Agutaynen - English


kamandagnSmall, black, fuzzy worms, like a caterpillars, which live on leaves. (They eat the leaves of rice plants, causing much damage.)
kamang1<Not Sure>1.1nClawed end of a pole or rake; claw-shaped anchor; curved handle on a coconut-wine container; claw end of a hammer; an S-shaped hook.2n2.1nSpecifically, the end of a homemade bamboo rake, toldag, used to pull burning brush across a field in slash-and-burn farming.2.2vtTo pull burning brush over an area to be planted using the end of the toldag rake.Agsirikon tang dapog, mga gapogdaw da kamangen para masirokan tang tanek.The brush is burning, when it is almost burning down to ashes, pull the fire with the end of the rake so that the entire area will be burned.
kamanggiannkamanyangA type of incense.It is placed on top of hot coals in a coconut shell, to produce a fragrant smoke. The smoke is then wafted around an item, for example a fishing net, to bring good luck.rel wdinsinsotapa 1tawas 1
kamangi1nSmall, green, aromatic, rough leaves that can be mixed with other food especially in boiled coconut-milk dishes.2vtGoal: -anTo add kamangi leaves to a dish.Kamangian mo tang ginatan ang kalabasa agod mongaw ta masabor.Add kamangi leaves to your coconut-milk squash so that it will smell delicious.
kamantolannGrasses that bear a pod similar in appearance to mongo beans. (In the past the seeds from the pods were roasted and pounded to make coffee.)Yading kamantolan ang totolpot ong binit tang dalan.Many kamantolan grasses are growing up at the side of the road.
kamaronnA type of medium-sized shrimp. (They are found in the muddy tidal flats or in rivers on mainland Palawan.)rel wdiponlegkenorang
kamarotinkamaroteCabin of a pumpboat; cover of the engine on a motorboat.
kamasmasan1nThe person in the highest position; the big boss.Ang tata ong mga impliado ang pabetang na ong sadili na midio kamasmasan. One of the employees considers himself to be the big boss.
kamasmasan2der. ofmasThe person in the highest position; the big boss.
kamata1nPink eye; conjunctivitis; "sore eyes".This eye disease is very contagious. On Agutaya it is endemic during the dry season.2vstatUndergoer: -enTo have, be infected with conjunctivitis.Mga timpong kambian dorong agkamatáen. During the season of the northwest wind many people have conjunctivitis.
kamatayen1nDeath.Onopay nagikanan tang kamatayen ni lolo mo?What was the reason for your grandfather's death? rel wdkinamatay2der. ofpatay
kamatayen2der. ofpatayDeath.
kamatodankamatódannkatotohananTruth.Poros kamatodan tang abibitalao ong nindio.What I am saying to you is entirely the truth. Ong kamatodan, maliwag ang ma-led ong inadian tang Dios tang taw ang manggaden.In truth, it is difficult for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.antbo-li 1bo-li 2rel wdmatod 1
kamatódander. ofmatodTruth.
kamaykāmaynbisingNative squirrel. (They are more slender than American squirrels and have a pointed nose.)
kamayagan1der. ofayag2A cleared, open area, like a plain or a pasture.
kamayagan2kamāyagannA cleared, open area, like a plain or a pasture.antkamalingetan1kamalingetan2der. oflingetov synkapatagan
kamay-kamayviActor: -om-To move one's body slightly; to still have movement in one's body.Telekan mo kay mga kakamay-kamay pa ka si Lolo.Look and see if Grandfather is still moving. rel wdkaliek
kambalnkambalTwin.Mga teta ang kambal belag ka ta pario tang itsora nira.Sometimes twins do not look alike.antkapid
kambangadjSpotted animal, usually pigs.
kambasEngvi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo canvas houses or an area for a survey, candidate, fundraising, etc.Magkambas ita kay lagi ong tanan ang mga tsianggi, mga ari pa tang barato don ita mamakal.Let's canvas all the small variety stores to see where things are cheapest and let's shop there.
kambengannHappiness; a happy get-together; a party.Yawa tang pagtorol ta kambengan ong yen.You are the one who gives happiness to me.Anda ray mātolad ong kāmbengan ang pinaningan amen.The get-together we went to has no comparison.antkapongawander. ofpongawov synkalipayan2der. oflipay
kāmbengander. ofambengHappiness; a happy get-together, a party.
kambian1nhilaga, amihanNortheast wind; north-northeast direction.Mandian ang Nobyembre diritso ra tang mageyep ang kambian. This November the wind is already directly from the northeast. This is a dry, cool wind and blows very hard beginning in early November up until April.2viActor: maN-For the wind to change to the northeast; for it to become the dry, windy season.Panebel-tebel da, mangambian da. Dragonflies are flying around, the wind is about to change to the northeast. rel wdabagat 1Cambiankaskaron