Agutaynen - English


kaloloakanan2der. ofloakIrrigated rice field.
kalolobayennWeakness, weaknesses; infirmities.Agtabangan ita tang Ispirito tang Dios ong kalolobayen ta.The Spirit of God helps us in our weaknesses. ov synkakorangan2der. ofkorang
kalololoan1var. ofkalolo-loloanpl. nGreat-great-grandparents; ancestors.antinampoov syninameykamepet-mepetan 1
kalololoan2der. ofloloGreat-great-grandparents; ancestors.
kalomi-mitnkabagSmall bats that are smaller than large kabilaw fruit bats.rel wdkabilaw
kalonggonkulugoWart.Some people believe a wart can develop on a person's skin where they are accidentally splattered with blood while butchering a white chicken. To get rid of the wart, the wart is pierced through the base at cross sections with two pieces of a dried bono-bono weed and a thread tied across them. Then the thread is pulled taut to cut it off. Another way to get rid of a wart is to burn it off with a lit cigarette.
kaloynawa; pagpapalaGrace; mercy.Ong kaloy tang Dios ondamal ami magalin.By the grace of God, we'll be leaving tomorrow.Ong kaloy tang Dios, nalibri tang logodo ong lantsang natalmed.By God's mercy my brother was saved from the boat that sank.rel wdgrasiakate-bek
kalpot1nBad smell; stench.antbanglo 32adjmakalpotmabahoSmelly; for something to smell very bad.Ang balay na gongaw ta makalpot tenged indi panlimpio.His house smells bad because he doesn't clean it.antmabangloov synmampoy3vtUndergoer: pa--onTo let something become bad smelling, usually through neglect.Angay agpakalpoton mo lamang tang gakomit mong pakinaten?Why are you just letting the shells that you got become smelly? 4vstatUndergoer/Goal: -anTo not like the smell of something; to be overcome by a bad smell.Agkalpotano tang sabon ang asia.That soap smells bad to me.antbanglo 1
kalsitinnmedyasSocks.Nalipat da tang kalsitin ang ba-long binakalo.The new socks I just bought are missing.antmidias 1midias 2
kamadavtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo pack things efficiently so that they fit in well; to arrange, place, stack things carefully, precisely.Kamadaen mo ta mo-ya tang libro agod magigo atan ong karton.Pack the books efficiently so that they fit there in the box.pagkaramadaender.nPasinlon mi kay tang pagkaramadaen mi tang kahon.Please make your stacking of the rocks for the border of the rice plot nice.
kamagokamāgo1<Not Sure>1.1nThe recoil or starter rope that is pulled to start an engine.1.2vtTo start an engine by pulling the recoil rope.2vt2.1To twist and pull hair.Ang doroang babay ang pagsoayan pagkamāgoan tang boa nira.Those two women who are fighting are twisting and pulling each other's hair.Pagini-yak tang mola tenged kinamāgo tang katepad na.The child is crying because her hair was pulled by her seatmate.
kamagongnkamagongIronwood.Ironwood is a very dense, black wood which comes from the mabolo tree. The wood is suitable for carvings, and is used for making furniture, hair combs, and Philippine fighting sticks called 'escrima'.rel wdamolawon
kamaitnmaisCorn.Angay sia ang inang mo mamaga ra kamait? Why is it that your perspiration is as large as corn kernels?
kamakaeledder. ofeledFrightening; scary.
kamalay1der. ofbalayNeighbor.
kamalay2<Not Sure>kapitbahayNeighbor.Ang kamalay amen pirming pagtorol ta tera.Our neighbor is always giving us viand.Ang kamalay mo yay ang logod mo.Your neighbor is your sibling.This is an expression, meaning that your neighbor is like your sibling, and therefore you should treat him/her as such, by being on good terms and helping one another.pagkaramalayander.nMasinlo tang pagkaramalayan nira, indi pamagsoay.Their relationship as neighbors is nice, they don't quarrel.
kamalignA small shed, either in the fields or in one's yard, used as a storage place for harvested rice.rel wdbodigadispinsa
kamalingetan1nAn area full of undergrowth, brush and trash; forest.Some people believe that evil spirits and elves live in places like this.antkamayagan2ov synkageban2talon2
kamalingetan2der. oflingetAn area full of undergrowth, brush and trash; forest.
kamamolan1kamāmolānpl. nkabataanTeenagers; youth; young people.Ang mga kamamolan mandian parti ra ong nontokaw.Teenagers these days are different than in the past.antkabatanov synsoltirassoltiros
kamamolan2der. ofmolaTeenagers.
kamanvar. ofka kamanptlsiyangaIndeed; definitely; yes indeed (showing agreement).Ang ta-leng ang nalipat ay para kaman ong nandia.The lost handkerchief was indeed for her.Way, kokoran da kaman, minaningo rang lagi.Look, it's raining now indeed, just like I said it would earlier."Mo-yang damal-damal." "Mo-ya kaman!" "Good morning." "Good [morning] indeed!" rel wdngani