Agutaynen - English



getekunspec. var.gentekviUndergoer: -om- Goal: -anTo suffer severe gas pains or bloating, usually from eating or drinking too much; to swell, as of a cashew nut, because of absorbing rain water.Ang sian mo ge-tek, bogān mo ta belat.Your stomach has gas, rub chewed-up rice on it.Sigoro gintekan tang baboy ang asi animan napatay.Maybe the reason the pig died is that it ate too much and became bloated.Ong sobrang koran ang alibotod tang kasoy ge-tek da.Because of too much rain the cashew seeds are swelling. ov synlekag
getet1ngetetantuwirang daanA shortcut.Ang dalan ang getetan ay gampir ong wala.The path that is a shortcut is there on the left.2vi., vtActor: maN- Goal: agpanggetetanTo take a shortcut; a place where a shortcut is taken.Manggetet ita ra lamang para madali itang makabot don ong paningan ta.Let's just take a shortcut so we can quickly reach the place we're going to.Tani ita ra lamang magpanaw ong Masinggi tenged don may agpanggetetan tang mga taga Villa Fria paning ong landingan.Let's just walk here to Masinggi because that is where people from barangay Villa Fria take a shortcut going to the airstrip.rel wdbanat1
getey-geteyvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo cut or shred into small pieces (vegetables, paper, cloth, etc.); to dice food.Indi ra kay getey-geteyen mo tang mga sinabat, sayang, maboat pang ponda.Please don't cut up the leftover material into small pieces, that's wasteful, it can still be made into a pillowcase.ov syngeret 1gotayta-tak2
geyem1nLarge brown ants which don't bite.2vstatUndergoer: -enTo be covered with these ants.Ang anen amen baya pirming aggeyemen. Our cooked rice is always covered with large black ants.ov synkayataw
geyepgēyepviActor: m-ihipFor the wind to blow; for the weather to be breezy (lit. wind blowing a bit).Mga geyep da tang mageyep ong abagat, maliag yaning koliada ra.When the wind blows from the southwest, it means it is going to become windy and rainy.Mandian geyep-eyep, belag ta maringet.Today it's breezy, it's not hot.mageyep1der.nDorog karinget, andang pisan ay mageyep. It is so hot and sweaty, there is no wind whatsoever.
gibovi., vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo cover up holes with soil after planting rice by swishing leafy branches over the area, like a broom.Giboan mi ta mo-ya tang tinogda, itaben tompiten ta mano.Cover the holes well that the rice seed was planted in, it might be eaten by chickens.Mame-pet ita kang lagi ta kapotan tang lomboy para gamiten tang maggibo. Let's first cut some end branches from the Java plum tree to use in covering up the holes.
gibo-gibovtUndergoer: -onhagupitFor something to be rustled or shaken hard, resulting in damage.Ang paray amen ginibo-gibo tang mageyep asing pagpamagio tang Norming.Our rice field was shaken hard by the wind when typhoon Norming came through.Ang baboy ang ginibo-gibo tang kiro napatay da.The pig which was shaken hard by the dog has died.Ang mga papel ong karton ginibo-gibo ra tang kirong ge-ley, poros da lasik.The papers in the cardboard box were all rustled by the puppy, and now are completely ripped up.ov synteged-teged
giboynA type of medium-sized fish, brownish-gray with slightly rough skin. (They are caught outside the reef. They taste good when grilled.)rel wdbagitan
giekvi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -engiikTo thresh rice with the feet in order to remove the grain heads from the stalks.Pamanggiek tanira ong orawan.They are threshing by feet in the shade.India poiding manlo-lot mga ba-loang natapos ang nanggiek. You should not wash your feet if you have just recently finished threshing rice. Some people believe that a person will get sick because they would be putting cold water on their hot feet.rel wdapros 1giriekender.n
gigitawannA type of medium-sized fish with yellow, white, and black stripes around the body. (They live around large rocks within the reef.)rel wdbonol
gi-gitaynA type of edible crab with a whitish, round body and dark spots.
gikgīk1<Not Sure>1.1nUrine.1.2vi., vtTo urinate; to pee.Talilien mo kay si A-ing, manggīko rin.Please hold Little Girl on your lap, I'll go to the bathroom (lit. I will urinate).Ginīkan tang molang ge-ley tang amek talabi tenged sobrang magkayam.The little child urinated on the mat last night because of too much playing.2vi., vt2.1viFor a cut piece of wood to lose all its moisture and become dry, as if it has urinated.Ang ayong asing naboay dang linagadi nagīk da, animan mga lansangan pagrika ra.That wood that was sawn a long time ago has already become dry (literally, has already urinated), so if it is nailed into, it splits.
gikan1nsanhi; dahilanCause of something; reason for something happening; due to.Ang masit na gikan ong politika.His illness is due to politi2vGoal/Referent: ma--anTo be or become the cause of, reason for something.Onopay nagikanan tang soay nira?What was the cause of their fighting?Mga ang kalima mo tang gagikanan ang yawa magkatalak, potolon mo!If your hand is the reason you will sin, cut it off!ov syngatengedanunspec. var. oftenged1rel wdkaning
gilekadj., nmagilek, gilekmakatiRough, scratchy things (rice, vines, sand, etc.).India magkayam tang kenay sia magilek. Don't play in the sand, it is scratchy. Ang paray ang maria anday gilek na.The rice called maria has no scratchy hairs on the grain heads.ov synmatel
gilingvtActor: mag-, magpa- Undergoer: -en, ipaggilingTo grind, mill rice to remove the husks; to have rice milled; to grind other things, such as meat.Mga ang parayo malango ipagilingo rin.When my rice is dry I will have it milled. Masabor ang lotokon ang bibingka tang belat ang giniling. It's delicious to cook bibingka cakes from milled rice.ginilingder.adj
gilingannRice mill; grinder.Indi ita mapagpagiling tenged langga tang gilingan. We can't have our rice milled because the rice mill is broken.antkiskisan
gimatnCorn cob.I-lek mo kay tang mga gimat don ong galoang.Please throw the corn cobs there in the garbage pit.
gimay1npatadiongA long, native, tubular skirt worn by wrapping it around the body and folding it in at the waist.The cloth, benang, used for these skirts used to be woven on a loom, but this skill is being lost. Nowadays most gimay skirts are made of batik material purchased in shops.2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo wear a native skirt.Manggimaya ra lamang ang panaw ong bokid agod india atelan.Just wear a long, native skirt when you walk to the farm so that you won't get itchy.ov synpatadiong 1rel wdandit
ginametarchaicnbagoongOld word for yaho fish paste.antyahorel wdipon
ginatanginatānadjAny dish that is made with coconut milk.Ang tera amen ginatān ang kalabasa.Our viand is squash cooked in coconut milk.
ginatānder. ofgataAny dish that is made with coconut milk.
gingnNautilus shell.
ginikanannmagulangParents.Indi mata-wanan ang tanandia may ginikanan na pa, o sia anda ra.It is not known whether he still has any parents, or none anymore.