasgas tang emet mo? Naonopa?Why is there a scratch on your face? What happened?2viUndergoer: ma--anFor something to become scraped or scratched up.Nagasgasan tang rilo na tenged nabanggod ong kodal.Her watch was scratched up because it bumped against the fence.Nagasgasan tang tōdo asing pagadagpao.My knee was scraped when I tripped and fell.rel wdbad 1banggras 1karos 1
gasolngasulLiquified petroleum gas (LPG), also known as propane. It comes in portable tanks and is used for cooking.
gastavtActor: mag- Undergoer: -engastaTo spend money; to waste or spend time on something.Indi gastaen mo tang koarta mo ong mga sini tenged anda ray ma-dolo ong nio.Don't spend all your money on going to the movies because I don't have any more to give you.ov syngarbo 1rel wdgastos 1gastadorder.n
gastadorder. ofgastaA person who wastes his money; a spendthrift.
gastos1ngastos; gugolExpenses; money spent, or available to spend.Anday gastos animan indio napagadal.There is no money to spend therefore I wasn't able to study.2adjmagastosExpensive; extravagant.Magastos tang kaboi ong siodad.Living in a city is expensive.3vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, ma-To spend money; to waste money.Tang ribo tang nagastos amen ong ospital ang nagpabolong.One thousand pesos is what we spent on treatment at the hospital.ov synkonsomo 1rel wdgastaporawas
gatagatá1ngataCoconut milk.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en Goal: -anTo make coconut milk out of grated coconut; to cook something in coconut milk.Gataen mo ra siang nioy ang kino-kodo.Please make coconut milk with this coconut that I have grated.Masabor ang golayan ta kalamonggay tang yan ang kindiaw oman gatān. It's delicious to add some kalamonggay leaves to grilled fish and then cook it in coconut milk.ginatānder.adjAng tera amen ginatān ang kalabasa.Our viand is squash cooked in coconut milk.
gataligan1var. ofagtaligan1nkatiwalaThe person who is entrusted with or responsible for something, such as one's house, property, or money; a person who is left in charge of something; overseer.Ang taw ang gataligan ong balay yay ang pagtalok tang mga liabi.The person who is left in charge of the house, she is the one who hides the keys.ov synadministradordiskarti1ingkargado2der. ofkargokapatas
ga-tangunspec. var. ofbetang1
gatangvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo buy or sell rice, beans, etc. by the gantang. (Gantang refers to the wooden box used for measuring out rice. It holds approximately 2.5 kilograms.)Manggatango ra lamang ta belat, anda ray paray.I'll just go buy rice by the gantang, as there is no more harvested rice.Pagatangay ka.Please sell me [some rice] by the gantang. rel wdgantang 1
gatas1ngatasMilk. (This refers to either powdered milk or to the fresh milk of an animal.)2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: pa--anTo drink milk; to give milk to someone (lit. cause, allow to drink milk); to bottle-feed.Ogali na ang paggatas ba-lo mapoyat.His habit is drinking milk before going to bed.Ang baboy ang gege-ley agpagatasan da lamang tenged napatay tang nanay nira.The piglets are being bottle-fed with milk because their mother died.rel wdyatat
gatekvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-, ma- Goal: -anTo carelessly throw or stuff clothes or rags somewhere; to stuff clothes around something, like around a sewing machine when packing it in a box for shipping; to throw or push a person into a corner, a small space, or a room.Ang lambong ang lebay ta inang oman gagatek lamang ong binit, sia madaling koto-koton mga inding lagi matalpoan.A shirt that is wet with perspiration and then just thrown carelessly to the side, that will easily develop dark spots on it if it isn't washed right away.Mama-dolo rin ta karton, anda ray magatekano tang mga abel ang lagi.I'll like to ask for a cardboard box, I no longer have anything for throwing old rags into.Pinatakān ami nira tang palo ig pagatapos pinanggatek ami pa nira ong prisoan.They whipped us hard and afterwards they threw us into prison.ov synbanet 1rel wddongkal
ga-tek tang kolo1vstatUndergoer: ga-tek, ka-tekanTo be very worried; to feel nervous about something (lit. cracked head).Ga-tek tang kolo na, mapalet da, indi pa gaolik tang katawa nang pagbila.She is very worried, it is windy and her husband hasn't come home yet from fishing.Dorong ka-tekan ta kolo ni nanay mo mga pirmiang pagalig.Your mother feels very nervous when you are always wandering around.ov synborido 1
ga-tek tang kolo2id. ofpetekWorried (lit. cracked head).
gatengvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo chop up felled trees and large tree limbs, making piles of wood for fuel, and arranging the leaves and smaller branches in a field, in preparation for burning it.Ang aggatengen amen dorong alekek na, animan maboay ang matapos.The large tree limbs we are chopping up are covered with many large biting ants, therefore it will take a long time to finish the job.rel wdpoan
gatengedanunspec. var. oftenged1
gatobol1nMessenger; errand boy or girl (literally, someone to send, command); an employee whose main duty is running errands; a "go-fer".ov syntorobolon2 1
gatobol2der. oftobolErrand boy or girl (lit. someone to send, command); an employee whose chief duty is running errands; a "go-fer".