Agutaynen - English


sirgoilas1nsiniguelasSpanish plum. (These plums are very firm, with golden or wine-colored skin. They are called sirgwelas or siniguelas in Tagalog.)Maka-lem ang panganen tang sirgoilas mga lebed pa.Spanish plums are sour to eat when they are still green.2viActor: maN-To pick Spanish plums.Manirgoilas ita kay don ong aboat.Let's go pick Spanish plums uphill a bit.
sirivtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo clean pounded rice by swishing it around in a lino winnowing basket.Sirien mo ra naning limbek tenged dorong pasi na.Clean this pounded rice because it has a lot of unhusked rice in it.The rice is swished around and then tossed up into the air. The chaff blows away and the empty husks and small stones are then picked out of the rice. The entire winnowing process is called tap.rel wdkolay 1līnotap
siriawannA type of long, slender fish, similar to a torotot but much smaller. (They swim in small groups on top of the water.)rel wdtorotot2
siribvi., vtActor: -om- Undergoer: -ensilipTo turn one's head in order to see something; to glance at; to peek at something; to go by and look in on, i.e. visit, a person, usually someone who is ill.Siriben mo kay tang pinakaldawan.Glance at the rice that is being dried in the sun.Simiribo kay ta indi maboay don ong logodo ang pagmasit.I'll just look in on my sister who is sick for a few minutes.ov synsinek
siriden<Not Sure>
sirīdender. ofsidA very small amount, a smidgen.
sirimonianseremonyaCeremony; rituals performed.
siriniet1adjmasirinietsiksikSpaced very close together; tightly woven.Masiriniet tang to-kay.The teeth on the comb for lice are spaced closely together. antelag 3rigpen 22vtUndergoer: pa--enTo make something tightly woven or spaced closely together.Pasirinieten mo kay tang panabel mo.Make your weaving tight. antelag 1rigpen 1silang 1ov synsiek 1
siriosoadjseryosoSerious.Ang taw ang sirioso bihirang maginimod.A person who is serious rarely laughs.Sirioso tanandia ong obra na agod madaling matapos.He is serious in his work so that it will be quickly finished.antimod 1parbol
siri-sipender. ofsi-sipShort weeds and vines needing to be hacked down.
sirit-siritviActor: -om-sumasagitsitFor something to whiz or whistle, like a bottle rocket; to hiss, like air coming out of a tire; to take off like a rocket; to walk, zip along very rapidly.Mga lalayog da tang koitis pisan ang sisirit-sirit ang agpadibabaw.When a bottle rocket flies it really whistles as it goes up.Angay sia pisana rang sisirit-sirit ang papanaw?Why are you walking so very rapidly? ov synsoriot
sirkolonA circle of people.Pagkabot ong inadian tang babay, ang mga parinti tang lali ay pina-led da ong sirkolo, ig ekel tang irinemen may semseman nira.When they arrived at the kingdom of the girl, the relatives of the boy were brought into the circle, and they brought with them drinks and snacks.rel wdbilog1 1rikodo
sirmon1nsermonSermon; homily.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo give a homily or sermon; to scold, give a sermon, i.e. a lecture, to a child.Māga pang pisan ang Nanayo pagsirmon da tenged ang ario tamadan.Early in the morning my mother is giving a sermon to my younger sister because she is lazy.ov synbitala 1laygay 1
siro1numZero.antki-yoy 2.22viGoal: ma--anTo receive a grade of zero.Nasiroano pa ong iksam amen.I got a zero on our exam.antki-yoy 1
sirok11viUndergoer: ma-For something to accidentally burn, burn down; for something to be accidently scorched badly, such as clothing.Nagapil ang nasirok tang komang tepad tang koma amen tenged indi nabantayan tang apoy.The field next to ours was accidentally included in being burned because the fire wasn't watched.2statsirok daBurned down.Aroy! Ang balay nira sirok da, indi ra maistaran.Oh my! Their house burned down, it's no longer livable.rel wdpogdaw3vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -on For a person to burn or scorch something.Sinirok mo ra ka tang lambongo, makinit da sigoro tang plantsan.You've scorched my clothes, maybe the iron was too hot.Ba-lo ra sirokon tang linget ang asia tenged dorog kapalet mandian.Don't burn that trash yet because it is very windy now.ov syntolpokrel wdapoy 1
sirok2<Not Sure>
sirok3<Not Sure>
sīroknA type of medium-sized barracuda fish.rel wdrompitorsilio
sirongunspec. var.pasirong1n., locsilongThe space underneath a house, roof, or tree.Yading agtatalokong nioy don ong sirong tang balay.I have a lot of coconuts stored there underneath the house.rel wdidalem2vi., vtActor: pā- Undergoer: pa--anpasilongFor a person or animal to take shelter under something, such as a tree, a roofed shelter, or the space underneath a house; to move things into a sheltered place, out of the weather.Pāsirong ami kay tarin ong nindio, mintras pagelat ami tang motor?May we please take shelter here at your house, while we are waiting for the motorboat?Pasirongan ta tang langaw ang pinakaldaw, itaben komoran lagat-lagat ang labi.Let's put the firewood that has been dried under a roofed shelter, it might rain later tonight.ov synpalirong3viActor: magsirong-sirongFor a person or witch to rustle around underneath a house at night.Talabi baya may pagsirong-sirong ong balay.Last night really, there was something rustling underneath the house.
sirtavtUndergoer/Goal: ma--anTo discover or catch someone trying to hide; to find, come across something that is usually difficult to find.Pantaloka pala, mandian nasirtana ra yen!You are hiding, but now I've discovered you!Indi ita magsogata ong baybay mga may kakabot, itaben masirtan ita nira ig e-lan.Let's not go down to the beach when there is someone arriving, perhaps they will catch us and take us away.Asing timpo gira ganing tang istoria ni Lola ge-ley lamang tanandiang nasirtan tang mga Aponis.During the war Grandmother's story is that she was nearly caught by the Japanese.Tenged namasiolik da tang domang mga pamagbantay ta yan, nasirtano. Because everyone else waiting to buy fish went home, I was able to find some. rel wddep 1ita1 1tarak1 1
sirtovtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo decide.Magsirtoa mga tomabida obin indi.Decide if you will come along or not.antdisision 1
sisisīsi1nkaliskisFish scales.Ang babaloan anday sīsi na piro yading tenek na.The babaloan fish has no scales but it has many sharp fins.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo scale a fish.Sīsian mo kay tang yan ang binakalo ong namagpanti.Please scale the fish I bought from the fishermen.Indi ka midio sinīsian mo ta osto tang yan.It seems like you didn't scale the fish very well.3adjsisian, sisi-sisianFish with scales; for a person's skin to become dry and scaly.Ang lolao mepet dang napatay, animan pisan dang sisi-sisian. My grandmother was really very old when she died, and so her skin was already very dry and scaly.
si-sidvar. ofsidsidvtGoal: -anTo hem something up; to put a hem in something.Sisi-dano kang lagi tang binedbedong bistida.First I'll put a hem in the dress I have sewn.sidsidan2der.nNabegtat da tang si-sidan tang lambongo.The hem of my skirt has come