Agutaynen - English


kalipayan1nJoy; happiness; good times; happy together; a party; a celebration.Mga logod, ibilang ming poros kalipayan mga gapasaran mi tang sari-saring pagsobok ong kaboi mi.Brothers, count it all joy when you experience various trials in your lives.Tapos da tang kalipayan mo tarin ong kalibotan!Your happiness here on earth is over with!Indio ra ma-pen ong kalipayan nira, mepeto ra.I won't join in their parties anymore, I'm already old.antkapongawander. ofpongawov synkambengansilibrasion2
kalipayan2der. oflipayJoy, happiness.
kaliponawarchaicvstatActor/Undergoer: mag- Undergoer: -onsakitTo be sick, ill.Pagkaliponaw si Nanay animan indio mapagobra.Mother is sick therefore I can't work.ov synpagmasit
kalisvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo level off rice, etc. when measuring it; for a person to wipe their runny nose (lit. mucus) on the back of their hand or arm.Kalisen mo ta osto mga pagsekeba ta belat.Level off the rice well when you measure it out.Aroy! Kinalis mo si tang alobang mo?Oh my! Did you wipe your runny nose again on the back of your hand?antobong 1obong 2ov syntampaytapankalalisen da ong gantanganid.exprDoro rang talak mo, kalalisen da ong gantangan! Your sins are so many, it's time to level off the rice measuring box! (This means it's time for the child to be punished in order to reduce his wrongs.)
kalisedander. oflisedPoverty.
kalitvi., vtActor: -om- Goal: -ansaglitTo interrupt one's work to take a little time, a few minutes, to do another job.Mga may oras mo, kalitan mo kay ang tambelen tang lambongong nalasik.If you have time, please take a few minutes to patch this torn shirt of mine.Kiminalito ka rin ang nagbila, anda kay nakomito.I took a little time to go fishing but I didn't catch a thing.
kaliwadwadvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo search or rummage through things, turning things upside down or topsy-turvy in the process.Angay agkaliwadwaden mo tang mga lambongo atan ong teled tang aparador?Why are you rummaging through my clothes there in the wardrobe?ov synakadka-kad 1karap
kaliwagan1nHardships (poverty, calamities, persecution, etc.); difficulties; suffering.Ang mga mepet nontokaw doro kang napasaran nirang kaliwagan. The old people in the past really experienced many hardships. ov synpinitinsia 1
kaliwagan2der. ofliwagHardships, difficulties; suffering.
kaliwitiadjLeft-handed.antto1 1rel wdwala 1
kalmadaadjkalma; hinahonCalm weather, calm seas.antmapaletpalét 2ov synlantaplinaw 1
kalokālonhaloA large wooden pestle used to pound rice, or to grind or mash something in a large wooden mortar.rel wdalmirislebek1lotong
kaloagvar. ofkalowag1nsandokLadle.2vtActor: mag-, maN- Undergoer: -enTo dish up food using a ladle or large spoon.Mangaloaga patigayon ta anen para mamangan ita ra.Please dish up the rice so we can eat now.Anda ra kay makaloag ang tera, lobot da.There's no more viand to dish up, it's all gone.The old people say if you are spanked on the head with a ladle you'll become a monkey.
kalobaynupoA large vine bearing a long green or white vegetable.
kalodvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo scrape something out, like burnt rice on the bottom of a pan, or young coconut meat out of the shell.Kalodon mo kay tang mga beteng ang na, magboato ta 'buko salad'.Please scrape out this young coconut meat, I will make buko salad.rel wdbaged 1kinalodder.npangkalod1der.n
kalog-kalog1viActor: -om-For something to rattle, or make a loose, knocking sound when shaken.Kakalog-kalog tang ki-yoy mga langga ra.Rotten eggs rattle when shaken. 2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo shake something a little bit, shake gently.Pagkalog-kalog tanandia tang ki-yoy para telekan ang bog da.She is shaking the egg a little bit to see if it is already rotten.Kalog-kalogon mo tang lata mga may teled na pang belat.Shake the tin can to see if there is still rice inside.ov synlongko-longko
kalogodan1pl. nClose relatives.ov synkaparintian2der. ofparintiparinti
kalogodan2der. oflogod1Close relatives.
kalo-kalovtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo swish something, like water or sand, around with the hands; to play around with something when you're not supposed to; to shake a small object.Kinalo-kalo tang molang ge-ley tang wi ong baldi animan maboling.The water inside the pail was swished around by a little child, that is why it became dirty.India magkalo-kalo tang mga libro, itaben malasik.Don't play around with the books, they get ripped.Indi kalo-kalon mo siang silik sia madaling maglapo-yak.Don't shake that sea urchin, the sea urchin meat will quickly become sticky inside.rel wdkalog-kalog 1peleg 1teged-teged
kalokati1var. ofkolokati1nPivoting blade with a handle, mounted on a block of wood and used for splitting open cashew nuts.
kalokoan1<Not Sure>Foolishness; a prank.ov synpilio 1
kaloliakalōlianA kind of balsa tree.The lightweight, inner wood is similar to balsa wood. In the past it was used to make floats for the small alipot fishing net.
kaloloakanan1nIrrigated rice fields.rel wdlirisabod