Agutaynen - English


ha2unspec. var. ofa1
haiskolEngnHigh school.rel wdiskol 1
halo blokEngnHollow block; cinder block.Ang mga halo bloks ang ba-long bindoat amen pinalibotan ta panti agod marangan tang mano ang indi ma-led.The hollow blocks (i.e. cinder blocks) we just made were encircled with a net so that the chickens will be prevented from entering the area.These are concrete blocks with a hollow center, used in building fences, retaining walls, houses, and other buildings. They are made by mixing up cement and pouring it into homemade wooden forms. Then the blocks are left to dry in the sun for a few days until hard.rel wdasintadapalitadasiminto 1
hangirEngnhangerClothes hanger.
haos-haosnA type of small, white fish that lives close to the shore. (It is long and round like a person's finger and has scales.)
hapislipEngnHalf-slip.ov synnagoasrel wdkamison 1
Haponprop. n1Japan.2HaponesA Japanese person.antAponis
hardin2var. ofgardenEngnhardinGarden.
hiligunspec. var.mahilig1nAn interest in something; a hobby.Anday hiligong magtok ta kalioliot ang mapiet.I have no interest to wear pants that are tight.2advmahiligmahiligTo be fond of doing something.Mahilig tanandia ang magtayaw, animan maosay ang tomayaw.She is fond of dancing, that is why she is good at dancing.ov syngaliagunspec. var. ofliag
hinhinadj., advmahinhinRefined manners; correct etiquette; polite; courteous.Mahinhin tanandiang komaliek.She acts with refined manners. antbastos 1bastos 2malawayov synpormal 1tenten 1
hiniralEngnheneralGeneral.Napatay tang hiniral asing pagsolong nira ong gira.The general died when they attacked in the war.
hinirasionEngnGeneration.Magalin ong ni Abraham sa-sad ong ni David, katorsing hinirasion tang namagdalalaton.From Abraham up to David, there were fourteen generations falling one upon the other.
hodiounspec. var. ofodio2
hoisnhuwes, hukomA judge in a court of law.antosgado 1der. ofosgarov synmanigosgar2der. ofosgarrel wdokom1
hola1nhulaA guess; a prediction about the future.2vtActor: mag-, maN- Goal: -anTo guess; to predict or foretell the future, or be able to determine what has happened in the past.Holan mo kay ang sinopay mandeg ong kanta.Try to predict who will be the winner of the soloists.Sinopa bato tang taw ang gatakong maghola mga sinopay nanakaw tang koartao?Who do you think knows how to determine who stole my money?ov synmato-matopinto 1rel wdorasion 1manighola1der.nantmanigpinto2 1der. ofpinto
hostia1var. ofostia1nHost; communion wafers. (Also known as the Blessed Sacrament.)rel wdkomonion 1
hot keyk1EngnHot cake; pancake.
hot keyk2der. ofkeykHot cake; pancake.

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