Agutaynen - English


kambing-kambingnA type of shell, white in color, with a small pointed end, and black or brown markings, resembling a goat, kambing. (They are similar to baka-baka but smaller and without spikes.)
kambiovt1Actor: Reduplication: mag--anpalitFor things to be either intentionally or accidentally switched, exchanged.Pariho tang kolor tang tsinilas ta animan nagkambioan. Our rubber slippers are the same color therefore they were accidentally switched.2Undergoer/Instrument: i-, pa--an Goal: -anTo give something in exchange for something else; to receive something in exchange for giving something else; to use something in bartering.Pakambioay ka tang belat mong malpok.Please give me some of your red rice in exchange for my white rice.ov synbailo 1
kambonkamboan, kinamboanOne's share of food; food for oneself.Mamangana ra tenged anda ray kamboan mong tera.Eat now because you won't have anything for yourself later.Anday anen ang kinamboano, lobot tang kiro.I didn't have any cooked rice for myself, the dog ate it all up.Ta, pinabaya-bayan mo tang babay, mandian aypay kinamboan mo?So, you ignored the girl you were interested in, and now where is the one for yourself (lit. your share)?This is an idiomatic expression.
kambongvtUndergoer: -on To do a project in a hurry, in a rush, i.e. not carefully, with the result that it ends up not being as good as it should.Ang pangobra na tang bangko kinambong-kambong na lamang.His work on the bench, he just did it in a hurry. rel wdraskal 1rawraw 1
kamedvtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -enkalmotFor a cat or dog to scratch or claw at something or someone with their claws; for a person to be scratched with an animal's claws.Ang molang ge-ley indi ra palpatan na tang kosi, animan kinamed tanandia.The small child would not let go of the cat, that is why he was scratched. Pagkamedan tang kosi may kiro tenged pagkalawan ong pamangan.The dog and the cat are clawing at each other because they are fighting over the food.rel wdkaros 1
kamepetan1pl. nOne's elders; older people, usually between the ages of 50 and 80.
kamepetan2der. ofmepetOld, elderly people in their 70s and 80s.
kamepet-mepetan1pl. nGreat-great-grandparents; ancestors.antkampo-ampoan2nkamepet-mepetan ang mga inameyVery ancient ancestors.antinampokampo-ampoanov synkalololoan2der. oflolo
kamēpet-mēpetan ang mga inameyder. ofmepetGreat-great-great-grandparent (lit. very old ancestors).
kamiasnkamiasA small, light-green, juicy fruit. (They are usually used to make a dish sour, and can also be used as a whitening agent in doing laundry.)rel wdapiriran
kami-lognbayagTesticles; scrotum.makami-logander.adjAng ba-long ana nira makami-logon. Their newborn baby has large testicles.
kamimintas1nmangkukulamA person having the power to put curses or evil spells on people; a sorcerer.
kamimintas2der. ofpintasA person having the power to put curses or hexes on people; a sorcerer.
kaministiran11<Not Sure>1.1nA need; necessity.May kaministirano ong nio.There is something I need of you.1.2vtTo be in need of something.Ong mga timpong mapalet, karakelan ang mga taw ay pamangaministiran ta yan.During the windy season, most of the people are in need of fish.2vt2.1advMust (do); need to (do); necessary.Kaministirano ra mandian ang magbayad tang korinti.I need to pay my electric bill today.
kaministiran2der. ofministirSomething which is needed; something which must be done.
kamisitankamisadentroUndershirt; shirt.
kamison1nkamisonChemise; slip.2viActor: mag-To wear a chemise.Kaministiran magkamisona tenged masilang tang kimona mo.You need to wear a chemise because your kimona blouse is easy to see through.rel wdhapislipnagoas
kamkamvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo take or mess around with things that do not belong to you.India magkamkam tang belag ta nio agod india palon ta.Don't mess around with things that are not yours so that I won't whip you.rel wdkalawkomit 1peleg 1samsam
kamodlanA kind a root crop similar in size to ginger.It is used by folk healers, but not in food. If a person has a thorn buried in their flesh, a leaf of this root crop is placed on top of that part of the body, to make the thorn come out. The root itself is used by folk healers, similarly to ginger. It is ground up and mixed with saliva and rubbed on the body. The smell keeps witches away from people.rel wdkalawag2langkawatloya
kamomogbog1der. ofbogbogA bully, someone who is always beating others up; a wifebeater.
kamomogbog2nA bully, someone who is always beating others up; a wife beater.ov synkaninigbak2der. ofsigbak
kamomolong1der. ofbolongFolk healer.