Agutaynen - English



ka1ptlrinAlso; too.Poidi kang panganen ang ilaw tang ponsi.The banana can also be eaten raw.Asta ang paray nira, nalobot kang nasirok.Even their rice, it also burned up.
ka2ptlIndeed.Asia ra ka tang manō ang nalipat, naolik da.There already indeed is my chicken that was missing, it has come home.Anda kay talako!I haven't indeed none anything wrong (lit. have no sin)!
ka3ptlkang lagiFirst; previously, already.Dilemen mo kang lagi tang koartao.Look for my money first. Dati kang lagi. It was already there previously. rel wdlagi3
ka4ptlPolite particle meaning 'please'.Tabangay ami ka nio.Please help us.Nay, pabisay ka! Mother, please bless me!antkay
ka-1nompfxNominalizer affix denoting a relationship.Sinopa tang katepad mo?Who is your seatmate? Kaklasio tanandia ong elementaria.He was my classmate in elementary school.
ka-2nompfxNominalizer affix on verb or adjective roots, changing them into nouns.Ong kaloy tang Dios tomabid ami ong nindio.By God's mercy we'll go along with you.Ang kalawig na sobra pa ong portan.His height is more than the gate.Minos da tang kapalainem na, tanopasia masiado.Now his fondness for drinking is less, before it was really too much.
ka-3adj. affpfxIntensifier on adjectives. (It often occurs with the adverb doro.)Kabael da ngani tang baboy mo!Your pig is indeed very big already!Dorog kapalet mandian, indi ita ra mapagalin.It is extremely windy today, we won't be able to leave.
ka--an1nomNominalizer on adjective or adverb roots, changing them into nouns.Ong kaboayan natomano ka tang koarta.After a long time I found the money.Pirming gademdemano tang kao-yan na ong yen.I always remember his goodness to me.
ka--an2coll. affPlural (collective) affix which denotes a group of identical things.Yading baka don ong kanioyan. There are many cows there in the coconut palm grove. Ang mga taw agpaning ong kabobokidan para mame-pet ta adili.The people are going up into the mountains to cut posts for a house.
ka--an3adj. affSuperlative, translated either with words like 'best' or 'most' or with the suffix -est.Ang karian nira tang kalawigan tang tanan ang mga ana nira.Their youngest is the tallest of all their children.Ang Philippine Trench yay ang kadadalman ang talsi ong Asia.The Philippine Trench is the deepest part of the ocean in all of Asia.
ka-bavi1Actor/Undergoer: ma-baFor earth to slide down, creating a landslide.Ga-ba tang tanek ong dalan mga masiado tang koran.The earth slides down on the road when it rains a lot.2Undergoer: maka-baTo be covered, obstructed by a landslide.Indi mata-lib tang mga tarayan tenged naka-ba tang dalan.Vehicles cannot pass by because the road has been covered by a landslide.
kababanoan1der. ofbanoaArchipelago; a group of islands.
kababanoan2pl. nArchipelago; a group of islands.Gitaen da tang kababanoan. The archipelago is already in view.
kababarioan1der. ofbarioBarrios; a group of barrios belonging to a municipality.
kababarioan2pl. nBarrios; a group of barrios belonging to a municipality.rel wdbarangay
kababa-wan2var. ofkabatoan2pl. nA rocky place with large rocks or boulders.
kabadoadjkabadoAfraid; hesitant; apprehensive; reluctant.Pagaita amen ang atan da tang mga Aponis kabado ami ang paita.When we saw that the Japanese were already there we were hesitant to show ourselves.Indio matabid ong nindio ang paning ong Villa Sol, kabadō may kasoayo pa man don.I won't go with you to barangay Villa Sol, I'm afraid because there's a person there I'm still fighting with.ov syngeldankito
kabaelnThe size (lit. bigness) of something.Monopag kabael tang motor ang agpaboat mo?How large is the boat that you are having made?ov syntaket 1
kabagvstatUndergoer/Goal: ag--anFor someone to have gas pains, bloating.Animan pagini-yak tang mola, sia palá agkabagan. So that's why the baby is crying, she has gas pains.
kābagnA kind of tree, the leaves of which can be used as a vegetable when they are young and tender.
kabakawander. ofbakawMangrove swamp.
kabal1nThe thin cellophane-like membrane that sometimes covers a newborn infant when it is born.2vstatUndergoer: -enFor a newborn infant to be born with a thin membrane covering it.Ang molang kabalen mga ba-long pinangana midio agbongoton ta silopayn.A baby who is covered with a membrane when newly born looks as if it is wrapped in cellophane.This membrane is often dried and saved. Later, if the child becomes ill, the dried membrane can be burned and its smoke inhaled by the child as a means of treatment. Some people also believe that if a piece of the membrane is tied to the foot of a fighting cock it will bring it good luck.