Agutaynen - English



goitirEngnbosyoGoiter; disease of the thyroid gland.
gokodvtActor: maN- Reduplication: mamag--an Undergoer: -onhabulTo chase after; chase each other; to chase away.Gokodon mo tang manong panompit tang pinakaldawan.Chase away the chicken that is eating the rice laid out to dry.Ang kiro aggokodon na tang kambing.The dog is chasing the goat.Talabi yading pamaggorokodan ong karsada.Last night there were many kids chasing each other in the street.A-oy, india ra kay mileg ang magsinikad, itaben nanggokoda ka lamang.Little Boy, please don't join in the race, most likely you will just be at the end chasing after the others.This is an expression about the last person in a race, i.e. "bringing up the rear".ov synrotos 1
golay1ngulayVegetables. (This can also include dried native beans and edible leaves.)2vtGoal: -anTo add vegetables, beans, or edible leaves to a meat or fish dish.Masabor ang golayan ta kalamonggay tang yan ang kindiaw oman gatān.It's delicious to add some kalamonggay leaves to grilled fish and then cook it in coconut milk.
golo11nguloNoise; disturbance; trouble; fighting; unrest.Nagalin da tang kamalay amen ang maingal, anda ray golo mga labi.Our neighbor who is very noisy has left, therefore there's no more disturbance at night.antipes 1silinsioov syngamo 12adjmagoloNoisy, not peaceful; messy; full of trouble, fighting; disorderly.Magolo don ong barangay amen, pirming may pamagsoayan.It is not peaceful there in our barangay, there are always people fighting.antsilinsioov synboka-kag 1boragragingal 13adjmagolo ta isipFor one's mind to be disturbed, troubled; lack of peace of mind.Indio napoyat talabi ta osto, magolo tang isipo.I didn't sleep well last night, my mind was troubled.antprisko 1ov synmalinget ta kolo34viActor: mag-, magpa-To make or cause noise, trouble, a disturbance.Ang maski sinopay maggolo tarin ong programa may molta ang doroang gatos.Whoever makes trouble here at the program will be fined two hundred pesos.ov syngamo 15viActor: pl. mamagkagoloFor a group, or two opposing groups, to cause a disturbance, fight against each other, bring trouble to a place.Ang mga ribildi may ang mga sondalo pamagkagolo mandian don ong Mindanao.The rebels and the soldiers are causing a disturbance there in Mindanao.kagoloander.n
golo2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-, -onTo stick, insert something into a small space or opening.Agkalamano mga ang talingao aggolōn ta bolbol.It tickles me when a feather is stuck into my ear.Indi kay igolo mo tang kalima mo ong anga mo, maboling!Please don't stick your fingers in your mouth, it's dirty!Ang tsinilas na ginolo na don ong kodal.She stuck her slippers there into the slats of the fence.ov synso-sok2talet 1
golongngulongWheel; tire.rel wdintirior
golpi1advbiglaSuddenly; immediately; instantly.Kakinit-kinitan piro golpi lamang kiminoran.It was very hot but suddenly it rained.2vActor: ma-To do something suddenly or immediately; to panic.Indio nāgolping nailala ong nio asing pagbagat ta.I didn't recognize you immediately when we met.ov syndalik 13viActor/Undergoer: ma--an, pa-To be suddenly startled; to allow oneself to be shocked.Nagolpian tanandia asing pagabalita na nga si tatay na napatay da.She was shocked when given the news that her father had died.Nay, may ibalitao ong nio piro india pāgolpi. Mother, I have news for you but don't allow yourself to be shocked.ov synkelakibotrel wdseka 1
gomangumaRubber, used for making slingshots, spear guns, etc. (The piece of rubber can be purchased or it can be a piece of an old inner tube.)
gomabaynPilot fish.
gomamelangumamelaHibiscus plant or flower.
gongaw-ongaw da ta lasona1id. oflasonaFigurative expression meaning you will soon be married, said about someone who is already engaged. (Literally, the expression means that the garlic is now being smelled and refers to the garlic used in preparing the wedding feast.)
gongaw-ongaw da ta lasona2id. ofongawFigurative expression meaning you will soon be married, said about someone who is already engaged. (Literally, the expression means that the garlic is now being smelled and refers to the garlic used in preparing the wedding feast.)
gonongunoA type of small, grayish-blue fish with scales. (They can be caught in small nets called laya in shallow water.)Asing tokaw, ang mga gono aglayaen lamang ong dalay-dalayan tang talsi.In the past, gono fish were caught in small laya nets in the shallow water near shore.
gonopavar. ofgonorainterr. vThis inquires as to a person's response to something that was said or something that happened, e.g. What did he say?; How did he respond...; What was his response...?Gonopa? What did she say? Gonora lamang tanandia asing pagatako na ang tatay na ay patay da?How did he react when he heard that his father was already dead?rel wdaning1 1onopa 1
gonsing1nguntingScissors.Patigayon mo kay ang ekelan tang gonsing, mamedbedo rin.Kindly bring the scissors, I am going to sew.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo cut something with scissors.Maliwag ang gonsingen tang abel ang mataliat.It's difficult to cut fabric that is slippery with scissors. pangalat tang gonsing2id.v
gonsing ta taltalennMetal snips.
gonsing-gonsingnA type of bird, similar to a swallow. (They are called this because their tails looks like open scissors. They glide when they fly and are a sign that it will become windy.)
gorangoraA cap without a bill, visor, or brim, usually worn by small children.rel wdsambalilo
gorapayunspec. var. oforapay
goray-gorayadj1Striped, as of clothing.rel wdsamay 12gorayanStriped, as of fish.
gosawngosawYoung mullet fish.rel wdbalanak
gosok1<Not Sure>1.1nRib.2n2.1The metal rib support, like those of an umbrella.
gotayvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo slice a large fish or meat into large pieces.Gotay-gotayen mo kay tang yan ang mabael ang binakalo.Please slice into large pieces the big fish I bought.This word is believed to be part of the origin of the name Agutayan along with agonan (a root crop) and yan (fish).rel wdgeret 1getey-getey
goygoy, gōy1<Not Sure>1.1nName of something; what something is called.Indio matako mga onopay goy ta si.I don't know what that is called. 1.2vtTo call someone a name or title; to call a place something.Aggōyan na ta Tatay piro tata na lamang.She calls him Father but he really is just her uncle.Ang logar ang aggōyan ta Alalan tang Diwata tatang logar ong Agutaya ang masinlong pagikskorsionan.The place called The Porch of the Fairy is a place on Agutaya that is a nice place to go on an outing.2vt2.1vtTo call to someone; to summon.Gōyano lamang nio mga panaw ita ra.Just call me when we're going to go.Midio may giminōy ong yen, sinopa bato?I think maybe someone called me, who do you suppose it was?2.2viTo call out, loudly or continuously.Panggoyo rin ta tabang, piro anday napalenget.I was calling out for help, but no one came near.3vi3.1Summoning another person to die, referring to the extra space in a coffin.Mga ang longon ang agboaten masobran tang kaboat na ong patay ang ilogod don, maliag yaning panggoy ta doma pang taw ang mapatay.If the coffin being made turns out to be longer than the length of the dead person to be put in it, it means that [the extra space] is summoning another person to die.