Agutaynen - English



gatong1npanggatongFirewood.Maliwag ta gatong mga timpong koran.Firewood is scarce during rainy season.ov synlangaw 12vtActor: mag- Undergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo use something as firewood; to put more firewood on a cooking fire.Mga maggatonga, indi payadien mo, masirok ita.When you put firewood on the fire, don't use a lot, our house might burn down.Ginatongan mo ka tang agdongkolon?Have you added firewood to the rice that's being cooked?rel wddongto
gatos1card. numdaanHundred.Doroang gatos tang inotang na ong yen.Two hundred pesos was the amount he borrowed from me.2numginatosHundreds; to count things by hundreds.Ang pabakal amen tang sirgoilas ginatos. When we sell Spanish plums it's by the hundreds. rel wdribo 1
gawad1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo reclaim, redeem something that was pawned or mortgaged.Ang pinrinda mong tanek ong yen gawaden mo ra tenged anda kay prodokto tang mga nioy.The land you have mortgaged to me, reclaim it now because the coconuts aren't producing anything.1.2nSomething used to redeem something else; a payment or offering given to a folk healer who has cured a person and saved his life from death.Ang bakang narin agto-dolo ong nio para gawad ong kaboio ang sinabangano nio.I'm giving this cow to you in exchange for my life which you helped.antprindaantprinda2n2.1vtTo redeem a person's life; to be redeemed from one's sins.Ginawad da ni Cristo tang kaboi ta asing napatay tanandia.Christ redeemed our lives when he died.
gawangnA space, opening, sometimes where something has been removed; a hole in the ground, usually caused by erosion.Angay may gawang na ra tang kodal? Ma-led da tang kambing.Why is there now an opening in the fence? The goats will be able to come in.Mabael da tang gawang ong tanek don ong dobali tang balay.The hole in the ground there on the other side of the house is already large.ov syngaloang 1rel wdinalian2
geba11viUndergoer: ma-For a structure to collapse or fall over.Nageba tang balay nira ang nabe-takan ta papa ta nioy.Their house collapsed when the coconut tree fell down on it.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -engibainTo intentionally destroy, demolish, or knock down a structure, rock wall, bridge.Gineba tang mga takawan tang ba-long bindoat ang padir.The thieves destroyed the new rock wall that was just built.ov synpegnak 1tebag1
geba2var. ofkageban1ngubatForest; woods; jungle.Some people believe that evil spirits and elves live in places like this.anttalon2
ged1gēdnboloMachete; bolo.Ang te-tekan tang gēdo nabelak ong sobrang dayday ta langaw.The handle of my machete has become completely split from too much chopping of firewood.Itageb mo kay siang gēd mo, matarem paman, taben maigadan ita!Please sheath your machete, it's very sharp, we might be accidentally wounded!rel wdponial
ged2gēdnA sharp crease, as in ironed or folded clothes.
ge-gekannA type of brown fish without scales. (From the front it resembles a frog, and when caught it makes a gek, gek, gek, gek sound.)
ge-get1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtTo squeeze or push through a crowd of people; to force or squeeze something into or through something, as in squeezing into very tight clothing.Gimine-get tang babay ong karakelan asta nakabot ong ana na.The woman squeezed through the crowd until she reached her child.Angay pinage-get mo tang sisingo atan ong toldok mo? Mandian indi ra makomit asta indi potolon.Why did you force my ring on your finger there? Now it won't come off unless it is cut off.2vi., vt2.1adjVery tight.Ge-get da ong yen tang kaliolioto, sigoro nanambeko ra.My pants are tight on me, maybe I've gotten fat.2.2viFor people to be very crowded together, squeezed in tightly, to be shoulder to shoulder.Pamaggere-getan tang mga taw ang tetelek ong sini.The people watching the movie are shoulder to shoulder.
gegma1ngegma, paggegma, paggeregmanmahal; ibigLove.Anday gegma na ong masig ka taw na.He has no love for his fellowman.Ipaita ta ong mga logod ta tang de-dek ang paggegma ta.Let's show to our siblings our sincere love. antmal1 3silag 32vtActor: mag- Reduplication: mamaggegman, mamaggeregman Undergoer: -anTo love someone.Indi amo magsoay, mamaggegman amo tenged mamaglogod amo.Don't quarrel, love each other because you are siblings.Aggegmano tang tangayo.I love my friend.antmal1 1silag 1maginegmaen1der.adjGata-wananong maginegmaen amo, mataligan, maderep ig pamagagoanta amo ong mo-yang nem.I know that you are loving, trustworthy, industrious and that you are persevering with a good attitude.
gelangvar. ofgeglangvi., vtActor: -om- Goal: -anFor one's eyes to open wide, get big with surprise or fright; to open one's eyes big, make big eyes at someone, sometimes in anger.Asing naba-yan nang pagbitalao ta anday sasayod, giminlang tang mata na ong yen.When she heard me uttering bad words, her eyes opened wide at me.Ang ogali tang mepet ang asi pirming geglang ong mamola.The habit of that old person is to always make big eyes at little children.Sinopay aggeglangan mo, yo?Who are you making big eyes at, me?rel wddekal 1singgat 1
geldanvstatActor/Undergoer: geldantakotTo be afraid, frightened; to feel scared.Geldano ong taw ang gabaleng mga paginiteg.I'm afraid of a drunk person if he is shouting.rel wdeled 1kabadokito
ge-ley<Not Sure>11.1adjSmall in size; little; tiny.Ge-ley pa tang baboy amen.Our pig is still small. Ipatabóan mo kay tang mga kosing gege-ley, pamantaki tani ong dibabaw.Take the kittens (lit. small cats) downstairs, they are pooping here upstairs.antmabaelmanawa1.2viFor something or someone to become smaller.Angay bato nangge-ley da tang lambongo?Why do you suppose my shirt became smaller? 1.3adjFew; small amount.Onday ka ta ge-ley tang agpanganen mo.Please give me a small amount of what you're eating.antdoro 1yadi 11.4vtTo make a small amount of something; to make something small or smaller; to reduce or decrease the size or amount of something.Gine-ley mo ra ka lamang tang linotok mong tera?Did you make the viand you cooked just a small amount? Page-leyen mo kay tang agboaten mong baskit.Make the basket you are working on small.antbael 2dakel 1doro 1.2korang ta tang geret2 2.1id. ofkorangmabaelyadi 1may ge-ley naid.1expr22.1vTo feel uncomfortable, intimitated, shy or embarrassed around others; to try to be inconspicuous (literally, to make oneself smaller).Pangge-ley ge-leyo asing don ami ra ong kombida tenged dorong mga taw.I felt embarrased when we were there at the party because there were so many people.33.1vtTo belittle or ridicule another person; to degrade someone; to put others down (lit. to make them smaller.)Agge-leyen nira tang domang taw ang mga pobri.They belittle other people who are poor.44.1advNearly; almost.Asing naosog tang nanay na, ge-ley lamang ang napatay.When my mother was cursed with diarrhea and vomiting, she nearly died.Ge-ley lamang nabo-logano rin ta nioy asing papanawo ong kanioyan.I was almost hit by a falling coconut while walking through the coconut palm grove.antalos 1korang 1rin2
gemet1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo squeeze something tightly with one's hands; to squeeze something, such as juice, onto something else; to squeeze something with something else, such as salt.Masiadoa ka daldal, galiagang gemeteno siang anga mo?You're really too talkative, do you want me to squeeze your mouth shut?Gemetan ta kasin tang maragoso para belag ta mapakit.Squeeze the bitter-melon gourd with salt so that it won't be so bitter.2vt2.1To catch small fish with the hands by using a squeezing motion as one moves their hands through the sea grass in the tidal area. (The most common fish caught by this method are bo-yak and botalog.)Yading ginemetan nirang yan tongaynang damal-damal.They caught a lot of fish with their hands earlier this morning.
genengviActor: -om-For an insect to make a buzzing sound; for an engine or motor to run fast, screech or roar when being reved up.Mga labi indio mapoyat ta osto tenged gemenengan tang mga namo ong talingao.At night I cannot sleep well because the mosquitoes all make a buzzing sound in my ears.Talabi indio napoyat ta osto, pisan ang gegeneng tang mga tarayan.Last night I couldn't sleep well, the vehicles were really roaring by fast. rel wdagrotdagem 1
generatorvar. ofhiniratorEngnGenerator.This can refer to a very large generator, such as the ones which supply a town with electricity, or to smaller ones used in individual homes or businesses.
genggenvtUndergoer: i- Goal: ma--an, pa--anTo carry the burden of all the work, while others sit idly by; to put the burden of work on a person.Ee, igenggen mi lamang tang tanan ong yen, ig yamo, komarong amo lamang.Yes, you'll put the burden of work on me, and you'll just sit by.Tanandia ka kaman tang gagenggenan tang tanan.She indeed is the one who carries the burden of all the work.Yo ra lamang ay pagenggenan mi tang tanan ang obra?Are you just going to cause me to be burdened with all the work?ov syngetatan 1
gentekunspec. var. ofgetek
geret1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en Instrument: i- Goal/Beneficiary: -anTo cut something with a knife or scissors; to accidentally be cut, or cut something; to slice something up; to slice into small pieces; to make a cut on something.Mga magboat amo ta mga litra, gereten mi ta mato-lid.When you make the letters, cut them out straight.Aroy! Nagereto ra ong pagopako tang golay!Ouch! I accidentally cut myself peeling the vegetables!Ang gonsing mga mabol da indi ra māgeret ta osto.Scissors that have become dull won't cut well anymore.Gineretan ni Nanay tang bisogo para masinlong priton ig indi magbali-kad.Mother put small cuts in the sides of the bisogo fish so they would fry nicely and not curl up.May pinaningan na animan asta tanggetan na indi nageretan. He had somewhere to go therefore even his trees from which he gathers coconut wine, he was not able to cut them (i.e. make the cut on the flower from where the nectar will drip out).Ang mamolang ge-ley mareges ang maggeret-geret ta papil.Little kids are fond of cutting up paper.Geret-geretano kay tang baboy ta papa ta ponsi para may bog na malagat-lagat.I'll cut up the banana plant for the pig so that he'll have something to be fed later.rel wdgetey-geteypotol 1ta-tad12ngeret, tang geretOne slice of something.panggeretder.naggeret-gereten ta sianid.vstatAng siano magang aggeret-gereten. My stomach feels like it's being sliced with a knife. korang ta tang geret1id.expr
ge-tatviActor: -om-To temporarily lose one's breath, have the "wind knocked out"; for a child to hold his breath when crying.Ang mola ge-tat mga sobrang i-yak na.Children stop breathing from too much crying.Ang molang nabo-log ong aldan gimintat da.That child who fell down the stairs has lost his breath. ov syne-tem 1
getatan1adjFor something to be overwhelming, exhausting.Tabangan mo kay si Nanay, getatan da tang obra.Please help Mother, the work is overwhelming.2vstatUndergoer: aggetatanFor a person to feel overwhelmed, worn out, or exhausted from doing something over and over.Aggetatan da tang mola ong sobrang i-yak.The child is exhausted from so much crying.ov synpaleg 1pengkey