Agutaynen - English



ginilingder. ofgilingGround, such as ground meat; milled rice.
gino1<Not Sure>
gino2n1panginoonLord.2maginoSir; master.
Gino11prop. nLord.antAmpoan 2Dios2nGinong DiosLord God.antAmpoan 1rel wdmagino
gipitadjgipitTo be hardshipped; out of money; hard up financially.Pagsintio mandian ta doro kabael tenged andang pisan ay mapalbeto ong nindio, gipito ka mandian.I regret greatly that right now I have nothing at all to lend you, I'm so hardshipped now.ov synliwag 1pigado
gira1ndigma, labanan, giyeraWar.2vtActor: magig- Reduplication: mag--anTo start a war; to wage war; to battle, fight against.Naba-yano ong radio ang pamaggiran si tang mga sondalo may ang mga ribildi.I heard on the radio that the soldiers and rebels are fighting against each other again.ov synlabanpaggiran1der.n
giremviActor/Undergoer: panggiremanTo begin to develop pubic hair and hair in the armpits, when going through puberty.Sigoro panggiremana ra? Onopa, matod?Maybe you are starting to develop pubic hair already? Is that true?rel wdsabot 1
giriekender. ofgiekThe newly harvested rice to be threshed with the feet.
giriliavar. ofgirilyaEngnGuerilla fighters in a war; retired Filipino veteran guerilla fighters from World War II.rel wdribildi 1
gisavtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enmaggisaTo sauté food in a small amount of oil.Gisaen mo kang lagi tang golay, ba-lo tabawan ta wing ge-ley.Sauté the vegetable first before adding a little water (i.e. to finish cooking it).
gitgītvi., vtActor: maN- Goal: -anahitTo shave with a razor. (This can include facial hair, hair on the head, body hair, including the hair of animals.)Ang barbas mo, gītan mo ka tenged māboat da.Your beard, shave it because it is already long.rel wdbarbas 1galab
gitaen<Not Sure>
gitarangitara.Guitar.Ba-lō pa lamang pagadal ang magtogtog ta gitara. I'm just learning how to play the guitar.
giway-giwayviActor: maN-To wear old ragged clothes because of being poor.Pisan da kang panggiway-giway tang taw ang asi, kailo ka.That person is always wearing ragged clothes, the poor thing.
goak-goak1nwakwakA type of long, tubular sea worm which lives in the sand on the beach. (It can be eaten or used for fishing bait.)Ong pagkomit ta goak-goak, agtebeken ong toga tang boloat na, oman koykoyon.In getting long sea worms, he pierces and threads it [on a long stick] above its hole, and then digs away the sand.rel wdkolod-kolod2viActor: maN-To look for, catch these sea worms.Manggoak-goako rin mga pela ra.I will look for sea worms when it is low tide.rel wdtebek 1
goalvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo stir something well, continuously so it won't separate or stick.Goalen mo kay naning linogaw agod indi dempet.Please stir the porridge well so that it won't stick together.ov syngalo1 1
goantisnGloves; small mittens worn by a baby so they won't scratch themselves with their fingernails.
goapoadjpogi; guwapoHandsome.
goardia1nguwardiya; bantayA guard.rel wdtanod2vi., vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo guard, be on guard duty.Yoy maggoardia mandian ang labi don ong plasa.I'm the one to guard tonight there at the plaza.rel wdbantay1 1
gobirnadorngubernador, gobyernorGovernor of a province.
gobirnongobyerno, pamahalaanGovernment.
gobirnorngobirnor, gobirnadorGovernor on a motor, i.e. the line used to govern motor speed.
go-got1viUndergoer: ma-For something to become frayed.India komarong atan ong bato, itaben mago-got tang kalioliot mo.Don't sit there on the rock, your pants might become frayed. 2statgo-got daFrayed.Go-got da tang pondo tang bilog animan nabontok.The rope of the anchor of the small outrigger was frayed so it broke.